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Veena Malik promises to let world know before going to sleep next time

December 21, 2011 - London

Veena Malik has said that the next time she goes to sleep, she will let the whole world know so that nobody panics.

The Pakistani actress was reported 'missing' over the weekend but she claimed that she had checked into a hotel and was sleeping for two days after taking some Antibiotics.

She is said to have been receiving death threats over posing for 'nude' photos in India's FHM magazine, but the actress has maintained that the photos were doctored and has said that she is not getting any threats.

"I swear, next time if I go to sleep, I will inform the entire world. I will not tell where I am sleeping, but I will inform everyone that I am going to sleep," The Mirror quoted her as telling

Malik has often courted controversy and her latest disappearing act was believed by some to be another publicity stunt after the infamous photo shoot.

"This time I went to a hotel, checked in and slept. I don't think anyone has so much audacity to have two publicity stunts in 15 days," she said.


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