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Entertainment News on September 11, 2011

Ranbir describes 'Rockstar' to be a musical journey
Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor, who promoted his upcoming flick 'Rockstar' here on Sunday described the movie to be a musical journey. ANI

Gillian Anderson's angry Posh experience
Gillian Anderson has revealed that Victoria Beckham looked angrily at her when she flattened the designer's collar thinking it would proving to be of help. ANI

Salman Rushdie wants 'similar' Johnny Depp to play him in biopic
Indian-British novelist Sir Salman Rushdie has revealed that he wants Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp to play him in any biopic, because he thinks they are quite similar. ANI

Miss Universe Australia 'blasted for see-through gown, sexy bikini'
Miss Universe Australia is feeling the heat at the beauty pageant after being told that her evening gown and bikini are offensive and revealing. ANI

Kathy Griffin's lingerie parade for window washer
Kathy Griffin has given a window washer the sight of his life as she paraded around in a sexy bra and underwear in her hotel room. ANI

Angelina Jolie 'handcuffed to clutch'
Angelina Jolie was pictured carrying a gold clutch, which was actually handcuffed to her wrist, at the premiere of 'Moneyball'. ANI

Kim Kardashian's six-bikini achievement
Kim Kardashian was pictured wearing six swimsuits within just three days of her mini honeymoon trip to Italy. ANI

9/11 attacks - a blockbuster theme even 10 years after the disaster!
The anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the U.S is being remembered by the release of several new films based on the disaster. ANI

Kim reveals love for new moniker by wearing personalised bikini!
Kim Kardashian was pictured wearing a personalised bikini bearing her new surname, while honeymooning in Italy. ANI

Here's 1st hands-free way of carrying your pampered pets - Puppoose!
A new carrier has been designed especially for pets and is being said to be the first hands-free of carrying our four-legged friends. ANI

Ryan Gosling teams up with PETA to save sick chickens from painful deaths
Actor Ryan Gosling is working with PETA to try and ban a bizarre method of killing sick chickens and turkeys. ANI

Jordan keeps toyboy lover Leandro Penna in 'mystery'
Former Brit model Katie Price, a.k.a. Jordan, has revealed that she wants to keep toyboy lover Leandro Penna out of the spotlight. ANI

Michael Fassbender bags best actor award at Venice Film Fest
Michael Fassbender has been adjudged the best actor at the Venice Film Festival for his performance in the British film 'Shame'. ANI

Demi Moore 'tweets semi-nude pic of herself'
Demi Moore has posted a semi-nude photo of herself on Twitter, with the caption, "'ve got your own back". ANI

Kate Hudson teams up with best pal to launch jewellery line
Kate Hudson is the latest celebrity to add jewellery designing to her glittering resume. ANI

'Lovestruck' Emma Watson wants new beau to move to Britain
Emma Watson is said to be so keen on her new boyfriend that she has asked him to move to Britain to be with her. ANI

I like milking a cow, says Christina Hendricks
Christina Hendricks has revealed that she is on the peak of happiness when she is outdoors with nature. ANI

Amy Winehouse had prescription drug in her body when she died, says dad
Amy Winehouse's father has revealed that the late singer had a prescribed drug, used to treat alcohol addiction, in her system upon her demise on July 23. ANI

Kim Kardashian relishes Midori Sour cocktails
Kim Kardashian has revealed that she always prefer Midori Sour cocktails when she is out for clubbing. ANI

Oscar winner Cliff Robertson dies aged 88
Cliff Robertson, who won an Oscar for playing a mentally disabled man in 'Charly' (1968) and starred as the late US President John F. Kennedy in 'PT 109', has passed away. He was 88. ANI

Simon Cowell's fiancee moves into 'girlfriend graveyard'
Simon Cowell's fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy has reportedly moved out of his Beverly Hills mansion house and relocated to his another property, dubbed the "girlfriend graveyard" by friends. ANI

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