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Entertainment News on November 28, 2011

Failed MJ tribute concert organisers go bust
The organisers of the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales have gone broke owing millions of pounds. ANI

David Bowie permits songs to be made into Heroes musical
David Bowie has given permission for his songs to be turned into a full-scale musical. ANI

Rachel Weisz lends support to calls for stricter privacy laws
Rachel Weisz has joined the growing number of people in Britain asking for tighter privacy laws. ANI

Ryan Phillippe spotted cozying up to new blonde
Actor Ryan Phillippe was spotted getting cozy with a beautiful blond, according to reports. ANI

Demi Lovato overcomes sickness to perform for hometown fans
Demi Lovato overcame a spell of sickness to perform for her fans at her hometown in Texas on Saturday night. ANI

MJ's tour rehearsal film fails to sell
Michael Jackson's never-before-seen concert footage that was valued at 6.4 million dollars, has failed to sell at auction. ANI

Lady Gaga's cameo cut from 'Muppets'
Lady Gaga's first cameo on the big screen, in new family movie 'The Muppets' was edited out of the film in an effort to cut it short. ANI

John Lennon's to-do-list expected to fetch $4k
A list of errands written by John Lennon is going up for auction this week. ANI

Final Harry Potter movie picks top honours at Bafta Children's Awards
The final Harry Potter movie bagged top honours at this year's BAFTA Children's Awards on Sunday night. ANI

Wood still rehearses for 'possible' Rolling Stones show
Ronnie Wood has revealed that he always takes out time to practice his guitar, just in case the Rolling Stones decides to work together again. ANI

Chris O' Dowd loved fighting over Megan Fox
Chris O' Dowd insists that the best thing about working in 'This Is Forty' was getting to fight with Jason Segal for Megan Fox's love. ANI

Evan Rachel Wood admires 'sexy' Tilda Swinton
Evan Rachel Wood has revealed that she thinks Tilda Swinton is "incredibly sexy" because of her "presence". ANI

Wycleaf Jean's charity under scanner over Haiti funds
The charity run by Wycleaf Jean has come under scrutiny for alleged misappropriation of the funds it received to help earthquake ravaged Haiti. ANI

Art Garfunkel keen to record new songs with Paul Simon
Musician, Art Garfunkel has disclosed his desire to record new songs with Paul Simon, his folk co-star, after long-standing difficulties in their relationship. ANI

Vin Diesel to resume work on Riddick
Vin Diesel is all set to restart his work on his latest film 'The Chronicles Of Riddick' franchise, after the production shut down in October due to financial issues. ANI

Alice Cooper nearly killed by rock-n-roll lifestyle
Rock star Alice Cooper's dynamic lifestyle had nearly killed him, yet he doesn't wish for a quiet retirement. ANI

Ryan Gosling surprises Eva Mendes with romantic date
Ryan Gosling surprised his alleged girlfriend Eva Mendes by flying to France and taking her out for a romantic date. ANI

Brit man with 15 kids by 13 different lovers has 2 more on the way
A British man, who is expecting his 16th child from the 14th woman he has been with, has another one coming within a few weeks. ANI

Matt Damon on safe drinking water mission for developing nations
Matt Damon is on a mission to improve access to clean water, one of the world's most precious resources in the world. ANI

Angelina Jolie says will 'never be as good' as her mum
Angelina Jolie has said that she will never be as good at parenting as her own mother. ANI

Italian men beat Brit and French counterparts in using best chat-up lines
Italian men topped the poll for using the best chat-up lines when it comes to women, according to a new study. ANI

Angelina Jolie to make directorial debut with war movie
Angelina Jolie is making her directorial debut with a film about the Bosnian War. ANI

Noel Gallagher blames bro Liam for Oasis' split
Noel Gallagher has fanned the feud with his brother singer Liam by blaming him for killing their band Oasis' chances of cracking America. ANI

Rihanna tops again on UK singles and album chart!
Pop-star Rihanna has made history by becoming the first artist in 39 years to top U.K's albums and singles charts twice in the same year with different releases. ANI

LiLo falls prey to practical Morgue joke
Actress Lindsay Lohan was appalled when some of the co-workers at the Los Angeles County played a practical joke on her. ANI

Jennifer Love Hewitt to return to TV with series based on 'The Client List'
Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is all set to return on the small screen with a new series based on her movie 'The Client List'. ANI

Gaga sends personal video message to praise fan's anti-bullying campaign
Lady Gaga recorded a personal video message and sent it to a Canadian fan, who is campaigning against school bullies. ANI

Bollywood turns to Dubai for business
Dubai has become a prime destination for Bollywood - both for shooting and film premieres. ANI

New documentary captures true story of 'whore' and her disabled client
A new documentary titled 'Scarlet Road', which has been nominated for the Walkley Award, tells the story of a man who loves sex but is confined to the wheelchair with cerebral palsy, due to which he has been the client of a Sydney sex worker for the past seven years. ANI

40pc of teens with suicidal tendencies make 1st attempt before high school
While a number of youths attempt suicide by the time they graduate from high school, a significant proportion of them make their first suicide attempt in elementary or middle school, a new study has found. ANI

Charlize Theron was bullied in school
Actress Charlize Theron has revealed that she was bullied and teased by mean girls in primary school. ANI

Kelly Rowland loves sex shops
Kelly Rowland has revealed that she can't stop herself from visiting a good sex shop. ANI

'Breaking Dawn' collects $42m to top US box office for 2nd week
'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' held the No.1 spot for the second weekend during the Thanksgiving festive week. ANI

Heat generated during cremation could power TVs to save energy
A UK crematorium has revealed that it plans to install turbines in two of its burners which would use the heat generated during cremation to provide enough electricity to power 1500 televisions, and a third burner would heat the site's chapel and offices. ANI

Miley Cyrus calls herself 'stoner' and 'pothead' at birthday bash
Miley Cyrus confessed on her birthday party last week that she is a "stoner" and a "pothead" as she was presented with a Bob Marley cake. ANI

Rihanna forgets to turn off tap, floods luxury hotel room
Pop-star Rihanna apparently forgot to close the tap in her Savoy suite and flooded the hotel room. ANI

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