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Oksana Grigorieva to take 'absentee father' Mel Gibson to court

October 15, 2011 - Hollywood

Oksana Grigorieva is reportedly set to go to a Los Angeles court on Tuesday to complain to a judge that Mel Gibson is an absentee father.

Gibson, 55, was supposed to have custody of he and 41-year-old Grigorieva's 23-month-old daughter Lucia, when he was involved in a minor car accident in Phoenix, Ariz., on Monday.

"On Monday, Mel was in the midst of a four day custody visit and he chose to go to Arizona. We're told Lucia was left at Mel's Malibu mansion in the care of a nanny, at the time he crashed his car," Radar Online quoted a source close to the singer as saying.

"Mel had not informed Oksana that he was traveling nor did he provide regular updates about Lucia's welfare," according to the source.

"When Oksana read about the accident on the Internet, she became panicked because she thought Lucia was inevitably in the car with Mel at the time," the source said.

The pair is due to appear before Los Angeles Superior Court on Oct 18 to ratify their 50-50 custody agreement.

The actor-filmmaker had earlier agreed to pay 750,000 dollars over the next five years to Grigorieva, and allowed the mother and child to continue living in a house he owned in Los Angeles.

The source also added that, the singer-song-writer's lawyers plan to question Mel as to why he should be allowed to have custody of the child if he was to leave town always, and even if he did that, Lucia should be in the custody of the mother and not any other woman.


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