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Entertainment News on September 26, 2011

Jilted Tareq Salahi parties with 'Manhattan Madam' Kristin Davis
Tareq Salahi, who was recently humiliated by his wife Michaele Sahali after she ran off with Journey frontman Neal Schon, seems to have moved on his life after been spotted partying with 'Manhattan Madam' Kristin Davis. ANI

MJ's personal doc to face a jury of 12 people
The manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's personal doctor will begin on Tuesday, with the jury in place. ANI

Marcia Cross knew axing of 'Desperate Housewives' was coming
Marcia Cross has revealed that although all her co-stars of 'Desperate Housewives' were "in denial" over the news of the TV series getting axed, she knew it was coming. ANI

Michaele Salahi owes half of jilted husband's debts, courtesy their prenup
Michaele Salahi's husband has said that the prenuptial agreement signed by them has made the TV personality "lose any and all options in everything we own". ANI

Gaga's rep denies report on her switching hotels for a private pool
Lady Gaga's representative has shot down reports that the pop star wanted a private pool and switched hotels in Las Vegas. ANI

Madge's daughter to judge mum's tour back-up dancers
Madonna's daughter Lourdes Ciccone has been given the power to judge the best back-up dancers for her mother's dance team for her new tour. ANI

Monica Bellucci finds anti-fashion nudity 'beautiful'
Monica Bellucci, who went nude in her film 'That Summer' just a month after she had given birth to her second child, has revealed that she finds nudity 'beautiful' as it is anti-fashion. ANI

How Lara Stone lost her memory by cannabis smoking
World's one of the best-paid models Lara Stone has revealed that she used to smoke cannabis so much before joining modelling that it has affected her memory. ANI

'Mr. Potato' Rooney signs new Malaysian crisp deal
'The spud-faced nipper' Wayne Rooney has struck a deal with a Malaysian crisp firm. ANI

Rihanna's fans take to Twitter to 'warn Calvin Harris over song plans'
Rihanna's fans have bombarded Calvin Harris with tweets and messages after they learnt that the two have been working on a new track, threatening him that the song 'better not be rubbish'. ANI

Macca 'was excited over new ballet direction offer'
Sir Paul McCartney, who is 'always interested' in new musical directions, has revealed that he was 'excited' when he was approached to write the music for the ballet production 'Ocean's Kingdom'. ANI

Arnie commissions at least 3 'prime time bronze statues of himself': Report
Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly commissioned at least three larger-than-life 'heroic' scale bronze statues of himself that will depict him in his body-building prime ANI

Dame Helen Mirren 'learnt Russian for new movie'
Dame Helen Mirren surprised U.K. TV hosts on Saturday night by conversing in Russian after learning the language for her new movie 'The Debt'. ANI

Helen Mirren 'dying to be a full-time action movie heroine'
Dame Helen Mirren has revealed that she wants to be a full-time action heroine, so that she doesn't have to act much. ANI

Naomi's fear of Bob Marley's dreadlocks
Sexy supermodel Naomi Campbell has revealed that she was freaked out by Bob Marley's dreadlocks during her childhood, thinking they were snakes. ANI

Peter Andre upset over 6-year-old son's cage-fight lessons
Peter Andre is reportedly upset with ex-wife Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan as she has taken their six-year-old son to cage-fighting classes. ANI

Simon Cowell mulling launching 'X Factor for chefs'
Music mogul Simon Cowell is reportedly cooking up his own version of MasterChef, which may be launched as early as next year. ANI

Macca 'likes to immerse himself in song writing irrespective of genre'
Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he likes to ''immerse'' himself in song writing, irrespective of the genre. ANI

George Harrison biopic omits affair with band mate's wife
The new major biopic on the late Beatles star George Harrison has omitted details of his affair with band mate Ringo Starr's then wife Maureen Cox, raising eyebrows among rock historians. ANI

Scarlett Johansson calls for 'extreme action' for famine-hit Kenya
Scarlett Johansson has called for "extreme action" to be taken to tackle the famine crisis in Kenya and has vowed to highlight the issues that urgently need to be addressed by world leaders. ANI

Macca's 'bland' ballet debut fails to impress critics
The Beatles legend Sir Paul Mccartney's first ever ballet has been panned by the critics, who branded the show forgettable and bland. ANI

Helen Mirren 'never felt maternal urge to have children'
Helen Mirren has revealed that she doesn't regret her decision not to have children, although she admits to having convinced herself to change her mind in the past. ANI

Pregnant Hilary Duff 'having weird dreams'
Actress Hilary Duff has revealed that she is having increasingly weird dreams as her pregnancy progresses. ANI

'Rivals' X Factor's Scherzinger, Idol's Steve Tyler snog at music festival
US 'X Factor' and American Idol might be rivals when it comes to TV ratings, but the rivalry seemed to be a far cry when 'Idol' judge Steve Tyler and his 'X Factor' rival Nicole Scherzinger came up together at iHeartRadio festival at Las Vegas's MGM Grand. ANI

Pushy parents 'ruining childhood by giving babies adult schedules'
A new book has claimed that babies' natural bonds with their mothers are being ruined, as their time is being filled up with busy schedules by their pushy parents. ANI

Britney Spears blasted for glamourising gun violence in new video
Pop star Britney Spears has landed in hot water for promoting gun violence in her latest video clip for song 'Criminal'. ANI

Brangelina 'sold 1st photos of their twins for $14m'
Hollywood celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reportedly sold the first pictures of their twins Knox and Vivienne to a news outlet for a sum of 14 million dollars, in a bid to control the way their babies were introduced to the public. ANI

Confirmed: Women are worse at parking than men!
Statistics have proved that women are not good at parking cars as compared to men. ANI

'The Lion King' still rules box office for 2nd weekend
The 3D re-release of 'The Lion King' has chased off competition to remain at the top of the US box office for the second consecutive weekend, pulling in 22.1 million dollars. ANI

More teens having unsafe sex, finds study
A new survey has found that increasing number of young Britons are having unprotected sex with a new partner. ANI

Book about US man's 'sexual relationship' with dolphin gets 5 star rating
A book detailing a man's sexual relationship with a dolphin has been given a five star rating on ANI

Only 1 in 5 children can tie a knot or repair a puncture
A new survey has found that modern children lack simple practical skills, like the ability to tie a knot or read a map. ANI

'Homeless' music legend Sly Stone now living in a camper van
Music legend Sly Stone, the famous frontman of Sly and the Family Stone who once owned multiple mansions, is now homeless and is reportedly living in a camper van parked on a Los Angeles street. ANI

Lady Gaga honours bullied gay teen fan in tribute song
Pop sensation Lady Gaga has dedicated her song 'Hair' to the young fan who committed suicide after he was bullied for his sexuality for years. ANI

Your cravings and what they mean
For years, scientists have struggled to explain how cravings cause perfectly sane and healthy people to gorge themselves on junk food. ANI

Your 'healthy' glass of fruit juice can actually up cancer risk
A glass of juice in the morning is believed to be the healthy way to start a day, but Australian scientists have claimed that some fruit juices contain so much sugar that they actually increase the risk of certain cancers, rather than preventing them. ANI

MJ saw salvation 'every night' in dangerous drug he nicknamed 'milk'
Michael Jackson saw salvation in a dangerous drug that he had nicknamed 'milk' and took it every night at bedtime until June 25, 2009, when it became his death potion. ANI

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