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Entertainment News on November 29, 2011

3 Zimbabwean women charged for raping men, collecting sperm for ritual
Three women in Zimbabwe have been charged for raping at least four men to get their sperm for traditional rituals. ANI

Lady Gaga 'never felt truly cherished' by lovers
Lady Gaga has revealed that she's tone-deaf about relationships and fears being ticketed for a lifetime of singlehood. ANI

Kim Kardashian gives up dream of fairy-tale romance
Kim Kardashian has revealed that she has given up on her dreams of a fairy-tale romance after her disastrous split from husband Kris Humphries. ANI

Kylie Minogue auctioning car for charity
Pop star Kylie Minogue is raising funds for a children's charity by selling off her personalized sports car. ANI

Noel Gallagher says Liam bullied Oasis into forming Beady Eye
Noel Gallagher claims his brother Liam "bullied" the rest of Oasis into starting Beady Eye with him. ANI

Mariah Yeater's ex Insists he's the dad, not Justin Bieber
Mariah Yeater's ex-boyfriend says he is certain that he is the daddy of the baby she claims Justin fathered and wants to take a DNA test to prove it. ANI

JLo throws fit at practical joke
Singer Jennifer Lopez hacked her show crew when they played a prank on her during rehearsals. ANI

Charlize Theron reveals obsession with girl at school
Charlize Theron said that she was so obsessed with a girl in her school that it would have got her into serious trouble if she behaved like that today. ANI

Nicola Roberts 'constantly' eats to gain weight
Nicola Roberts has said that she's constantly eating but still finds it hard to gain weight. ANI

Schwarzenegger's injury cover-up at climate change meet
Arnold Schwarzenegger joked about how much his career has changed since his Governor days while giving the keynote speech at the Zero emissions conference in Oslo, Norway last week. ANI

Kim Kardashian fears she will never have kids
Kim Kardashian fears she will never have children following her split from Kris Humphries. ANI

Robin Williams likens voiceover work to vacation
Robin Williams has said that lending his voice to the movie 'Happy Feet Two' was like going on a paid vacation. ANI

Streep faced time constraint while preparing as Thatcher
Meryl Streep has revealed that she had only a week to prepare to play former leader Margret Thatcher on the big screen after her husband was hospitalized and her best friend passed away. ANI

Peter Andre 'trying to be friends' with ex wife Katie Price
Peter Andre has revealed that he and ex-wife Katie Price are 'trying to be friends'. ANI

Kylie Minogue feels validated by ARIA award
Kylie Minogue feels that her Australian Record Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame award validates her career. ANI

George Michael's family in bedside vigil as he battles pneumonia
George Michael's family has been constantly at his bedside, monitoring his health and rendering emotional support as the singer struggles to recover from severe pneumonia. ANI

Jackman's wife feels like 'chopped liver' in front of 'Hughophiles'
Hugh Jackman's wife has admitted that she has "been almost pummelled" by the crazy fans or 'Hughophiles' who try to reach out to her star husband. ANI

Streep was time-strapped while preparing as Thatcher
Meryl Streep has revealed that she had only a week to prepare to play former leader Margret Thatcher on the big screen after her husband was hospitalized and her best friend passed away. ANI

Miley Cyrus blasts critics over threatening tweets to Kelly Osbourne
Miley Cyrus has slammed Twitter users for "bombarding" her pal Kelly Osbourne with threatening messages after the rock offspring defended the singer against "pothead" allegations. ANI

Kim Kardashian's divorce boosts ratings of her reality show
Kim Kardashian's reality show 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York' was a smash hit at the ratings despite the backlash garnered from fans and the public after she filed for divorce from her husband. ANI

Ashton Kutcher dates Demi look-alike in sitcom
Actor Ashton Kutcher is dating a Demi Moore look-alike in his latest role on the sitcom 'Two and a Half Men.' ANI

Charlize Theron 'really' hoping to kill Kristen Stewart
Charlize Theron has said that she 'really, really, really' hopes to kill Kristen Stewart's character in the forthcoming movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman'. ANI

Kate Gosselin denies facelift rumours
Kate Gosselin has quashed reports that her recent fresh-faced look is the result of a facelift. ANI

Eva Longoria feels 'lucky' to have Eduardo post divorce
Eva Longoria has admitted that she feels "lucky" to have found love with Eduardo Cruz. ANI

Man sues Playboy for favoring women
One of the guests at the recently held Playboy mansion benefit was surprised to learn that the venue favored attractive women, and now he's suing for equal treatment. ANI

Angelina Jolie wanted to be funeral director
Angelina Jolie has said that her grandfather's death affected her so deeply that she almost became a funeral director. ANI

Dita Von Teese's fans are 70pc female
Dita von Teese insists that her burlesque shows don't objectify women since most of her fan base is female. ANI

'Private' Scarlett Johansson avoids Twitter
Scarlett Johansson insists that she will never join social networking sites as she doesn't want to share every detail of her existence with the world. ANI

Daniel Craig wanted to protect marriage to Rachel Weisz
Daniel Craig has admitted that he kept his marriage to Rachel Weisz a secret because he did not want to ruin it by making it public. ANI

Wycleaf Jean defends charity against 'wasted millions' claim
Wycleaf Jean has defended his personal charity, Yele Haiti, against media reports of misspending of funds. ANI

Maggie Gyllenhaal expecting second child
Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal is expecting her second child with husband Peter Sarsgaard, according to reports. ANI

Lost Mickey Mouse prototype film found
A lost Disney cartoon featuring what is believed to be the prototype character of Mickey Mouse was found at the Huntley Film Archives in Herefordshire. ANI

Replicas of 'Twilight' wedding gown selling for $799 worldwide
Official replicas of the wedding dress that Kristen Stewart wore in the latest 'Twilight' movie is now being sold for 799 dollars at Alfred Angelo stores. ANI

Vanessa Hudgens says Disney Movies helped her overcome shyness
Vanessa Hudgens insists that watching Disney movies helped her in becoming an actress. ANI

Guy Ritchie doesn't regret marrying Madonna
Guy Ritchie insists that he has regrets about his marriage to Madonna, insisting that the experience was extremely positive. ANI

Jackman losing 3 pounds a night on Broadway show
Hugh Jackman has revealed that the rigorous dance numbers in his Broadway variety show is doing wonders for his waistline. ANI

Men don't really think about sex every 7 seconds
Men do not think about sex the whole day as they also think about other biological needs like sleeping and eating, a new study has suggested. ANI

Qantas pilot investigated over mid-air sex romp with female passenger
A pilot from the Qantas Airlines was under investigation on Tuesday for an alleged sex scandal with a female passenger during their flight to Australia. ANI

Harry Potter studio to turned into 100m pounds attraction
The studio where the Harry Potter movies were shot is going under a 100 million-pound makeover to cater to around 6,000 visitors per day. ANI

Rupert Grint still coming to terms with 'no more Potter'
Actor Rupert Grint said that he is still coming to terms with his life after the end of Harry Potter movies. ANI

Rupert Grint not 'on hunt' for women
Actor Rupert Grint said he is single and not really 'on the hunt' for women. ANI

Harrison Ford to star in Indiana Jones 5
Indiana Jones is set to return to big screen for the fifth time with 70-year-old Harrison Ford playing the lead. ANI

Tobey Maguire to pay $80k to settle illegal poker lawsuit
Actor Tobey Maguire has reportedly agreed to settle a lawsuit filed over more than 311,000 dollars he was paid by a convicted Ponzi scheme operator in Texas. ANI

Conrad Murray's mother writes letter to judge begging for mercy
Dr. Conrad Murray's mother, Milta Rush, has formally begged Judge Pastor for mercy for her son when he is sentenced on Tuesday, insisting that he is really a good person. ANI

Pattinson 'embarrassed' over faking orgasm in Twilight sex scene
Robert Pattinson has revealed that faking an orgasm for the sex scene in 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1' was "embarrassing". ANI

Final Potter movie scoops double awards at BAFTA
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was a double winner at the Bafta children's awards on Sunday night. ANI

Charlotte Church waived 100k pounds fee at Murdoch's wedding for good press
Charlotte Church revealed that she gave up a 100,000-pound fee in exchange for a favourable publicity, when she was asked to sing at Rupert Murdoch's wedding at the age of 13. ANI

Exhausted RiRi has physical breakdown, turns to Beyonce for advice
Rihanna turned to Beyonce Knowles for advice after she reportedly had a meltdown, hours before her concert in Dublin during the weekend. ANI

Kim Kardashian's n*ked yoga session sent Kris Humphries packing
London, Nov 29 (ANI): Kris Humphries was left furious after he walked in on his former wife Kim Kardashian, her sister and friends taking part in a yoga session with a n*ked male yoga instructor on their reality show ANI

Anne Hathaway gets engaged!
Anne Hathaway has announced she is engaged to actor and jewellery designer boyfriend Adam Shulman. ANI

Miley Cyrus' rep and Kelly Osbourne says 'stoner' b'day cake was 'joke'
Miley Cyrus' spokesperson and her best friend Kelly Osbourne have defended the 19-year-old, insisting that she was just joking when she called herself a "stoner". ANI

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