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Entertainment News on October 20, 2011

Peter Andre regrets giving out too many details of sex life
Peter Andre has revealed that he regrets giving out too many details about his sex life in his book. ANI

LiLo smoking either crack or meth, claims dad Michael
Lindsay Lohan's father Michael Lohan claims that his daughter could be smoking crack or meth. ANI

Crowe spending 'umpteen hours' filming fight scenes for Superman
Actor Russell Crowe has revealed that he spent "umpteen hours" filming fight scenes for 'Superman: Man of Steel'. ANI

Scarlett Johansson admits being 'overcritical' of ex hubby Ryan Reynolds
Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she was "quite depressed" after the split from Ryan Reynolds and she may have been "overcritical" of their relationship. ANI

Matt Damon set to make directorial debut
Matt Damon's dream of directing a movie has finally been realised. ANI

Britney Spears hones sewing skills on tour
Britney Spears has taken to sewing lessons on tour to expand her creative talent in fields other than music. ANI

Kate Winslet refuses to be skinny
Superstar Kate Winslet has refused to diet and wants young girls to realize that it is possible to have a healthy shape. ANI

Kelly Brook likes to invest in classic pieces
'Playboy' model Kelly brook says that she likes to invest in classic pieces that suit her curvy figure. ANI

Scarlet Johansson spotted kissing rumored beau in NYC!
Hollywood hottie Scarlett Johansson was spotted making out with '50/50' star Joseph Gordon-Levitt in NYC last month. ANI

David Hasselhoff keen on 'Baywatch' movie
'Baywatch' star David Hasselhoff is keen to make Baywatch: The Movie. ANI

McCartney earned œ7.4m from 'Beatles' last year
Rock legend Sir Paul McCartney has earned a monster 7.4million pounds from 'The Beatles' alone last year. ANI

Coldplay rewards queuing fans to pizza
Coldplay treated a group of their fans to Pizza for waiting patiently in the cold to buy tickets to an intimate gig in Norway, England. ANI

Will.I.Am fuming over leaked track
Black Eyed Peas star Will.I.Am is fuming after finding that one of his unreleased tracks called 'Great Times' has been leaked online. ANI

No call or text within 36 hrs of 1st date means no second date
A new survey has found that if there is no call or text message within 36 hours of your first date, then it is likely that there won't be a second. ANI

Patients scared of being drugged with MJ's 'killer' anaesthetic
After Michael Jackson died due to an overdose of propofol, patients in hospitals are terrified they will be given the anaesthetic that killed the late King of Pop. ANI

Geri Halliwell's ex-manager went insane living with 'pooey' star
Former Spice Girls singer Geri Halliwell's former manager Jenny Frankfurt has revealed her famous client's messy living conditions including letting her dog poop in the house. ANI

Amy Winehouse's fans targeted by virus
Late Amy Winehouse's fans were targeted by hackers, who duped them with a computer virus. ANI

'Rugby fever' helping women lure 'Mr Right'
Rugby is fast becoming the preferred option for Kiwi women in their efforts to bait their "Mr Right". ANI

'Clooney was destined to buy Italian Villa after his bike broke down'
George Clooney said that he was destined to buy his Italian retreat on the shore of Lake Como. ANI

Adele's new single tops US pop charts for four weeks
British singer Adele's new single has been on top of the US pop charts for the fourth week. ANI

Now, website for parents to rate schools
A new website has been launched which will ask parents to rate their child's school based on several parameters, including issues like homework, children's happiness, teaching standards, behaviour and levels of homework. ANI

Bon Jovi opens charity restaurant to help fight hunger in New Jersey
Bon Jovi is said to have opened a new charity restaurant to help fight hunger in New Jersey. ANI

Exercise-hating Olivia Munn boozes before workouts to 'trick' her mind
Olivia Munn has revealed that she has to drink alcohol when she works out to "trick" her mind that she's actually doing something "fun". ANI

Taylor Swift keen on waiting for 'Mr Right'
Taylor Swift has revealed that she is not keen on having an endless string of boyfriends and so is prepared to wait until the right man comes along. ANI

New York judge rules Courtney Love responsible for missing jewellery
A New York judge has ruled Courtney Love responsible for a collection of expensive jewellery that went missing after she borrowed it for a public appearance. ANI

Jesse James' father wrote letter to Sandra Bullock to show grief post-split
Jesse James' father is said to have poured his heart out in a letter to Sandra Bullock to express his grief on having lost his daughter-in-law after the actress and the TV personality divorced, an insider has revealed. ANI

Lady Gaga gets 'totally turned on' by vampire sex
Lady Gaga likes her beau Taylor Kinney to dress up like a vampire in the bedroom when the couple are getting down and dirty, an insider has revealed. ANI

Leading medical expert claims lifting MJ's chin could have saved his life
A leading anaesthesiologist told the jury at the manslaughter trial of Michael Jackson's personal physician Dr Conrad Murray, that the late singer's life could have been saved had his chin been lifted. ANI

Working women look their best for merely two hrs, 22 mins every morning
A new study has found that working women look their best for just two hours and 22 minutes in the morning. ANI

Split with Orlando Bloom gave Kate Bosworth painful 'vertigo'
Kate Bosworth has admitted that she was extremely grief-stricken after she parted ways with Orlando Bloom, and thought that she 'had actual vertigo'. ANI

Distress follows excessive self-praise
People who boost their self-esteem by rating their performance as much higher than it actually is could end up feeling dejected instead, according to new research. ANI

Balanced amount of free time key to happiness for materialistic teens
Materialistic young people with compulsive buying issues need just the right amount of spare time to feel happier, according to new research. ANI

'Comfortable' Clooney rules out foray into politics
George Clooney, has revealed that he has no plans to enter politics. ANI

Westlife to split after 14 years with farewell tour and greatest hits album
Boyband giants Westlife are going to split after being together for 14 years in the music industry. ANI

David Hasselhoff tweets of his girlfriend dumping him
David Hasselhoff took to Twitter to announce that his girlfriend Hayley Roberts had dumped him. ANI

Why we tend to avoid looking at ourselves in the mirror as we turn 45
A study has revealed that people start avoiding looking at themselves in the mirror as they turn 45, for fear of seeing themselves aging. ANI

Its official: men are slightly funnier than women
Men are funnier than women, but only just barely and mostly to other men, according to a new study.he stereotypical belief that men have a GSOH is based on an evolutionary sexual-selection argument that likens a man's humour to a peacock's fancy tail or a deer's rack of antlers, useful primarily for showing off and impressing potential mates. ANI

Good diet, lifestyle could positively effect up to three generations
Scientists have discovered that a good diet and lifestyle could help a person's children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren live longer. ANI

Unseen images of 'injured' Marilyn Monroe revealed
Unseen images of Marilyn Monroe with an injured leg have finally been revealed. ANI

Two glasses of wine a day could do immense harm to face in ten years
A new experiment has revealed that just two glasses of wine a day could do immense harm to the face, leaving it wrinkly and blotchy. ANI

Hef's former girl Crystal Harris sells off engagement ring at a 'discount'
Hugh Hefner's former fiance Crystal Harris has sold off the engagement ring he gave her for almost half the price. ANI

Teary Lilo avoids jail after being bailed out for probation violation
Lindsay Lohan was in tears when she was taken into custody and led away from the court in handcuffs after the judge blasted her for violating probation. ANI

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