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Entertainment News on October 3, 2011

People making rational, utilitarian choices could be psychopaths
People who endorse actions consistent with an ethic of utilitarianism-the view that what is the morally right thing to do is whatever produces the best overall consequences-tend to possess psychopathic and Machiavellian personality traits, according to a new study. ANI

Britney Spears searching for homeless fan to reward him music catalogue
Britney Spears is on a serious lookout for a homeless fan, who was asking for her new CD, and has even turned to her online friends for help. ANI

George Harrison biopic made Macca nostalgic
Beatles musician Sir Paul Mccartney has revealed that he got 'very emotional' after watching a documentary based on the life of his former bandmate George Harrison. ANI

Jessica Alba simply cannot resist desserts
Jessica Alba has revealed that she loves desserts and does not deny herself the treat, especially when her husband Cash Warren orders them. ANI

Reese Witherspoon 'terrified' about her kids using Internet
Reese Witherspoon is "terrified" about her children using the Internet fearing that they will be exposed to inappropriate content. ANI

Robbie Williams mulling to go under knife to get fake six-pack
Singer Robbie Williams is reportedly planning to go under the knife to get a fake six-pack for 13,000 pounds. ANI

Kutcher's alleged mistress is a 'party girl who knows what she wants'
Sara Leal, who is making news for her alleged hook up with married star Ashton Kutcher, is regular on the club scenes in Las Vegas, San Diego and Los Angeles, her pals has revealed. ANI

Adrenalin rush initially got me hooked to acting, says Emma Stone
Emma Stone has revealed that she had decided to get into the acting business after she participated in a play at school in class one and loved the 'adrenalin' rush through her body. ANI

Arnie 'running faster than traffic' to shape up for Expendables 2
Hollywood actor and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has reportedly been working out to get in shape for 'The Expendables 2'. ANI

Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez stood by me in tough times: Demi Lovato
Teen pop sensation Demi Lovato has revealed that reality TV star Kim Kardashian has been a true friend and has stood by her when she went into treatment. ANI

Aussie man gets same card from 4 sisters on birthday
A British man currently residing in Canberra, Australia, was in a state of shock when he received the same card from his four sisters on his 72nd birthday. ANI

Gardening 'helps kids to become responsible and calm'
A new survey suggested that teaching children how to garden helps them to become responsible, realise where food comes from and calms their behaviour. ANI

'Handbag-style' dogs being abandoned by owners after over pampering
The number of miniature dogs handed over to dog shelters has tripled in the past one year after they developed behavioural problems from being over pampered. ANI

Meet Madge's 'mad' fan who spent 40K pounds on her memorabilia in 26 yrs!
Here's a fan who is so obsessed with 'Material Girl' Madonna that he has spent around 40,000 pounds on the pop diva's memorabilia in 26 years. ANI

Russell Brand banned from entering Canada
British comedian Russell Brand, who has a past record of being barred from several countries because of his criminal record, was denied entry to Canada last weekend, forcing him to cancel a show. ANI

Sharika already amidst record label bidding war
Shakira has already landed in the midst of a bidding war among record labels as her contract with Epic expires. ANI

Squabbling kids 'driving parents to road rage'
A new research has revealed that squabbling children in the back seat of the car is the main reason behind road rage. ANI

'Dolphin Tale' atop the pack, 'The Lion King' slips to no. 3
Warner Bros' family flick 'Dolphin Tale' swam to the top of the movie box office over the weekend, dethroning last weekend's champ 'The Lion King'. ANI

Freddie Mercury to be honoured with 2011 Asian Awards
The 2011 Asian Awards is all set to honour the late pop icon Freddie Mercury this month for his outstanding contribution to the world of music. ANI

Sexy RiRi 'reveals every inch of her legs in Vogue'
Rihanna has rocked the latest issue of British Vogue, where she has exposed her bottom half in revealing photoshoot. ANI

MJ feared being shot during gigs, claims bodyguard
Michael Jackson's former security guard has revealed that the late singer was so convinced he would be assassinated onstage that he wore bullet proof vest whenever he went for shows and concerts. ANI

Repackaged 'Nevermind' enters top 5 in UK album chart
American rock band Nirvana's 'Nevermind', that was re-issued and repackaged to coincide with its 20th anniversary, has entered the top five in the UK album chart. ANI

Amy Winehouse and I were planning wedding, says beau Reg Traviss
Amy Winehouse's heartbroken boyfriend Reg Traviss has revealed that he and the singer were planning to enter the matrimonial bliss before her tragic death in July. ANI

Cheryl Cole 'felt scared before heading for a morale-boosting trip to Afghanistan'
Cheryl Cole has revealed that ahead of her trip to Afghanistan, she was sure that there would be gunfire and bombs going off, and that by flying into a war zone she was putting her life in danger but "nothing was going to stop me". ANI

Berenice Marlohe set to play 'Bond 23 girl'
French actress Berenice Marlohe has apparently been lined up to star as the next 'Bond' girl alongside Daniel Craig in the next 'Bond' film. ANI

50 years later, 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' sequel to hit shelves this Friday
Almost 50 years since it was created, the long-awaited sequel to 'James Bond' creator Ian Fleming's 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' is all set to fly off the shelves this Friday. ANI

Reality star Kim Kardashian looking forward to being in Bollywood movie some day
Reality star Kim Kardashian, who will be visiting Abu Dhabi and Dubai between October 13 and 15, has revealed that she would love to act in a Bollywood movie some day. ANI

Kate Winslet believes Ned Rocknroll is 'The One' for her
A pal close to Kate Winslet has revealed that the actress is "madly in love" with Ned Rocknroll. ANI

Nancy Dell'Olio's disappointing opening act on 'Strictly Come Dancing'
She was 'Strictly Come Dancing's most talked-about contestant even before the competition had begun, but flamboyant Nancy Dell'Olio was shattered when a wardrobe malfunction caused her to finish bottom out of all the 14 contestants and face a grilling from the judges on the first performance of the show. ANI

Farmer who opposed RiRi's topless shoot branded 'bible-bashing maniac'
Fans of pop singer Rihanna have branded the farmer who booted the singer off his land during a racy video shoot a "bible-bashing maniac." ANI

Spendthrift men spend more on themselves than women
A survey has revealed that spendthrift men are more self-indulgent than women, spending 18 pounds more a month on gifts for themselves. ANI

Early to bed and early to rise really makes kids slimmer, active
Benjamin Franklin quoted three centuries ago that 'early to bed, early to rise keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise'. ANI

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