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Entertainment News on October 14, 2011

Janet Jackson's 1st show in Abu Dhabi proves her mastery
Janet Jackson's recent show at the Yas Arena in Abu Dhabi, UAE, proved that she still had the craft in her. ANI

Lady Goo Goo's 'Peppy-razzi' tune ticks off Gaga
Lady Gaga has been granted an injunction against an online animated character called "Lady Goo Goo" which performs the pop icon's tracks via, a children's social network site. ANI

Baseball is America favourite game, tweets Paula Abdul after 'X-Factor' reschedule
'US X Factor' judge Paula Abdul took to Twitter to inform fans that the show was called off because of a baseball game. ANI

Director Fernando Meirelles loves Rachel Weisz's 'creativity'
Hollywood film director Fernando Meirelles said that he loved working with Rachel Weisz on movies because she is a great "improviser". ANI

Sheen highest paid TV actor despite 'Two and a Half Men' firing
Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen has been named the highest paid actor on TV, despite his firing from TV hit sitcom 'Two And A Half Men', according to Forbes. ANI

Jean-Claude van Damme's car rams into canal
Jean-Claude van Damme recently drove his car into a canal after partying at a disco. he incident occurred when the actor put the first gear instead of reverse during his return from a nightclub, in Willebroek, Belgium. ANI

Demi Moore 'skipping meals post Kutcher infidelity claims'
Demi Moore's friends have revealed that the actress is quite upset about her husband Aston Kutcher's sex scandal rumours, following which she has not been eating well. ANI

Drake 'hurt' by ex-RiRi more than he has hurt someone else
Canadian singer Drake has revealed how he was hurt by ex girlfriend Rihanna after two years of their split. ANI

Courtney Stodden banned from Facebook for being 'too sexy'
The Facebook fan account of 'Green Mile' actor Doug Hutchison's teenage wife Courtney Stodden was recently banned for posting "inappropriate sexual content". ANI

Noel Gallagher has 'nothing to say' to his fans
Noel Gallagher has revealed that he has 'nothing to say' to his fans on the occasion of High Flying Birds project going live and people should not expect him to do anything else but sing and play guitar. ANI

'Two and a Half Men' ratings see huge plunge post Kutcher's sex scandal
'Two And A Half Men' Season 9 is seeing a considerable drop in the ratings following Aston Kutcher's sex scandal. ANI

Julia Roberts 'felt bizarre playing Ryan Reynold's mum in new flick'
Julia Roberts has revealed that she felt "bizarre" playing mother to Ryan Reynold, who is only nine years her junior in real life, in their upcoming movie 'Fireflies in the Garden'. ANI

I never got used to being n*ked, says 'shy' ex-Playboy bunny Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson, a former Playboy model and one of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriend, has revealed that she "never got used to being n*ked." ANI

Selena Gomez and I will always be close as sisters, says Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato has praised close friend Selena Gomez for standing by her when she was admitted to rehab in 2010. ANI

MJ doc irks PETA by testing propofol on beagle dogs
The animal rights group PETA has slammed the personal physician of the late singer Michael Jackson for testing the powerful anesthetic propofol on beagles. ANI

'Depressed' Scarlett Johansson pulled through divorce with family support
Scarlett Johansson has confessed that she was "quite depressed" after the end of the marriage to Ryan Reynolds that she relied on the support of her family to get her through the divorce. ANI

Dannii Minogue's cancer fear
Australian singer Dannii Minogue recently revealed how she went through a year of cancer scare when her weight reduced tremendously and her hair fell out but the real reason turned out to thyroid problem. ANI

Bob Dylan learning bagpipes post Scotland trip
Veteran singer Bob Dylan is reportedly learning to play the bagpipes following a recent trip to Scotland. ANI

'Iron Man 2' props up for grabs
Film fans will have a chance to bid for a number of props and costumes featured in 'Iron Man 2', as part of a Marvel superhero auction. ANI

MJ was 'a bit of an alien' to most people, says Rashida Jones
'The Social Network' star Rashida Jones, who grew up around the late pop singer Michael Jackson because of his close friendship with her father, has revealed that he was a ''bit of an alien'' to most people. ANI

Lady Gaga doesn't like 'putting out' too soon before men
She may less than coy when it comes to her costumes and dressing styles, but Lady Gaga has made it clear that she likes to make men wait for sex. ANI

Katy Perry in seventh heaven after baked beans and meat pies reunion
Katy Perry is on an eating spree at the moment and has been binging on baked beans and meat pies ever since she arrived in the UK for her tour. ANI

Hugh Jackman, Elle Macpherson bedazzle Queen Elizabeth's party
Hugh Jackman and Elle Macpherson added a touch of glamour to the lavish reception hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace ahead of her trip to Australia. ANI

Noel Gallagher's son stops him from playing guitar
Former 'Oasis' star Noel Gallagher has admitted that his four-year-old son Donovan stops him from playing the guitar. ANI

Hugh Jackman heartbroken by fertility issues
Australian hunk Hugh Jackman has admitted that it was very difficult for him and his wife Deborra to accept the fact they couldn't have children naturally. ANI

Khloe Kardashian feels like vomiting when brother Rob dances on 'DWTS'
Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian has admitted that watching her younger brother Rob Kardashian compete on the TV show 'Dancing With The Stars' makes her want to throw up with nerves. ANI

Julia Roberts 'gets emotional over old pregnancy scenes in new flick'
Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts has revealed that she was "touched" by the scenes in her new movie that shows her pregnant with her now four-year-old son Henry. ANI

Simon Cowell tags Nicole Scherzinger "ditzy Daffy Duck"
Simon Cowell has revealed that he is completely awestruck by the beauty of his X Factor co-judge, Nicole Scherzinger, but insisted that she would have been the perfect woman if it 'wasn't for her lack of smarts'. ANI

Actress thanks Adele for 'indirectly saving her life'
'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland has revealed that Adele's song 'Someone Like You' indirectly saved her and boyfriend Matt Prokop's lives in a near fatal accident. ANI

RiRi 'recording new album in portable studio'
Rihanna, who is currently on tour in Europe, is using a portable studio to record her new album, it has been revealed. ANI

Bachelors 'twice as likely to die of cancer'
Bachelors take note. You are more likely to die of cancer than married men, a 40-year study has found. ANI

Riri enrages bouncers after getting 'touchy-feely' with topless lap-dancers
R and B queen Rihanna had got into a spot of bother at a nightclub after she repeatedly touched lap-dancers inspite of being told not to. ANI

Whitney Houston almost kicked off plane for refusing to tie seatbelt
Whitney Houston was almost thrown off a flight in Atlanta after refusing to fasten her seatbelt. ANI

Date's friends likelier to influence teens' alcohol consumption than own
A new study has claimed that alcohol consumption by teenagers may be more influenced by a date's friends than his or her own friends. ANI

'Bullied' Demi Lovato still struggles with major trust issues
Teen star Demi Lovato has revealed that she is hesitant to make new friends and let them come too close to her, because she struggles with major trust issues triggered by former bullying. ANI

Miranda Kerr to model iconic $2.5 million diamond-studded bra
Miranda Kerr will soon sashay down the ramp for Victoria's Secret sporting a 'Fantasy Treasure' bra, which comes with a price tag of 2.5 million dollars and features nearly 3,400 precious gems. ANI

Hillary Swank 'deeply regrets' performing on Kadyrov's birthday bash
Hillary Swank has expressed regrets over being a part of Ramzan Kadyrov's birthday party in Chechen capital Grozny, and professed she was unaware of the Chechnyan Kremlin-backed strongman's appalling past human rights record. ANI

'Lindsay Lohan's 'yellow teeth' do not make her less attractive' - says rep
Lindsay Lohan showed up looking less attractive with yellow teeth on a red carpet in Los Angeles. ANI

Lindsay Lohan terminated from community service for violations
Lindsay Lohan has been terminated from her community service following a series of violations. ANI

'Money just can't buy you love' when it comes to marriage
Confirming The Beatles' lyrical hypothesis, a new study has found that "the kind of thing that money just can't buy" is a happy and stable marriage. ANI

Lady Gaga asks beau to back off from ex-girlfriend
Lady Gaga recently had strong words with her new boyfriend, asking him to stop taking phone calls from his ex-girlfriend. ANI

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