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Entertainment News on November 7, 2011

Giselle Bundchen 'not afraid' to work hard to stay fit
Supermodel Gisele Bundchen says a body like hers is achievable if you are willing to work for it. ANI

Selena Gomez 'proud' of her new fashion collection
Selena Gomez has admitted that she is really proud and excited about the new collection of her fashion line 'Dream Out Loud'. ANI

1 in 6 pupils skipping breakfast 'leaving them disruptive in class'
One in six school pupils are skipping breakfast "leaving them tired and disruptive in class", a new study has found. ANI

Avril Lavigne left bloody and bruised in LA bar brawl
Avril Lavigne has opened up about a bar scuffle in Los Angeles over the weekend that left her bloody and bruised, claiming she was brutally targeted by five people in an unprovoked attack. ANI

Amy Winehouse honoured at MTV Europe Music Awards
Late Amy Winehouse was remembered with a special tribute during the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs) over the weekend. ANI

Aussie man's scrotum 'hacked by wife' during spat
An Australian man's testicles were allegedly 'hacked' by his wife during an ongoing quarrel about his fidelity. ANI

Depp moves out of France over income tax fear
Johnny Depp has moved out of France and returned to America because he didn't want to become a permanent French resident and pay income tax there. ANI

Sinead O'Connor says 'bloodbath' tweet against Pope was a joke
Irish singer Sinead O'Connor has insisted that her announcement to perform a "bloodbath" if Pope Benedict XVI visited Ireland was an innocent humour. ANI

Robert Pattinson worried about not fulfilling expectations
Robert Pattinson is concerned he won't be able to 'fulfil' the high expectations people have from him after the success of the Twilight series. ANI

Selena Gomez 'proud' of her new Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez has admitted that she is really proud and excited about the new collection of her fashion line 'Dream Out Loud'. ANI

'Rum Diary' director almost turned down Johnny Depp's offer
The director of 'The Rum Diary', Bruce Robinson has admitted that he had almost declined Johnny Depp's offer to write the screenplay for the movie as the story did not initially appeal to him. ANI

Eddie Murphy 'too lazy' to prepare brand new stand-up act
Eddie Murphy, who is regularly ranked among the top 10 greatest comics of all time, has revealed that he is hesitant to make his stand-up comedy comeback as preparing a brand new act for the stage is very time-consuming. ANI

Miley Cyrus to voice for Adam Sandler's 'Vampire Daughter'
Miley Cyrus is set to give her vocals for Sony Picture Animation's 'Hotel Transylvania'. ANI

Michelle Williams has become 'needier' after playing Marilyn
Michelle Williams has revealed that the portrayal of legendary star Marilyn Monroe in new movie 'My Week with Marilyn' has made her ''needier''. ANI

Leonardo Dicaprio talks about gay ambiguities in 'J.Edgar'
Leonardo Dicaprio has revealed that there are various implicatures about his character's sexuality in his new movie 'J.Edgar'. ANI

Meet 'ageing narcissist' who clicked one photo each day for four years
A woman who describes herself as an 'ageing narcissist' has created a sensational stir over the internet after she posted videos, which features the photos of her face taken everyday for four years. ANI

Michelle Williams finds working on film sets difficult
Michelle Williams has revealed that she always finds working on film sets difficult to a "degree". ANI

Pattinson, Stewart confused about where to set up home
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson still can't zero in on the location of their new house and are confused whether they should go for London or Los Angeles. ANI

Hugh Grant's secret love child named Happy Accident
Hugh Grant's secret love child with a Chinese woman has been christened Happy Accident. ANI

Irish streaker storms MTV Europe music awards' stage
The MTV European Music Awards took an interesting turn when a streaker jumped on stage. ANI

Boys at university miss their mums more than girls do
Boys at university miss their mothers more while girls tend to enjoy their new-found freedom and opportunity to look after themselves, a new study has claimed. ANI

Partner losing weight? Prepare to get dumped
People who suddenly resort to dieting when in a steady relationship are most likely preparing to dump their other halves, a new study has revealed. ANI

Pamela Anderson urges fans to back ban on horse-drawn carriages
Pamela Anderson is urging her fans to back a campaign for banning horse-drawn carriages in New York, after a second mare died within two weeks. ANI

Kristen Stewart hates being called 'hot'
Kristen Stewart has revealed that she hates being called "hot" and has no interest in being a sex symbol. ANI

Kelly Osbourne hospitalized in Miami after splitting head open
Kelly Osbourne was hospitalized on Saturday night after she suffered a head injury. ANI

'Puss in Boots' maintains box office lead with $33m in sales
'Puss in Boots' has topped the box office once again in its second week, beating the two new releases this weekend - 'Tower Heist' and 'A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas'. ANI

Kim Kardashian, hubby get counselling from pastor who married them
Kim Kardashian, who filed for divorce just 72 days after a multimillion-dollar wedding extravaganza, met her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kris Humphries, and the pastor, who officiated their wedding, for two hours at the NBA star's Minnesota home. ANI

Emma Watson's romance with Johnny Simmons hits rough patch
Emma Watson's whirlwind romance with Johnny Simmons, has hit a rough patch after the actor reportedly refused to follow her to England. ANI

US family says ghosts are having sex in their living room
A family from northeast Ohio has claimed that she has evidence of some afterlife hanky-panky going on inside her Euclid home. ANI

Lady Gaga steals the show at MTV Europe awards
Lady Gaga ruled at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast, bagging four prizes in categories including- best song, best video, best female and biggest fans. ANI

Justin Bieber plans to take DNA test and then sue accuser
Justin Bieber will be getting his DNA test to show that he is not the father of a Californian woman's baby and then file a lawsuit against her, sources close to him revealed. ANI

Andy Williams reveals he has bladder cancer
American Singer Andy Williams has confirmed rumours that he has bladder cancer. ANI

John Lennon's tooth auctioned for œ19,500
An old, rotten tooth of John Lennon sold for 19,500 pounds at an auction on November 6. ANI

Kim Kardashian may have to pay $2m to hubby to keep engagement ring
Kim Kardashian may have to hand over millions of dollars to her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kris Humphries, to be able to retain her 20.5-carat diamond ring after their divorce. ANI

Robert De Niro to play Bernie Madoff
Robert De Niro is playing the role of Wall Street investor and scamster Bernie Madoff in the first major film to be made on the financial scam. ANI

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