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Entertainment News on November 20, 2011

Robin Williams likens work with Sofia Vergara to having 'phone sex'
Robin Williams said that working with co-star Sofia Vergara on animated 3D movie 'Happy Feet Two' was like having "phone sex". ANI

'Breaking Dawn Part 1' pulls 300m pounds in opening weekend
The new 'Twilight' film 'Breaking Dawn Part 1' raked in more than 300 million pounds in a world record-breaking opening weekend. ANI

Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller sells Los Angeles home
Charlie Sheen ex-wife Brooke Mueller has finally sold her Los Angeles mini-mansion, which was on the market for two years. ANI

Orchid gets named after Elton John in Singapore
Sir Elton John had an orchid named after him at an Orchid Conference in Singapore. ANI

Kristen Stewart missing Taylor Lautner after end of 'Twilight'
Kristen Stewart has revealed that she has been missing her 'Twilight Saga' co-star Taylor Lautner ever since the movies wrapped up, because they share such a strong bond. ANI

Now, online test that uses brain science to help you find your soulmate
A US based company has come up with an online test that helps singles make better choices by tapping into their own brain for finding Mr Right or Ms Right. ANI

Divorce rate rising among over-60s in Britain
Britain is witnessing a surge in divorce rates of among those beyond the age of 60, as, on reaching retirement many realise that they can no longer stand their husband or wife. ANI

Gerard Butler wants to settle down but not with any co-star
Gerard Butler is ready to settle down and share his life with the right woman, but he does not want to rush into a relationship. ANI

Lady Gaga denies problems with Madonna
Lady Gaga wants to clear up her supposed feud with Madonna. ANI

Demi Moore tried to save marriage in ex's Caribbean hideaway
Demi Moore has revealed that she had tried to save her marriage to Ashton Kutcher by going on a make-or-break holiday to her ex-husband Bruce Willis' Caribbean hideaway. ANI

Perry explains Kim Kardashian casting in 'Marriage Counselor'
Director Tyler Perry has defended his decision to cast Kim Kardashian in his upcoming movie 'The Marriage Counselor'. ANI

Emma Stone finally accepts pale skin
Emma Stone has revealed that she has learned to embrace her pale complexion after growing up in a sunny climate and wishing for a tan. ANI

Lady Gaga defends Adele over fat jibes
Lady Gaga has warned her fans that she would not "condone anything" against Adele, after few of her Twitter followers posted nasty messages about the British singer's fuller figure. ANI

Hugh Hefner honoured with lifetime achievement award
Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award for his lengthy publishing career. ANI

Hugh Hefner honored with lifetime achievement award
Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award for his lengthy publishing career. ANI

Sir Richard Branson invites Kate Winslet to see Titanic prow for real
Kate Winslet is set to see the doomed ship 'Titanic' for real - courtesy of billionaire Sir Richard Branson. ANI

Cursing baby doll sparks outrage
A baby doll that utters swear words has sparked outrage among parents, who have called the lifelike toy to be removed from store shelves. ANI

Co-star Henry Cavill 'inspired' Frieda Pinto during filming of 'Immortals'
Frieda Pinto has revealed that working with Henry Cavill for 'Immortals' was truly 'inspirational'. ANI

Wine swirling mechanism no longer a secret!
In a new study, researchers have attempted to describe the process of "orbital shaking" of wine, which has always been shrouded in mystery. ANI

'Struggling and homeless' Frank Sinatra acted in p*rn flick for $100
Struggling to get his singing career started, a homeless and hungry Frank Sinatra acted in a p*rn film for 100 dollars, according to a new biography. ANI

Pinto 'was born to play' oracle priestess in 'Immortals'
Frieda Pinto, who believes in letting oneself loose when it comes to imagination, has revealed that she felt she was born to play the role of 'Phaedra' in her new flick 'Immortals'. ANI

Natalie Wood 'could have been saved' from drowning, book claims
Late Hollywood actress Natalie Wood could have been saved from drowning had a distress call been made more quickly from her yacht, a book has claimed. ANI

Immortals was actually my first big budget film, says Frieda Pinto
Frieda Pinto has admitted that she is completely enthralled and entertained by big budget films and 'Immortals' has actually been her first film of this kind. ANI

Brave Bee Gees star Robin Gibb battling liver cancer
Bee Gees star Robin Gibb is battling liver cancer since being diagnosed several months ago and has been forced to cancel a number of high-profile appearances. ANI

Mila Kunis keeps promise by being soldier's date to Marine Corps Ball
Mila Kunis remained true to her words, and accompanied a US Marine to a military ball after he invited her via YouTube. ANI

Demi Moore wants to punish Ashton financially by 'grabbing his fortune'
Demi Moore, once dubbed a cougar who fell for an ambitious toyboy, aims to punish her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher by "grabbing his fortune", a source has revealed. ANI

'Sweaty' Cheryl Cole reveals super-sexy alter ego for magazine photoshoot
Cheryl Cole, who is always groomed to perfection with glossy hair, immaculate make-up and form-fitting couture, took everyone by surprise by letting her hair down in a relaxed, fun photoshoot for Rankin's new magazine 'Hunger'. ANI

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