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Entertainment News on September 29, 2011

Clooney rubbishes 'ex-girlfriend's angry texts over new flame' report
George Clooney has downplayed a report that his ex-girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis sent him angry text messages about his new girlfriend. ANI

NY Times author claims Dr Murray taped MJ 160 times
New York Times best selling author, Ian Halperin, has revealed that Dr Conrad Murray, who is fighting Michael Jackson's manslaughter case, tapped the pop king 160 times. ANI

Lady Gaga sues company over trademark 'confusion'
Lady Gaga has filed a lawsuit against a company that has been trying to trademark the name "Lady gaga by Design" for a line of cosmetics and jewellery. ANI

Ashton Kutcher asked to pay $250K to blonde he had a fling with
Ashton Kutcher has been asked to pay 250,000 dollars to a blonde who claims to have had sex with him on the night of his sixth anniversary with his wife Demi Moore. ANI

Cheryl Cole working at 'very early hours' with hip-hop producer
Cheryl Cole is said to be working on her third solo album with record producer Alex Da Kid at "very early hours". ANI

Kelly Rowland wants a British boyfriend
Kelly Rowland has revealed that she wants a British boyfriend as she likes the way guys in the UK wear their trousers. ANI

MJ's state was 'deeply troubling' days before he died, says pal Kenny Ortega
Michael Jackson's friend has revealed that the singer was in a "deeply troubling" state just days before he died. ANI

Money led Brad Pitt make 'bad movie choices'
Brad Pitt has learnt not to depend on money for his movie decisions because he has made bad choices in the past thinking about making money. ANI

Dionne Warwick feels watching MJ trial will revive pain of his passing
Legendary singer Dionne Warwick has revealed that she avoids watching Dr. Conrad Murray's trial because she finds it "difficult to relive" the pain of Michael Jackson's passing. ANI

MJ 'was fully engaged and energetic before death', says promoter
Singer Michael Jackson was energetic and performing well just hours before his death in June 2009, the jury heard at the second day of the trial into his death. ANI

Conrad Murray 'wanted to get rid of cream' at MJ's house after death
Dr. Conrad Murray asked to go back to Michael Jackson's house "to get rid of a cream that the world should never see" as the singer lay dead, a court heard on Wednesday. ANI

Anna Faris bedded 5 men before marrying!
Anna Faris has revealed that she bedded a total of five guys before marrying her husband, "Moneyball" star Chris Pratt, in 2009. ANI

'Eco-friendly' Justin Timberlake to be honoured with environmental award
Singer-actor Justin Timberlake will be honoured with an award next month for his concerted efforts to better the environment. ANI

MJ's mum 'very upset' with singer's death photo made public
Michael Jackson's mother Katherine got "very upset" after a photo of her lifeless son was shown during Dr. Conrad Murray's trial, because the famous family did not want it released to the public. ANI

Jessie J heart broken over her broken foot
Singer Jessie J has admitted that she sobbed uncontrollably after breaking her foot this year, because it made her realise that fame and fortune has not made her invincible. ANI

My wife stays upset when I'm in good shape, says Hugh Jackman
Hugh Jackman, who has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood, has revealed that his wife gets upset when his physique is at its peak. ANI

Did Nicole Richie get a breast enhancement?
Nicole Richie, who was spotted flaunting a fuller chest in a bikini during a Mexico vacation, might have gone under the knife, according to reports. ANI

Elton John returning to Las Vegas for 3-yr headlining gig
Elton John has signed up for a three-year headlining concert at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. ANI

Hugh Jackman feels Evangeline's a 'good kisser', but son unimpressed
Hugh Jackman might think that Evangeline Lilly is a 'very good kisser' in their latest movie 'Real Steel', but his 11-year-old son Oscar appeared to be hardly impressed by the lip-lock when he went to a screening of the film. ANI

Pregnant Beyonce 'hates hubby Jay Z's smell right now'
Beyonce Knowles has revealed that her pregnancy has affected her sense of smelling and she hates the smell of her husband Jay Z. ANI

Sam Mendes is the perfect director for 'Bond 23', says Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig has hailed filmmaker Sam Mendes as the perfect director for the upcoming 'James Bond' movie. ANI

Meet the Brit boy who defied all odds by sharing the same b'day as siblings!
A British baby has beaten odds of 133,590 to one to be born on the same day as both his older brothers. ANI

Science hails 'We Are The Champions' as the catchiest pop song ever
A team of academics has voted Queen's 'We Are The Champions' as the catchiest pop song of all time. ANI

LiLo fuels rumours of romance with designer Philip Plein
Lindsay Lohan was pictured walking hand-in-hand in Milan with German fashion designer Philip Plein. ANI

Marisa Tomai went skinny-dipping at George Clooney's Italian retreat
Marisa Tomai has revealed that she got n*ked when she went skinny dipping at George Clooney's home in Italy. ANI

Rihanna hires eaterie to film table-dancing scene for new video
Rihanna hired The Chippie to film table-dancing scenes for her new video 'We Found Love'. ANI

MJ's assistant received frantic call from Conrad Murray after singer's death
Michael Jackson's former personal assistant, Michael Amir Williams, told jurors that he received a "frantic" call from Dr. Conrad Murray, who is charged in the singer's death, after finding his patient not breathing. ANI

High-status people tend to trust more than lower counterparts
People with high-status rate others as more benevolent, which leads them to trust more, according to a new study. ANI

Embarrassed people 'more trustworthy, generous'
People who are easily embarrassed are also more trustworthy and generous, a new study has suggested. ANI

Scarlett Johansson feels 'violated' post nude pics leak
Scarlett Johansson has revealed that despite being a celebrity, she is entitled to a certain level of privacy. ANI

Eva Longoria, Tina Fey top Forbes' list of highest-paid TV actresses
Eva Longoria and Tina Fey have earned their places at the top of the Forbes magazine's list of the highest-paid TV actresses. ANI

Men bigger online shoppers than women
Women are considered as the most tech savvy gender when it comes to shopping, but a recent survey indicates that they are less likely than men to shop online. ANI

Arctic Monkeys to shock fans with 'sex tape' promo
The 'Fluorescent Adolescent' hitmakers Arctic Monkeys are set to shock fans with their latest promo, after shooting a sex tape-style film featuring drummer Matt Helders. ANI

J Lo splashes out 18 million dollars on new home
Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has bought a new home in the exclusive Water Mill area of the Hamptons, New York for 18 million dollars. ANI

Randy Jackson praises J Lo for 'rising above' her marriage troubles
Music Producer Randy Jackson has showered praises on his fellow American Idol judge and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez for rising above her marriage breakdown and throwing herself into her work. ANI

Women spend œ500 reinventing their image after being dumped
The average woman spends 500 pounds reinventing her image after being dumped by a boyfriend, according to a new study. ANI

Demi Moore's marriage on the rocks after Kutcher's drunken fling?
Demi Moore's Twitter updates are said to be hinting at marriage troubles, as the first picture of the woman who had a fling with him on the night of their sixth anniversary, has emerged. ANI

MJ's sobbing kids watched as doc tried to revive dad, says security chief
Michael Jackson's chief of security has testified before the jurors that the singer's eldest children cried in shock as they watched the nervous and sweating doctor desperately trying to bring their dad back to life at the family's rented Los Angeles home in June, 2009. ANI

Roman Polanski publicly apologizes to 'double victim' he raped 30 yrs ago
Roman Polanski has for the first time apologised publicly to a woman, whom he had raped in 1977 when she was just 13 years old. ANI

Sharon Stone wins restraining order against 'Osama-killing' crazed stalker
'Basic Instinct' star Sharon Stone has won a restraining order against a man who was arrested outside her Hollywood Hills home in August. ANI

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