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Sales of sex toys set to rival smartphones, courtesy celeb endorsements

May 10, 2011 - London

A new research has found that the sales of sex toys could soon match those of smartphones, thanks to celebrity endorsements.

It found that in the next 10 years, the number of 'pleasure goods' would increase to 400 million globally.

The study entitled 'Women, Sex and Shopping' also found a high proportion of British women - more than 40 percent - use online pornography.

It is thought that department stores will soon sell 'pleasure goods' alongside lingerie, while designer brands and even jewellery chains could make products.

The report, by Hewson Group, said sales of sex toys has been held back in the past due to an association with the sleazy, male-dominated pornography industry.

However, there has been a revolution over the past 30 years, driven by the fact women have a more powerful position in the home and workplace.

The study suggested that high-earners would be prepared to spend 200 pounds a year on these items.

"Celebrity endorsement of sex toys by stars such as Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria and Halle Berry act as validators for brands and women alike," said the research.

It also identified a strong desire among women to buy products designed to enhance their sex lives.

The report said: "Over 60 per cent of women find the idea of buying a sex toy to be "exciting".

The Hewson Group said: "Women are also controlling their own sexuality in a way not seen in history.

"Sex toys and the pleasure goods market will become an expression of this emancipation.he report will be used by retailers to decide future strategies to tap into a global market that Hewson expects to grow from 5.3 billion pounds a year to 40 billion pounds by 2020.


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