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Entertainment News on November 4, 2011

'Careless' Kate Gosselin slammed for almost running over son under car
Kate Gosselin has been slammed by a child safety group after her son was found playing under her van when she was about to drive away. ANI

Pair of nude high heels 'magic formula' for making you look a dress size slimmer
If you want to drop a dress size in seconds without dieting, just slip into a pair of high heels. ANI

Michael Winner promises to be fit enough for planned one-man show
Michael Winner, who has been sick for some time, has promised to get well in time for his planned one man show on 8th November. ANI

Drew Barrymore, Eddie Murphy polled Hollywood's most overpaid stars
A poll has revealed that Drew Barrymore and Eddie Murphy are Hollywood's most overpaid actors. ANI

Gabourey Sidibe reveals her twitter account is fake
Gabourey Sidibe has told fans that the twitter account under her name really belongs to an impostor. ANI

I don't own island in Bahamas, says Eddie Murphy
Eddie Murphy has said that contrary to reports, he doesn't own an island. ANI

When Jennifer Lopez sacked aide who told her to lose weight
Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she once fired her manager when he told her to diet. ANI

First-time divorce rate dependant upon education and race
Increase in marriage stability and the variation in the first-time divorce rate depends upon education and race, and marital stability increases with the level of education, a new study has said. ANI

Believe it or not: Men keener on nighttime cuddles than women!
Men are the keenest on night-time cuddling while almost a third of British women claim they can't bear it, a new study has found. ANI

Madonna to launch 'Truth or Dare' lifestyle brand for older female shoppers
Madonna is reportedly set to launch a second lifestyle brand called 'Truth or Dare' next year. ANI

Why Kristen Stewart's 'thrusting' 'Breaking Dawn' sex scene was 'reshot'
'Breaking Dawn' director, Bill Condon has revealed that he had to remove the steamy sex scenes, as the MPAA guidelines didn't allow thrusting intercourse in the movie. ANI

Selena Gomez's alleged stalker pleads not guilty
The man who allegedly stalked Selena Gomez and threatened to kill her two weeks ago has pleaded not guilty to stalking charges at a Los Angeles courtroom. ANI

How Cher's insistence saved choreographer friend's life
Choreographer Doriana Sanchez insists that pop star Cher saved her life. ANI

Keith Urban to undergo throat surgery to remove polyp in vocal chords
Keith Urban will reportedly undergo a throat surgery to remove a polyp in his vocal chords, by the end of the month. ANI

Burlesque dancer denies dating Hugh Grant
Elisa Schmidt, the burlesque dancer rumoured to be dating Hugh Grant has denied all such claims and said that 'there is nothing more than friendship' between them. ANI

Woman claiming to be Justin Bieber's 'baby mama' could face rape charges
The woman who claimed that Justin Beiber is the father of her child could herself be charged with statutory rape. ANI

Dr. Murray did not kill MJ, he's 'just a little fish in a big dirty pond'
Dr. Conrad Murray did not kill Michael Jackson, but the King of Pop was responsible for his own death, the doctor's lawyer told jurors during his closing argument. ANI

MJ 'paid with his life' over doc's negligence, claim prosecutors
Michael Jackson "paid with his life" over his doctor's negligence, a prosecutor told jurors as Conrad Murray's six-week trial in Los Angeles drew to an end. ANI

Naomie Harris first Black actress to play Moneypenny in new Bond movie
Naomie Harris will be the first Black actress to play Miss Moneypenny in the new James Bond movie 'Skyfall'. ANI

Kris Humphries spotted in Minnesota without wedding ring
Despite numerous claims by Kris Humphries of his commitment towards his marriage to Kim Kardashian, the NBA player was spotted leaving a gym in his native hometown without his wedding ring. ANI

Kris Humphries set for 'windfall' from 72-day doomed marriage
Kris Humphries may end up earning hefty profits from his doomed marriage to Kim Kardashian, a source has revealed. ANI

Aniston and Pitt may 'reunite' at Oscars after seven-year hiatus
Hollywood hotties and ex-spouses Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are planning to make their first public appearance together since 2004 at the Oscars. ANI

Amy Winehouse kept alcohol addiction hidden from mum
Tragic singer Amy Winehouse was so ashamed of her alcohol addiction that she refused to drink in front of her mother Janis Winehouse. ANI

Steven Tyler and Roger Daltry fund new gel invention for damaged vocal cords
'Aerosmith' frontman Steven Tyler and 'The Who's Roger Daltrey are helping fund a new gel invention that replaces damaged vocal cords. ANI

Bieber's 'baby mama' has 'evidence' to prove his paternity
Mariah Yeater, who claims Justin Bieber is the father of her baby hit back at his denials through her lawyers and called again for the 'Baby' singer to take a DNA test. ANI

Ranbir's 'blink-and-miss' appearance leaves Dubai students disappointed
Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor got a welcome befitting rock royalty by students of University Of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), but his fleeting appearance did not impress everyone on the campus. ANI

Audrey Hepburn's iconic Roman Holiday Oscar gown up for grabs
The gown that Audrey Hepburn called her 'lucky dress' and wore to collect her Oscar award is going under the hammer. ANI

Everything you wanted to know about James Bond's 23rd movie 'Skyfall'
The 23rd James Bond film has been titled 'Skyfall' and will star Daniel Craig in the lead role for the third time. ANI

Dogs walked by men four times likelier to threaten and bite other dogs
Dogs walked by men are four times more likely to threaten and bite other dogs, one of the world's largest studies of dogs on walks has revealed. ANI

Celebs raking in the moolah from product-endorsement tweets
Celebrities on twitter are being paid big bucks to endorse brands and their products in their twitter posts. ANI

Janet Jackson Super Bowl 'boob show' fine dropped
A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has ordered that US TV network CBS should not be fined for airing a glimpse of Janet Jackson's breast during the Super Bowl half-time show in 2004. ANI

'Tintin in Congo' book comes with warning over racism
'Tintin in Congo' has been banned for children over racism fears, and is currently embroiled in a row about political correctness. ANI

Lilo could lose half-a-million dollar deal due to jail sentence
Lindsay Lohan could lose her half-a-million dollar deal as the face of Philipp Plein's 2012 campaign due to the prison sentence she has to undergo for violating her probation. ANI

Playboy wants re-shoot of nude Lindsay Lohan pics
Playboy magazine is not happy with the nude photo shoot by Lindsay Lohan and wants to re-shoot it in its entirety. ANI

Another Qantas flight diverted to Dubai due to engine trouble
A Qantas Airways flight has been diverted to Dubai after an oil problem forced the shutdown of one of the superjumbo jet's four engines. ANI

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