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Ryan Gosling took to 'voyeuristic' Twitter to avoid fame-fetched 'dream-like' state

August 14, 2011 - Washington

Ryan Gosling has revealed that he has taken to Twitter to stay in touch with others, after his newly achieved stardom left his life feeling 'dream-like' and disconnected from the world.

The Canadian star admitted that the feeling of being detached from many people because of his fame is one of the reasons he has decided to make use of social networking site.

"I find Twitter so interesting. It's so voyeuristic. And I feel so removed, you know, from people, because of my job now," Contactmusic quoted him as telling Total Film magazine.

"I feel like I get to see them in a way that I don't get to see them in real life.

"You know when you are in a dream, and everyone knows you in your dream, and you always feel like everyone's looking at you, and you're you but you're not?

"It feels like that all the time. It's just been getting more and more dream-like," he added.


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