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Entertainment News on October 11, 2011

Amitabh Bachchan eager to take up challenging roles
Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who turned 69 on Tuesday, expresses his keenness to do more challenging roles and constantly challenge himself as an actor. ANI

Emma Watson dumped by beau for being too famous
Emma Watson proved to be too famous for her former boyfriend, Francis Boulle, which is why he called off their romance. ANI

Arnold Schwarzenegger to reprise 'Terminator' role
Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly set to reprise his most famous role as 'The Terminator'. ANI

Julia Roberts wont tell kids of Evil Queen role in Snow White
Julia Roberts has revealed that she can't tell her children that she is playing the Evil Queen in the new Snow White movie because they are scared of the character. ANI

Downey, Jr. finds Iron Man 2 'disappointing'
Robert Downey, Jr, 46, who starred in 'Iron Man', has admitted that he found the 2010 superhero sequel "disappointing". ANI

Gary Barlow is 'awful person' on holidays
Take That's Gary Barlow admits that he is an "awful" person when he is on a holiday because he hates taking time off. ANI

Anna Faris blames successful career for failed first marriage
Anna Faris is convinced that the growing success she achieved in her acting career is to be blamed for her failed first marriage. ANI

Travolta's Gotti movie put on hold due to financial issues
John Travolta's upcoming movie, 'Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father', has reportedly been put on hold due to financial issues. ANI

Ex Bond girl becomes canon after ditching acting, modelling
Former Bond girl Shannon Ledbetter has been officially inducted as a canon - a permanent member of cathedral clergy - at Blackburn Cathedral after quitting her acting and modelling career for a role in the church. ANI

Simon Cowell to voice KITT in 'Knight Rider' film
David Hasselhoff is reportedly planning to bring back 'Knight Rider' as a film, with Simon Cowell voicing the role of the show's talking car KITT. ANI

Denise Richards switches off phone to spend quality time with kids
Denise Richards has revealed that she turns off her phone when she spends the day with her three children, so that she can devote her time to them. ANI

Pete Doherty could be "chased" to compensate crash victim
Pete Doherty may have to compensate hundreds of thousands of pounds to a church worker who suffered "very severe" brain damage when he was run over by the singer's manager. ANI

Chris Brown's MJ tribute no show 'nothing to do with criminal record'
Chris Brown has slammed reports suggesting that his criminal record kept him from performing at the Michael Jackson tribute, insisting scheduling problems forced him to pull the plug on his performance. ANI

'Nude' Mischa Barton licks raw meat in bizarre new photo shoot
Mischa Barton recently posed topless with raw meat for celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. ANI

'Supermodel' Tyra Banks' turns bestselling author with 'Modelland'
Tyra Banks' debut fiction book, Modelland, has reached number two on the New York Times bestsellers list and number one on the Barnes and Noble charts. ANI

Amy Winehouse's dad to reveal her 'true story' in new book
Late singer Amy Winehouse's dad Mitch, 60, has reportedly vowed to tell the singer's "true story" in a new book. ANI

Hilary Duff having 'ferocious' pregnancy cravings
Pregnant Hilary Duff is having "ferocious" pregnancy cravings for red hots hot dogs even though she never used to like them. ANI

Sheen's former goddess Bree Olson gives up p*rn for good
Charlie Sheen's former goddess, Bree Olson has decided not to act in p*rn movies anymore. ANI

Self-made millionaires more likely state school alumnus
Self-made millionaires are more likely to have gone to state school than private school and Oxford or Cambridge, new research has found. ANI

Kutcher attempts to make amends with Moore at campfire counseling
Ashton Kutcher decided to make amends for cheating on his love, Demi Moore by reuniting for a campfire counselling during the weekend. ANI

Yoko Ono unveils global 'Imagine There's No Hunger' campaign
Yoko Ono has joined hands with Hard Rock International and WhyHunger to launch a global campaign titled Imagine There's No Hunger'. ANI

Clooney takes new girl to Mexico for early birthday celebrations
Hollywood star George Clooney has reportedly taken his new girl, Stacy Keibler to Mexico for her birthday. ANI

Robert Downey, JR. wants to direct movies after retiring from acting
Hollywood actor Robert Downey, JR. has revealed that he would like to become a director after retiring from acting. ANI

Oz parents letting kids watch too much TV
Parents are allowing their four-year-olds to watch TV for up to five hours a day, new research has revealed. ANI

Iconic 'Dallas' returns to British TV screen with new series in 2012
Iconic American TV show 'Dallas' is set to return to UK screens in a totally new series. ANI

Orlando Bloom becomes less impulsive after fatherhood
Orlando Bloom has admitted that fatherhood has changed him, and he has become less impulsive as he wants to be around when his son grows up. ANI

World's most expensive pudding comes with 22,000 pounds price tag!
A restaurant in UK has launched what is thought to be the world's most expensive pudding for 22,000 pounds. ANI

Sir Paul McCartney's wedding party was' too loud for neighbours'
The volume at Sir Paul McCartney's wedding reception party had to be turned down after a complaint from neighbours in north-west London. ANI

Beyonce announces due date for baby arrival
Beyonce Knowles has reportedly announced that she's due to give birth sometime in February 2012. ANI

SWAT team confiscates weapons being used for Pitts new 'zombie movie'
A SWAT team raided a Budapest warehouse holding weapons that were being used in Brad Pitt's upcoming zombie movie 'World War Z'. ANI

'Pattinson and Kristen 'very down to earth', says co-star Chaske Spencer
'Breaking Dawn' star Chaske Spencer has revealed that his co-stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are "very down to earth." ANI

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