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Entertainment News on November 6, 2011

Cute, quaint and colourful cupcakes may be as addictive as cocaine
The butter in the fluffy sponges and the sugar in the icing piled on top could make them as addictive as cocaine, a new study has suggested. ANI

My baby has Justin's pout, says woman who filed paternity suit
Mariah Yeater, the woman who has claimed that Justin Bieber is the father of her child, says that her baby's pout confirms that the teen pop icon is his father. ANI

Dannii Minogue finds the way she met her boyfriend 'tacky'
Dannii Minogue thinks that the way she met her boyfriend was 'tacky'. ANI

Taylor Lautner was an outcast at school
Taylor Lautner said he was a bit of an outcast in school because of his acting career. ANI

Bradley Cooper says mum is his biggest critic
Bradley Cooper has said that his mother always finds faults in his films and is not shy to criticize him. ANI

Pattinson glad to be done looking like a 'wimp' next to Lautner
Robert Pattinson has revealed that he doesn't miss looking like a "wimp" next to co-star Taylor Lautner in "The Twilight Saga". ANI

Anna Friel thought relationship with David Thewlis would last forever
Anna Friel has revealed that she thought her 10-year romance with ex-partner David Thewlis would "last forever". ANI

Why posting bikini pictures on Facebook won't help you make friends
Online profiles featuring over the top poses, bikini shots or pictures of cars immediately spark a negative opinion on strangers, a new study has suggested. ANI

50 pc of shoppers have left a store for playing 'annoying music'
Three-quarters of shoppers notice the songs played in a store and the duration of their stay depends upon their liking for the song, a new survey has found. ANI

Americans have 130 'friends' on Facebook but only 2 confidantes
Americans have as many as 130 "friends" on their Facebook account, but the list of their confidantes has shrunk to two, down from three almost 25 years ago, a new study has claimed. ANI

Jane Fonda releases double DVD on workouts for women
Jane Fonda had revolutionized home fitness with her first workout video three decades back and her latest offering is set to be a must-have present for women this Christmas. ANI

Simon Cowell least bothered by Westlife's break up
Disbanded boyband Westlife have not heard a word from their former boss Simon Cowell after the group decided to go separate ways. ANI

Susan Boyle infuriates flight passengers with her histrionics
Susan Boyle reportedly suffered a mid-air meltdown on her first trip to Australia and infuriated passengers on the plane with her dramatics. ANI

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries haven't talked since split
Kim Kardashian has had no communication with Kris Humphries since she filed for a divorce. ANI

Seal wanted to give Amy Winehouse 'mouthful' of advice
Seal has said that he wanted to give Amy Winehouse a 'mouthful' of stern advice to advise her not to waste her talents. ANI

Stewart and Pattinson worked out for Breaking Dawn sex scene
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had to work out to get in shape for their sex scene in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn scene. ANI

Dev Patel and Freida Pinto move into new $1.5m rental home in LA
Dev Patel and Freida Pinto have moved in together in a posh 1.5 million dollars rental home in Santa Monica. ANI

8-inch ballet pumps makes dancers closer than any women to the sky
Christian Louboutin's latest footwear collection includes heels as high as 8 inches that will definitely give its customers very sore toes. ANI

Jennifer Aniston designs t-shirt for breast cancer charity
Jennifer Aniston has teamed up with Ford "Warriors in Pink" campaign, which has been raising awareness and funds for the breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure. ANI

'Ordinary' Dita Von Teese loves golden-era Hollywood movies
Dita Von Teese insists that she is an ordinary woman even though she is regarded as a glamour icon. ANI

Taylor Lautner not confirmed for Gus Van Sant's boxer movie
Taylor Lautner has said that, contrary to rumours, he's not yet confirmed for Gus Van Sant's new movie. ANI

Kylie Minogue and Spanish boyfriend 'stronger than ever'
The family of Kylie Minogue's Spanish boyfriend has rubbished rumours of the couple breaking up, insisting that they are "stronger than ever". ANI

Justin Bieber prepared to face more paternity accusations
Justin Bieber who has been rocked by claims that he impregnated a fan, is convinced that this 'won't be the last time' he's accused of having a lovechild. ANI

Meera Syal seeks action against 'cyber-bullying'
Meera Syal has called for an action against cyber-bullying after her teenage daughter was victimized in an online hate campaign, where she was even threatened by people she did not know. ANI

Bradley Cooper eats 'more than anyone'
Bradley Cooper has admitted that he eats "more than anyone" he knows. ANI

Kim Kardashian's mum Kris cashes in at book launch
Kim Kardashian's mother Kris Jenner, who has insisted that her daughter did not profit from her mega-televised wedding to Kris Humphries, took time for her book launch at The Darby on Wednesday night to make some of her own money. ANI

MJ's bodyguards speak out in defense of Conrad Murray
Michael Jackson's two former bodyguards have said that the King of Pop would never want his personal physician to face trial for his death. ANI

Madonna ditches cosmetic treatment for new 'non-surgical facelift'
Madonna has decided to ditch cosmetic treatments and ease up on gym work-outs, fearing that they are making her look like "a freak". ANI

LiLo crashes Dicaprio's party, makes everyone uncomfortable
Lindsay Lohan crashed Leonardo DiCaprio's party for his movie "J. Edgar" and made such a scene that she made the A-list attendees "uncomfortable." ANI

Eddie Murphy promises not to swear as Oscar host
Eddie Murphy has said that he won't use obscene language on stage when he hosts the Oscar awards this year. ANI

Russell Brand and Katy Perry plan romantic trip to India for New Year
Russell Brand and Katy Perry will head out to India for celebrating their New Year and re-igniting romance in their marriage, which has taken a back seat due to their hectic work schedules. ANI

Brett Ratner admits sex with Olivia Munn, denies shrimp masturbation
Brett Ratner has admitted that he dated Olivia Munn before she became famous in Hollywood. ANI

Robert Pattinson 'desperate for affection' from Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson is crazy about Kristen Stewart and 'desperate for affection' from her, a confidant of the 21-year-old actress has revealed. ANI

Jennifer Hawkins credits 'trim boby' to low carbs and rigorous exercise
Jennifer Hawkins has revealed that she works out six times a day and does pilates to keep in shape. ANI

Sam Worthington will never play James Bond
Sam Worthington has revealed that he would never play the role of James Bond, if Daniel Craig decides to hang his boots from the movie franchise. ANI

Salma Hayek 'camouflages' veggies in daughter's food
Salma Hayek has admitted that she tricks her daughter, Valentina Paloma into healthy eating habits by hiding vegetables in her food. ANI

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