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Entertainment News on October 1, 2011

Shania Twain's stalker pleads guilty in court
The man charged with stalking Shania Twain has pleaded guilty in a court in Ontario, Canada. ANI

Simon Cowell religiously follows daily fitness routine
Simon Cowell has revealed that he sticks to his daily fitness routine every day. ANI

Late Jade Goody's debts left children with meagre amount
Late reality TV star, Jade Goody had debts worth 1.8 million pounds to be cleared even after her death. ANI

Nancy Del'Ollio wants 'extra-sexy dresses' for 'Strictly Come Dancing'
Italian-American property lawyer and 'Strictly Come Dancing' diva, Nancy Del'Ollio has demanded for extra-sexy dresses to help her get an edge in the competition. ANI

Ian McKellen buys centuries old Dickens' favourite booze joint
British actor, Sir Ian McKellen has reportedly bought a 300-year-old pub which author Charles Dickens was a patron of. ANI

'Harry Potter' e-books launch delayed till early 2012
J.K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' e-books will now be launched by Pottermore shop in the first half of 2012. ANI

'Selena Gomez and Kardashian mean the world to me,' says Demi Lovato
Singer and actress Demi Lovato thanked two of her good friends Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian for their untiring support during her time in the rehab. ANI

'Hip-hop has become mellow due to drug consumption by peers': Jay-Z
Jay-Z has revealed that he believes hip-hop has become more "mellow" over time due to the use of marijuana by modern artists. ANI

Travolta's cozying up to Gotti clan upsets mob bosses' crime victims
The victims of Mob boss John Gotti's crimes are upset with the constant meeting between John Travolta and the late criminal's family to research for his movie. ANI

Cheryl Cole looks glam in 'panther' dress on trip to salon
Cheryl Cole was pictured looking trendy in a sexy new outfit emblazoned with panthers as she hurried along to get her hair done. ANI

Lady Gaga, Posh inducted into headwear Hall of Fame
Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham have been inducted into the headwear Hall of Fame for their contributions to the art of the hat. ANI

Britain's favourite drink, tea, falling out of fashion with below 25's
A new research has found that Britain's favourite drink - tea, is falling out of fashion with youngsters, who drink just one variety of tea and opt for soft drinks, bottled water or fruit juice instead. ANI

Mia Wasikowska faced 'green screen' difficulties in 'Alice In Wonderland'
Mia Wasikowska has admitted that she found acting on 'Alice In Wonderland' most difficult because of the extensive use of green screen technology. ANI

Wives who cut hubby's boys night outs 'erode their masculinity, ruin marriage'
Wives who try to control their husband's social lives may be risking their happy married life. ANI

Bieber seeks online followers' help to locate 'hysterical' ticketless fan
'Baby' hitmaker Justin Bieber is reportedly trying hard to locate a young fan who missed out on tickets to his sold-out concert in Mexico. ANI

'Tormented' Nicola Roberts set to launch crusade against school bullying
Pop star Nicola Roberts is reportedly eager to meet with education officials to discuss bullying in schools in order to help fans who have tweeted her about their teen tormentors. ANI

Noel Gallagher overly cautious talking about Liam over fear of being sued
Singer Noel Gallagher has revealed that he is now overly cautious while speaking publicly about his estranged brother Liam as he fears he can be sued again. ANI

Rowan Atkinson can't wait to drive his McLaren F1 vehicle post crash
Funny man Rowan Atkinson is reportedly gearing up to drive his sports car once again after refusing to let his terrifying road crash take over his passion of driving fast cars. ANI

Women with higher social standing and education breastfeed longer
Women with higher social standing and educational attainment breastfeed for longer periods of time, according to a new study. ANI

Gerard Butler 'weeps' while watching screening of 'Machine Gun Preacher'
Scottish actor Gerard Butler reportedly broke down in tears while watching a screening of his new film 'Machine Gun Preacher' at London's Mayfair hotel. ANI

Courtney Love 'to reveal all in no-holds-barred memoir'
Late rocker and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain's rocker wife, Courtney Love is set to write a memoir about her marriage to the late rockstar. ANI

Jay-Z 'very excited about baby's arrival'
Rapper Jay-Z has expressed his excitement about his wife Beyonce's pregnancy and on him becoming a dad. ANI

Gisele Bundchen lingerie ad slammed for being 'sexist rather than sexy'
A recent lingerie ad has been slammed for being sexist and reinforcing stereotypes of women as sex objects. ANI

Dr Murray's attorneys issued gag order by judge in MJ manslaughter trial
The judge in the Conrad Murray trail has issued a gag order to Murray's attornies under penalty of contempt and other sanctions. ANI

Adam Sandler's 'big manhood problem' on 'Jack and Jill' set
Adam Sandler has revealed that that biggest problem he faced while filming his upcoming film 'Jack and Jill' was that he had to struggle to hide his genitals when he dressed in drag. ANI

Kutcher, Moore visit Kabbalah centre 'with wedding rings on'
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were pictured at a Kabbalah centre in Los Angeles for the first time together since the actor was accused of infidelity with a blonde named Sara Leal. ANI

Brad Pitt rules out directing over fear of driving family 'crazy'
Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has said that he has no intentions of directing a film as for now as it would take up too much of his time and drive his family crazy. ANI

Mums most to blame for 'sexist kids'
Mothers are the most responsible in transferring of sexist attitudes to children, scientists say. ANI

Women care more about their looks and food than about men and sex
Women think more about how they look than they do about men, a new survey has found. ANI

Women hide œ217mn from their partners to spend on themselves!
A survey has revealed that women have a 217million pounds fortune stashed away in "handbag funds" to spend on themselves. ANI

Arnie ran for Governor for 'fun and to 'freak everyone out'
Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed that he did not even tell his wife before announcing his run for the post of the Governor as he had no prior plans for joining the race until he thought it would be "funny' to "freak everyone out". ANI

Crystal Harris puts Hugh Hefner's engagement ring up for auction for $30k
Crystal Harris has put Hugh Hefner's engagement ring up for auction for 30,000 dollars as she doesn't want any reminders of her romance with the Playboy mogul. ANI

Paramedic says MJ could have been saved had call for help been quicker
Richard Senneff, the first paramedic to reach Jackson's home testified in the Los Angeles Superior Court that had the call for help been quicker, there would have been a good chance of saving the singer's life. ANI

Arnie's son busted for speeding in dad's car
Hollywood actor and former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick was reportedly given a traffic ticket for speeding in Santa Monica. ANI

Rihanna and Aguilera banned from 'boob and butt' shows on British TV
Pop sensations Rihanna and Christina Aguilera have been told to dress appropriately for British television before the 9pm watershed by UK's media regulator, Ofcom. ANI

Aniston's beau Theroux was once a junkie whose fantasy woman was Jolie
Justin Theroux's friend has revealed that the actor took "powerful painkillers" and Class S drugs before sobering up. ANI

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