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UK mum shattered after boyfriend's 'womanhood revelation'

September 4, 2011 - London

A young UK mother was left shattered by her 'boyfriend' after she came to know that the person she had been dating for six years was actually a woman.

The shocked woman, who didn't want to be named, claimed Samantha Brooks fooled her with excuses every time they met as she posed as a man called Lee.

Brooks, 26, even refused to strip n*ked in front of her claiming that Testicular cancer had made 'him' insecure and kept her br**ts bandaged telling her 24-year-old partner that she had suffered horrific burns.

The woman claimed that Brooks even used a fake manhood during their passionate relationship where they were planning to get married.

"We slept together every time we saw each other," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"We could be walking down the street to the pub and we'd pass the park and he'd be like, 'Come on in here for a quickie'.

"Lee told me about loads of previous relationships he'd had. He was supposed to have nine kids with different women.

"He even used to make me take Pregnancy tests to see that I wasn't having a baby.

"I've only known him as a man, and that's what he still is to me," she said.

The woman, from Bridge of Earn, Perthshire, who got in touch with Brooks at 14 after a mobile phone mix-up, revealed that Brooks never gave her any reason to be suspicious.

The horrified woman only discovered the shocking truth when police contacted her and revealed Brooks had been living a lie for the last six years.

"I couldn't take it in. I was in floods of tears," she said.

"I couldn't handle it then, and I haven't been able to handle it since," she added.


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