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Entertainment News on October 23, 2011

Simon Cowell wants to shake up things with X Factor after ratings drop
TV magnate Simon Cowell has ordered to shake-up things with 'Britain's The X Factor' after their ratings dropped last week. ANI

Kirsten Dunst wants to dress up her age
Kirsten Dunst says she's all "grown up" and would like to dress up her age. ANI

Paul McCartney and new bride hold second wedding party for US friends
Sir Paul McCartney and his new wife, Nancy Shevell, had a second wedding party in New York. ANI

Tyra Banks proposed by 16-year-old boy on surprise school visit
Tyra Banks, who recently made a surprise visit to a high school, was in for a bigger surprise when a 16 year old boy asked her to marry him. ANI

George Clooney wants to enjoy getting older
George Clooney has admitted that he finds nothing wrong with getting older and jokes that he is "only half way there." ANI

Wedding ring-free Ashton Kutcher calls for truth in video rant
Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore may not be commenting about the status of their marriage, but a new video posted by the 'Two and a Half Men' star shows him without his wedding ring. ANI

'Shakespeare in Love' set for theatre adaptation
Playwright Tom Stoppard has teamed up with Disney bosses to adapt the 'Shakespeare in Love' script into a theatrical blockbuster. ANI

Bieber slams Cowell for firing Cheryl Cole from 'X Factor'
Justin Bieber thinks Simon Cowell made a wrong decision when he fired Cheryl Cole from 'The X Factor'. ANI

Kardashian celebrates birthday with hubby Kris amid break-up reports
Despite rumours doing the rounds that Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries's marriage is on the rocks, the couple were spotted celebrating Kardashian's 31st birthday in Manhattan. ANI

Daniel Craig to be seen in 'emotional avatar' in new Bond movie
If rumours are to be believed then British director Sam Mendes is apparently planning to edit a host of stunts and action scenes from his much awaited first Bond film. ANI

Mariah Carey feared she'd never walk properly again after pregnancy
Mariah Carey has admitted that she was sceptical about being able to walk properly again, after her difficult pregnancy. ANI

Brit judge under fire for banning 'love' in courtroom
A judge in Yorkshire has come under fire after banning defendants from referring to female court staff as "love". ANI

Tintin enjoys world premiere in hometown Brussels
As a tribute to Tintin's creator, Herge, the world premiere of the Steven Spielberg blockbuster has premiered in the comic book hero's hometown of Brussels in Belgium. ANI

Why Angelina Jolie's dad ended decade long feud with daughter
Jon Voight has revealed that he is finally in cordial terms with his daughter, Angelina Jolie and has ended the 10-year row with her. ANI

Bob Geldof's daughter, Peaches caught shoplifting 70 pounds of make-up
Sir Bob Geldof's daughter has been caught stealing 70 pounds worth of make-up from Boots - a popular shop in UK. ANI

People see faces in cars and ascribe them human characteristics
People attribute facial features and humanlike traits to automobiles, based on factors such as the shape of the headlights and the size of the windshield. ANI

Conrad Murray trial expert called 'scumbag' by witness
The judge in the trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician said Friday that a key defence witness could face contempt-of-court charges for reportedly calling a prosecution expert "a scumbag." ANI

Madonna's elder brother homeless, while sis owns string of houses
While Madonna is living it up in her 32 million-dollar New York City townhouse and her homes in Los Angeles and London, her second eldest brother is homeless and is said to be living under a bridge and on the streets of Michigan. ANI

Kim Kardashian signs up for Tyler Perry's 'The Marriage Counselor'
Kim Kardashian has been cast in Tyler Perry's upcoming film, 'The Marriage Counselor'. ANI

RiRi photographed with 'X rated' lesbian bondage book in Paris
Rihanna was recently snapped leaving a Paris hotel clutching an "X rated lesbian bondage" manual. ANI

Sexist safety systems put women at higher risk of car crashes
Women are more likely sustain injuries in car crashes because safety features are designed by men with themselves in mind, a new study including an Indian-origin researcher has found. ANI

Akshay Kumar promotes martial arts in Mumbai
Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar attended the finale of the 'Akshay Kumar Invitational and International Karate Championship' in Mumbai on Saturday. ANI

Marilyn Monroe's dress in 'River of No Return' sold for $504K
Marilyn Monroe's dress, which the legendary actress wore in the 1954 flick 'River of No Return' has reportedly been sold for 504,000 dollars. ANI

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