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Tom Hanks says he's as 'upbeat' as his character in 'Larry Crowne'

June 8, 2011 - Washington

Tom Hanks has revealed that he is upbeat and has the same get-up-and-go attitude as his character 'Larry' in his new movie.

The actor-and-director played the titular role in new movie 'Larry Crowne' , about a man who decides to reinvent himself after losing his job.

"I would like to say that I'm as bad a dresser as Larry is at the beginning of the movie, no I am. Larry wakes up one morning and says, 'Okay, how am I going to improve things today?' I'd like to think I'm a little upbeat like that,"ontactmusic quoted the actor as saying.

In the film, Hanks meets a teacher at the college (Julia Roberts) and he decides to enlist following, which he falls for her.

The 54-year-old star also added that he never had an educator quite like her.

"I didn't have teachers like Julia Roberts, but I had some that I had crushes on. There weren't quite as long and lean as Julia was, but they were something like that," he said.


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