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Entertainment News on September 7, 2011

Hollywood diva Miley Cyrus gets Hindu "Om" tattoo
American singer-actress Miley Cyrus has reportedly got a new tattoo of Hindu religious symbol "Om" on her right wrist. ANI

Intruder arrested while running bath for himself at Celine Dion's home
A man, who was arrested on suspicion of breaking into singer Celine Dion's home in Canada, is said to have been caught while he was running a bath for himself. ANI

Kate Winslet's 'so talented' it's hard to write a role for her
'Contagion' writer Scott Z. Burns has revealed that actress Kate Winslet is "so talented" that he found it difficult to write a role for her. ANI

Miley Cyrus is keen to 'experiment, explore sexuality'
Miley Cyrus has revealed that she is keen to "explore sexuality" and "experiment" with things. ANI

Adele wants Burberry designer to style red carpet outfits in future
'Someone Like You' singer Adele has revealed that she wants Burberry designer Christopher Bailey to style all her red carpet outfits in the future. ANI

Reese Witherspoon's belly tattoo represents new life and love
Reese Witherspoon who flaunted a huge tummy tattoo in bikini while vacationing with family this summer had set tongues wagging. ANI

'Tomboy' Keira Knightley hated girly clothes till 14
Keira Knightley has revealed that she was a "tomboy" throughout her teenage years, and who "hated" girly clothes. ANI

Money really can buy you happiness, survey finds
The old saying notwithstanding, money really can buy you happiness, a new research has found. ANI

Amy Winehouse Foundation for young addicts to be launched on Sept 14
The Amy Winehouse Foundation will be launched on September 14, and the late singer's family are now hoping to channel their grief into "positive action" by providing assistance to young addicts. ANI

Bono confesses to 'walking dog as summer pastime' at GQ Awards
U2 frontman Bono, who made an appearance at last night's GQ awards in London, revealed how he's been spending his summer, walking his new dog around Dublin. ANI

Robert Pattinson thinks girlfriend Kristen Stewart looks like ‘an aliene
Robert Pattinson thinks that his girlfriend Kristen Stewart looks like “an alien” in the latest ‘Twilight’ movie. ANI

Madge 'afraid to read any reviews of 'W.E.''
Queen of pop Madonna has revealed that she is afraid to read any reviews of her second feature film 'W.E'. ANI

Britney Spears wishes she had had more fun in her teens
As she approaches 30, Britney Spears has said that she would have told the 16-year-old version of herself to have more "fun" and not take her fame as seriously. ANI

Lady Gaga embraces loneliness, using it for her music and performances
Lady Gaga has revealed that she "embraces" her loneliness and uses that time to work on her own music and performances. ANI

Britney Spears to shoot new video promo in London
Britney Spears has revealed that she will be filming the promo for her new single in London. ANI

Jessica Simpson -face of beauty site BeautyMint
Jessica Simpson has been signed as the face of BeachMint's subscription beauty site BeautyMint. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker workouts with her twin daughters
'Sex and the City' star Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that she always ends up exercising with her twin daughters, as they insist on being carried while she works out. ANI

Kate Moss bares almost all in The Vaccines' Rimmel ad
Newly wed Kate Moss shows no signs of slowing down even after her marriage, as she has bared almost all for a short film that doubles as a new Rimmel ad. ANI

Susan Sarandon unveiled as new face of Japanese brand Uniqlo
Susan Sarandon has been unveiled as the new face of the Japanese brand Uniqlo's US autumn collection at the age of 64. ANI

Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling share romantic day at Disneyland
It looks like Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have taken their on-screen romance off-screen after they were spotted spending a romantic day at Disneyland together. ANI

Ronnie Wood was virtually kidnapped by Damien Hirst for forced rehab stint
Guitarist Ronnie Wood has revealed that English artist Damien Hirst almost kidnapped him to get him into rehab. ANI

Keira Knightley clueless about 'sexting'
Keira Knightley has admitted that she doesn't know the meaning of the flirting slang "sexting". ANI

Lady Gaga says she's the same person inside 'with or without make-up'
Lady Gaga, who has shed her dramatic make-up for a magazine's rare natural cover shot pose, has revealed that she is the same person inside 'with or without make-up'. ANI

Anna Paquin believes she is telepathic
Anna Paquin, who played a telepathic waitress in 'True Blood,' thinks that she has some telepathic abilities in real life too. ANI

Miley Cyrus 'happy to move on with life after 'bored' Hannah Montana'
Miley Cyrus has spoken about how she got bored playing the role of Disney sweetheart Hannah Montana on the big and small screen. ANI

Kimberley Walsh wants J.Lo's 'fantastic' body
Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh craves to have Jennifer Lopez's body because she thinks the 'American Idol' judge looks "fantastic". ANI

Macca 'becomes a granddad again'
Beatles legend Sir Paul Mccartney has become a grandfather for the eighth time after his daughter Mary gave birth to a son last week. ANI

Lil Wayne 'back at US album chart No.1 spot'
Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV' has sold almost a million copies in its first week of release, making him return to the top of the U.S. album chart. ANI

Volunteering to help others may add years to your life
A new study has shown that people who volunteer because they want to help others rather than themselves live longer than people who don't volunteer at all. ANI

Jessica Simpson 'not going for breast reduction surgery'
Jessica Simpson has no plans of getting a breast reduction and hasn't even set a wedding date, according to a source. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker says her twins are like 'little monkeys'
'Sex and the City' star Sarah Jessica Parker has said that her two-year-old twins, Tabitha and Marion, are just like "little monkeys", and are especially mischievous at meal times. ANI

'Batmanning' - the latest craze and version of 'planking'
A new craze has emerged in the form of what has been dubbed as "Batmanning", which sends a sudden rush of blood to the head as people dangle precariously by their feet. ANI

Women in the fifties wore inflatable bras to boost cleavage
Women in the fifties did not have it as easy as modern women do, as it has been revealed that in order to boost their cleavage they had to wear an inflatable bra. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker craving for long holiday trip away from pesky paparazzi
Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker is planning to take a long family break to some far off place, so that she can fulfil her travelling dreams. ANI

Nancy Dell'Olio to shake a leg on 'Strictly Come Dancing'
Nancy Dell'Olio is among the 14 celebrities who have been confirmed to perform for the new series of BBC One's 'Strictly Come Dancing'. ANI

Miss Colombia admonished for going commando during Miss Universe appearances
Miss Colombia has been admonished for going without her underpants during Miss Universe appearances. ANI

Madonna rebuffs flowers presented by fan saying she loathes hydrangeas
Madonna is said to have rebuffed flowers presented to her by a fan at the Venice Film Festival. ANI

Keith Richards bags 'GQ Writer of the Year' gong
Rolling Stone legend Keith Richards has won the 2011 GQ 'Writer of the Year' award for his autobiography 'Life'. ANI

Rowan Atkinson feels 'too old' to portray bumbling Mr. Bean again
Comedian Rowan Atkinson has revealed that he won't be reprising his role as the bumbling fool Mr. Bean again as he feels he is too old for the part. ANI

Madge can't figure out if Lady Gaga is deep and meaningful or superficial
Queen of pop Madonna has spoken out her feelings about Lady Gaga's behaviour, saying that she just cannot figure out if the 'Poker Face' singer is genuine or not. ANI

PJ Harvey becomes first artist to win Barclaycard Mercury Prize twice
English musician Polly Jean Harvey has become the first artist to win the prestigious Barclaycard Mercury Prize twice. ANI

Confirmed: 'Comedic genius' Eddie Murphy to host 2012 Oscars
It's official. Eddie Murphy will host the 84th Academy Awards ceremony in 2012. ANI

Bono says there was never anything wrong with his heart
Irish singer Paul David Hewson a.k.a Bono has revealed that his heart is absolutely fine. ANI

Kate Moss persuaded by old flame Johnny Depp to buy 130k pounds vineyard
Kate Moss has bought a 130k pounds vineyard with a little help and advice from her ex Johnny Depp. ANI

NY scientists expose mystery behind 'squirting ketchup'
A team of researchers from New York's Cornell University believe they have uncovered the secret behind squirting ketchup, disapproving a decades-old scientific idea. ANI

Meet the horse who is still competing in old age by doing yoga!
A 17-year-old Egyptian Arabian horse has mastered a string of yoga moves after copying his owner, to help him continue competing in old age and beat stiffness on his joints. ANI

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