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Entertainment News on September 5, 2011

Leona Lewis 'promotes new single with raunchiest-ever dance moves'
Leona Lewis rocked the crowd of London with her raunchiest-ever dance moves in two different gigs during the promotion of her new single 'Collide'. ANI

Adele 'stunned to see drunk woman peeing at her Vegas gig'
British soul singer Adele has revealed that she was stunned to see a drunk woman passing out during her Las Vegas concert earlier this year. ANI

Frugal Justin Timberlake shops for clothes only once a year!
Justin Timberlake, who doesn't believe in shopping spree every now and then, has revealed that he shops for clothes only once a year. ANI

Liam Gallagher might have worked in McDonald's after Oasis split up
Liam Gallagher has revealed that he might have had to be satisfied with working in 'McDonald's' had he not formed Beady Eye after Oasis split up. ANI

Adele won't write song dedicating to 'idiot' ex-beau
British soul star Adele has revealed that she will never write songs about her last split, as she is convinced that her 'idiot' ex-boyfriend would take the credit for inspiring her music. ANI

Keith Richards claims he's a traditional man
Keith Richards, who has just written his memoir 'Life', has revealed how he coordinated his character's two halves - one mythological and the other traditional. ANI

Steven Soderbergh taking a sabbatical not retirement
Film-maker Steven Soderbergh has denied rumours that he is retiring from filmmaking at the Venice Film Festival. ANI

Frankie Sandford thinking about marrying footballer beau Wayne Bridge
The Saturdays band member Frankie Sandford has revealed that she has already started thinking about the possibility of marrying her footballer boyfriend Wayne Bridge. ANI

No 'star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame' doesn't affect me: Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian has said that though getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an "honour", she can live without it. ANI

Beyonce Knowles 'wants to stay busy' during pregnancy
Beyonce Knowles intends to "stay busy" and keep working while she is pregnant with her first child. ANI

Taylor Swift dreamt of becoming stock broker, like her dad
Country star Taylor Swift has revealed that as a little girl, she wanted to follow in her dad's footsteps and become a stock broker. ANI

Now, 'liquid viagra' drink to give clubbers the 'best sex ever'
A new sex drink dubbed 'liquid Viagra' that has already become a huge hit in America, is now set to make its debut in the UK. ANI

Justin Bieber scores victory over Ludacris at charity basketball game
Justin Bieber couldn't hide his glee after winning Ludacris' annual charity basketball game by just two points on Sunday. ANI

Kids' profession choice is shaped by their birth month
The month in which babies are born can influence what profession they will end up with in later life, a new study has suggested. ANI

Google's new doodle pays tribute to Freddie Mercury
Google has paid a tribute to Queen frontman Freddie Mercury with an animated doodle featuring the group's mega-hit 'Don't Stop Me Now' on what would have been the late icon's 65th birthday. ANI

Cheryl Cole, Cameron Diaz become close friends after filming movie together
Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz have become close friends while filming their upcoming movie 'What To Expect When You're Expecting'. ANI

Chris Brown to reward fan who found his $22k Rolex watch
Chris Brown will be rewarding a fan who found his Rolex watch and returned it to security by meeting the honest soul backstage at one of his performances. ANI

Down-to-earth Cheryl Cole takes to Internet to shop for clothes, shoes
Cheryl Cole is spending her hard-earned money on the Internet, buying designer clothes and accessories from the fashion website ANI

Lady Gaga hits back at fashion critic for nasty comments on her outfits
Lady Gaga has got even with a New York Times reporter who criticised her fashion choices. ANI

Josh Duhamel helped raise $1m for flood struck hometown
Josh Duhamel has helped raise more than 1 million dollars for his hometown in North Dakota after heavy flooding forced 11,000 residents in the city out from their homes this summer. ANI

Angelina Jolie created jewellery line for fun
Angelina Jolie has revealed that she created her own jewellery line for "fun". ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker would give up acting career for adventure with loved ones
Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that she dreams of taking her family on a round-the-world adventure. ANI

Did Amy Winehouse fritter 15m Pounds fortune down to 2m Pounds?
Late pop star Amy Winehouse had a fortune of a whopping 15 million pounds before it dwindled down to only 2 millions, according to reports. ANI

Jury role report was a character assassination: Sarah Jessica Parker
Actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who spent an entire night crying to her husband Matthew Broderick following a recent claim that suggested of her complaining about serving jury duty, has called the report a 'character assassination'. ANI

Pink's Facebook account hacked
Pink has now been added to the constantly growing list of celebrities who have been targeted by hackers. ANI

Mila Kunis is always nervous she will be fired
Mila Kunis has revealed that she is always nervous when she heads to work, because she fears she will be sacked. ANI

Bob Marley's daughter to design Jamaica's 2012 London Olympics kits
Late Bob Marley's daughter, Cedella Marley, has been appointed as the official designer for Team Jamaica's uniforms for the London Olympics and Paralympics. ANI

Christopher Mintz-Plasse says he's not tired of geek roles
Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse has revealed that he is not sick yet of playing a geek in movies, but he might change his mind as he gets older. ANI

Celeb craze for 'handbag' dogs sees rise in number of abandoned animals
A leading animal charity has revealed that the number of "catwalk" dogs being abandoned is growing at an alarming rate. ANI

Middle-aged Brits 'are unhealthiest in the world'
Middle-aged Britons are the unhealthiest in the world, says a new poll. ANI

Kim Kardashian to get $40K deejay gig as wedding gift from Pauly D?
Socialite Kim Kardashian might not have invited Pauly D to her wedding, but he is reportedly still giving her a gift, in the form of a 40,000 dollar deejay gig. ANI

Top brands using 'vanity sizing' to dupe men about their waistlines
A study has shown that 'vanity sizing', which started with women, is now being passed on to men as well, as many of the clothes stores are using it to dupe people into thinking that their waistlines are shrinking. ANI

Natural, non-toxic insect repellent to keep bugs out of food
Appalled by the very sight of an insect flying out of a newly opened box of cereal or other packaged food? ANI

Eddie Murphy top favourite to host 2012 Oscar Awards
Comedian Eddie Murphy has reportedly emerged as the top candidate to host the 84th Annual Academy Awards in February 2012. ANI

Glowing Beyonce celebrates 30th birthday in Italy with husband
Beyonce Knowles who is pregnant with her first child celebrated her 30th birthday in Italy with her husband Jay-Z on 4th September. ANI

Hugh Jackman's 'The Wolverine' script being rewritten
The script for the highly-anticipated sequel to 'The Wolverine', starring Hugh Jackman, is reportedly being rewritten. ANI

'Red-blooded' George Harrison's womanising almost ruined his marriage
A new documentary has claimed that George Harrison was such a 'womaniser' that he was almost on the brink of ruining his 23-year-long marriage. ANI

Brangelina's kids 'to attend primary school in London'
Seems like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are keen in having their children attend local schools so that they get an opportunity to learn the culture of each country. ANI

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