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Entertainment News on October 5, 2011

Sienna Miller backs No Cruel Cosmetics initiative
Sienna Miller has joined the list of high profile celebrities who are supporting the campaign to end animal testing on cosmetics. ANI

Model Bambi Northwood is Katy Perry's no. 1 crush
Pop singer Katy Perry has revealed that Australian runway star Bambi Northwood-Blyth is her No.1 "crush". ANI

Clint Eastwood, Leonardo 'asked FBI about Hoover's sexuality while making film'
Clint Eastwood and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, the director and star of the upcoming Hollywood film on J. Edgar Hoover, sought information from officials at FBI headquarters about controversial aspects of the iconic former FBI director's sexual life while preparing the movie. ANI

Johnny Depp admits he is paid 'stupid' money
Johnny Depp has admitted that the huge sums of money he is offered to star in movies are "stupid" but he accepts them anyway, just for the sake of his children. ANI

Emma Watson feels pressurized to look good
British actress Emma Watson has revealed that she feels insecure about the way she looks. ANI

Posing for portraits is like 'being raped' says Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp, who reportedly earned around 300 million dollars for his role in 'The Pirates of the Caribbean' recently revealed that he considers posing for photographs 'dumb' and compared it to 'being raped'. ANI

Cheryl Cole 'secretly planning fashion project with Channel 4'!
'Girls Aloud' singer Cheryl Cole is apparently in secret talks with Channel 4 execs about launching a fashion-based project, with her as presenter. ANI

David Arquette's new relationship 'going well'
David Arquette has admitted that his relationship with new girlfriend Christina McLarty is very "honest" and is going quite well. ANI

Noel Gallagher launching own range of Adidas!
Musician Noel Gallagher will soon be coming up with his own range of footwear, following a deal he has signed with sportswear brand Adidas. ANI

KISS interested in collaborating with Gaga
American rock band KISS has said that they are interested in collaborating with Lady Gaga for a new song. ANI

Brian May thinks of Freddie Mercury 'all the time'
Queen legend Brian May has admitted that he still thinks of Freddie Mercury "all the time", and insists that the frontman would still be performing today if he was alive. ANI

Emma vows to stay away from clutches of scandals
Hollywood actress Emma Watson has vowed that she would remain scandal free after witnessing how fame badly affected several former child stars. ANI

Kirsten Stewart 'burst into tears while filming 'Twilight' wedding scene'
'Twilight star' Kirsten Stewart became emotional while filming a wedding scene for the next installment of the franchise, as the ceremony appeared too real for her. ANI

Eating and workout secrets behind Daisy Lowe's curvy body
British model Daisy Lowe has revealed that she toned up her body by eating more than what she used to and by exercising daily. ANI

Angelina Jolie 'looking to expand her role at UN refugee agency'
Hollywood beauty and UN Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie is reportedly in talks about a new and expanded role with the UN refugee agency. ANI

Celebs' cellulite-banishing tips revealed!
Are you a beautiful young woman suffering from the dreaded orange peel (aka cellulite)? Fret not, as you are not alone.ome of the most photographed and stunning women as skinny as Kate Moss are also constantly forced to deal with lumpy legs. ANI

'Avatar 2' will be monumental, says Sam Worthington
Hollywood star Sam Worthington who starred in James Cameron's 'Avatar', has said that the sequel to the epic 3D sci-fi will be "monumental". ANI

Kim Kardashian would 'elope' with Kris if she could relive her wedding day
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has said that she would ''elope'' with her husband Kris Humphries if she could ever re-live her wedding day because she found the lavish nuptials ''so stressful''. ANI

Dr Murray 'ordered 15 litres of propofol before MJ's death'
A pharmacist has testified that Dr Conrad Murray, who is accused in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case, had ordered 15 litres of propofol from him. ANI

Freida Pinto honoured at Elle Personal Style Awards
Hollywood actresses Freida Pinto, Mila Kunis, and Blake Lively have been honoured by Elle Magazine for their styles. ANI

New series to air on UK TV to mark centenary of Titanic's fateful voyage
The Titanic disaster will be dramatised in a four-part TV series, exactly 100 years since its fateful maiden voyage. ANI

Kirsten Stewart sizzles in raunchy photo shoot
Twilight beauty, Kirsten Stewart has created a stir amongst her fans with her latest photo shoot for British GQ magazine. ANI

Tom Cruise leads dance-off at Larry Ellison's son wedding
Tom Cruise showcased his fancy footwork as he got into a dance-off at the wedding of Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison's son, David, to actress Sandy Modic in Palm Springs last weekend. ANI

Amanda Seyfried doesn't have 'energy' to look for new love
Amanda Seyfried has revealed that she is happy being single at the moment and isn't looking out for a new man because she doesn't have the "energy" to be in a relationship. ANI

Bad neighbourhoods cast bad effects on growing children
A new study has claimed that growing up in a poor neighbourhood significantly reduces the chances of a child graduating from high school. ANI

Dr Murray's girlfriend reveals 'surprise' introduction to MJ
Actress Nicole Alvarez has revealed that her boyfriend, and the doctor accused of killing Michael Jackson, once surprised her, by taking her to visit the singer. ANI

Suri Cruise flaunts ladybug costume ahead of Halloween
Daughter of superstars Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes, Suri Cruise seems to have got a headstart on Halloween three weeks before the event. ANI

Keith Urban seeks fans to star in his first cologne commercial
Keith Urban is all set to launch his first range of men's fragrance, Phoenix, and is seeking the support of his fans for creating the first commercial for this product. ANI

Disney to re-release 4 classic animations in 3D within 2 years
Disney has planned to re-release four of its classic animated movies in 3D in the next two years, after the huge success of "The Lion King 3D" in its two weeks screening. ANI

Clooney, Alba, McGregor team up for Bono's anti-poverty charity
Hollywood A-listers George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell appear in a new campaign video for Irish sensation Bono's anti-poverty charity ONE. ANI

King Khan, Kareena to rock Dubai for RA.One premiere
Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will be in Dubai for the grand premiere of his latest sci-fi film 'RA.One' along with co-stars Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. ANI

DiCaprio and Blake Lively split after 5-month affair
Hollywood star couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively have reportedly split after their five month relationship. ANI

MJ's three brothers defend timing of tribute concert 'This is it' during trial
King of pop Michael Jackson's three brothers have defended the decision to stage a concert in Cardiff in his memory while the trial of his doctor is underway in the US. ANI

Women take note: makeup makes you look trustworthy, competent
Make a note, girls. A new study has confirmed for the first time that wearing makeup has a significant impact on how people perceive you. ANI

'The Simpsons' could come to abrupt end if cast refuses pay cuts
Popular American animated sitcom 'The Simpsons' could come to an abrupt end after 23 successful seasons because the show's cast has been asked to take a 45 per cent pay cut. ANI

Workplace stress dubbed 'Black Death of 21st century'
Stress has become the most common cause of long-term sick leave in Britain, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Bookies place 2-5 odds on Kutcher-Moore divorce
Bookies have starting placing bets on the crumbling marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and are guessing that the St Elmo's fire has gone out of their marriage. ANI

Adele 'heartbroken and worried' over vocal cord haemorrhage
British superstar Adele is extremely 'heartbroken and worried' over the vocal cord haemorrhage she has been suffering since quite a while, which has forced her to call off her US tour. ANI

Kim Kardashian adds $300k Ferrari to stockpile of luxury cars
Kim Kardashian's fetish for luxury cars escalated to another lever when she recently splurged 300,000 dollars on buying a Ferrari for herself. ANI

Kristen Stewart thinks Lautner better movie date than beau Robert Pattinson
'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart has admitted that she would rather opt for the company of her co-star Taylor Lautner than her boyfriend Robert Pattinson, at least when she's watching the vampire film. ANI

Pink to play 'sex addict' in new comedy movie
Pop rocker Pink will be playing the role of a sex addict in new comedy movie 'Thanks for Sharing'. ANI

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