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Entertainment News on September 1, 2011

Spike Lee signed on to direct TV series on Mike Tyson's upbringing
Moviemaker Spike Lee has signed on to begin a realistic new TV series based on the upbringing of Mike Tyson. ANI

Beach Boys' 'lost' album 'Smile' set to be released 44-yrs after it was due
The release date for Beach Boys' "lost" album has been set for this autumn, 44-years after it was due to come out. ANI

Tupac's mother forced to deny charges of smoking dead son's ashes
Tupac Shakur's mother has been forced to deny charges that she smoked the remains of her murdered son in a macabre memorial along with members of the rap star's former group. ANI

Kim Kardashian's hubby comes face to face with her ex Ray J in flight
Kim Kardashian's husband Kris Humphries and her ex Ray J, who has the sex tape with the model, recently came face to face in a flight. ANI

Anne Hathaway tipped to play iconic Fantine in Les Miserables movie
Anne Hathaway has been tipped as the frontrunner to land the iconic role of Fantine in a new movie version of musical Les Miserables. ANI

John Moore signs deal to direct 'Die Hard 5'
John Moore has signed up to direct Bruce Willis in 'Die Hard 5.' ANI

Emma Roberts' parents tried to put her off acting
Emma Roberts has revealed that her family refused to talk about her aspirations of becoming an actress in the hope that she would "forget" about taking it up as a career. ANI

Domino's mulling pizza restaurant on Moon!
Domino's Pizza has announced plans to launch its first pizza restaurant on the Moon. ANI

Catherine Deneuve never tried to be a 'sex symbol'
Catherine Deneuve has claimed that though she has always been labelled as a sex symbol, she hardly tried to be one. ANI

'1000 times more beautiful' J.Lo deserved 'Best Body' award, says Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren beat Jennifer Lopez to the 'Best Body' title, but the veteran actress insists that the pop diva should have got the award since she is "thousand times more beautiful" than her. ANI

Robert Pattinson buys busking tramp new guitar
Robert Pattinson is said to have left a busking tramp stunned after the actor bought a new guitar for him. ANI

Christina Ricci defines vintage clothes from simply old
Christina Ricci has revealed that the difference between vintage and simply old clothes is seven-years. ANI

Jennifer Aniston likes to flip through tabloids
Jennifer Aniston has revealed that she likes flipping through tabloids from time to time, although many celebrities refuse reading them altogether. ANI

I want to eat my way around every country: Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis has revealed that she wants to "eat her way around the world". ANI

'Harry Potter' wizards Tom Felton, Rupert Grint turn to modeling
Rupert Grint and Tom Felton have modelled in a wizard collection for the label band of Outsiders. ANI

Daryl Hannah refuses to give up oil protest even after arrest
Daryl Hannah has refused to give up her latest environmental campaign even after she was arrested for protesting outside the White House on 30th August. ANI

Justin Timberlake rocks NY restaurant with impromptu gig
Justin Timberlake set his New York restaurant on fire when he performed an impromptu gig in front of his devotees and celebrity fans Emma Roberts, Amanda Seyfried and newly married Kim Kardashian. ANI

Katie Holmes 'dedicates entire April to celebrate daughter's b'day'
Katie Holmes has revealed that she has dedicated the entire April to celebrate her daughter Suri's birthday. ANI

Mila Kunis never planned on becoming a leading actress
Mila Kunis has revealed that she never made it her "priority" to become a leading actress and simply enjoys working. ANI

Colin Farrell vampire bite 'leaves Christopher Mintz-Plasse scarred for life'
Actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse has revealed that he has a permanent reminder of filming 'Fright Night' - a vampire bite wound! ANI

Daddy Brad Pitt surprises kids with 6 Shetland ponies
Brad Pitt has surprised his kids by secretly buying them six Shetland ponies. ANI

'Cruel' RiRi slammed for wearing ostrich feather top at perfume launch
Pop singer Rihanna recently landed in controversy after she appeared at her perfume launch wearing an outfit that featured ostrich feathers. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick to host treasure hunt for charity
In a bid to raise funds for charity, Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick are hosting a treasure hunt through the American Museum of Natural History in New York. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker can say 'no parsley' in 6 languages
Sarah Jessica Parker, who isn't fluent in any other languages other than English, has revealed that she has learnt to say 'no parsley' in six languages because she dislikes the herb so much. ANI

I will always love Jennifer: Marc Anthony
Just six weeks after splitting from Jennifer Lopez, her husband Marc Anthony has said in an interview that he will always love her. ANI

Trevor Nunn dumps Nancy Dell'Olio over her tie up with Italian model
Trevor Nunn has dumped Nancy Dell'Olio after her tie up with Italian model Beppe Conviertini. ANI

Liz Hurley chills out with 'Gossip Girl' co-star Chace Crawford
Elizabeth Hurley was pictured alongside a tidy, fake-tanned, neatly groomed and slightly effeminate male - and it was not former Australian cricketer Shane Warne. ANI

Britney praises her father for 'saving her life' during public meltdown
Britney Spears has credited her father Jamie Spears for "saving her life". ANI

Kim Kardashian's sex tape tagged for œ18m
Kim Kardashian's sex tape with her former love interest Ray J has been tagged for 18 million pounds. ANI

David Williams' wife Lara Stone lined for 4th Austin Powers movie
English comedian David Williams' wife Dutch model Lara Stone has been lined up for the 4th Austin Powers movie. ANI

Robert Downey Jr to become a dad again
Robert Downey Jr is all set to become a father for the second time. ANI

Mel Gibson settles custody case with ex Oksana Grigorieva for $750K
Mel Gibson has finally reached a financial settlement in his ongoing custody battle with former Russian girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. ANI

Alyssa Milano gives birth to a baby boy
'Charmed' star Alyssa Milano has given birth to a baby boy. ANI

George Clooney 'not standing for US Presidency'
George Clooney has shot down his possible candidature for the US Presidency despite playing the role of a Democrat governor running for the White House in his new film 'The Ides of March'. ANI

Kate Bosworth calls rape scene in new flick 'violating and terrifying'
Actress Kate Bosworth has revealed filming a rape scene with Alexander Skarsgard for new movie 'Straw Dogs' was 'incredibly violating and terrifying'. ANI

Jon Voight makes up with daughter Angelina Jolie
Jon Voight is said to have finally made up with his daughter Angelina Jolia after a long family feud ended in late 2009. ANI

Madge's 'Sex' most wanted out-of-print book in US
Madonna's 1992 book 'Sex' has reportedly become the most wanted out-of-print book in the US of the past one year. ANI

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