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Entertainment News on November 2, 2011

Jessica Simpson claims gaining weight benefited business
Jessica Simpson has revealed that her pre-preggers body transformation from skinny to curvaceous has made her more financially successful. ANI

Amy Winehouse's producer defends unheard album release
The producer of Amy Winehouse's posthumous album has defended the decision to release the unheard tracks, insisting that they are personal songs that document her life. ANI

Johnny Depp thought about meeting his end in plane crash
Johnny Depp has admitted that he was scared to death during an in-flight emergency when the engines of a plane he was travelling in shut down. ANI

Justin Timberlake would love to play villain
Justin Timberlake is said to be desperate to be cast as bad boy in a film. ANI

Lilo may get 30 days in jail for probation violation
Judge Stephanie Sautner has indicated that she is ready to sentence Lindsay Lohan to approximately 30 days in jail for violating her probation. ANI

Miranda Kerr turns sexy circus Ringmaster for Halloween bash
Miranda Kerr decked up as a sexy circus Ringmaster for the Halloween celebrations hosted by her in New York. ANI

MJ's doctor shopping secret documentary to major TV networks
Amidst all the charges of involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray is said to have been secretly filming a blockbuster documentary that is being shopped to major TV networks. ANI

Royal couple to visit Denmark for UNICEF appeal
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit Copenhagen to support Unicef's East Africa appeal as a part of their first joint humanitarian mission on Wednesday. ANI

Denise Richards, Richie Sambora dating again four years after split
Denise Richards and Richie Sambora, who split in 2007, seem to have rekindled their romance. ANI

Bieber slams 'malicious' claims of fathering a child with fan
Justin Bieber's legal team is said to be ready to strike down "malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false" allegations that the singer impregnated a 20-year-old woman. ANI

Amanda Seyfried to play p*rn star in new movie
Amanda Seyfried is set to replace Kate Hudson in a new movie about adult actress-turned-anti-p*rn activist Linda Lovelace. ANI

David Arquette eliminated from 'Dancing With The Stars'
David Arquette has been kicked out of hit US TV show 'Dancing With The Stars.' ANI

Kesha leads cancer awareness campaign
Kesha has urged parents to be open with their kids about cancer as part of a new health campaign. ANI

RiRI advised by doctors to take it easy
Rihanna who was recently admitted to hospital with flu, has been advised by doctors to avoid clubs and other drinking holes, or risk making herself seriously ill. ANI

Knightley resorted to football therapy after 'stressful' sex scene in film
Keira Knightley has revealed that she used football as therapy after filming kinky scenes in 'A Dangerous Mind'. ANI

Kids as young as 3 show signs of being future gang members
Traits of becoming gang members in the future can be spotted in children as young as three, a new UK Government report has warned. ANI

Roger Moore slams 'Quantum of Solace' as 'long, disjointed commercial'
Sir Roger Moore has fearlessly criticised the most recent Bond film for its overlong shaky plot and heavy use of product placement. ANI

Why Kim Kardashian's marriage was deemed a 'hoax'
Kim Kardashian's "fairytale wedding" to Kris Humphries has been written off as a hoax after E! held an emergency meeting following Kim Kardashian's divorce announcement. ANI

Scarlett Johansson isn't too embarrassed about leaked nude pics
Scarlett Johansson has claimed that her n*ked pictures, which were stolen from her cell phone and circulated online, are quite old and were meant for her ex husband, Ryan Reynolds. ANI

Nancy Dell'Olio blames 'Strictly Come Dancing' for dramatic weight loss
Nancy Dell'Olio, who was recently eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing, has now blamed the show for making her lose her famous sex curves. ANI

Kim Kardashian to donate $200k for all wedding gifts to charity
Kim Kardashian has decided to make it up to all the guests who gave her expensive gifts at the "fairytale wedding" by donating 200,000 dollars to a charity. ANI

Selena Gomez keen on cameo role in 'Glee' or 'Gossip Girl'
Selena Gomez has revealed that she would love to do a cameo role in either 'Glee' or 'Gossip Girl'. ANI

Amanda Seyfried worried about ageing
Amanda Seyfried finds it hard to ignore ageing in Hollywood and insists that she is constantly warned about the perils of it. ANI

Selena Gomez to remain professional with Bieber at EMAs
Selena Gomez insists that she will remain professional if she has to present an award to boyfriend Justin Bieber, at the 'MTV Europe Music Awards' this weekend. ANI

Ratings for Kutcher's 'Two and a Half Men' continue to drop
Ratings for 'Two and a Half Men' starring Ashton Kutcher, in place of Charlie Sheen this season, continued to erode Monday night. ANI

Kim Kardashian 'didn't make a dime' from fairytale wedding, claims mom
Amid growing speculation that Kim Kardashian's "fairytale wedding" was nothing but a publicity stunt, Kris Jenner took to the airwaves to defend her daughter and insisted that the socialite didn't earn a cent from her nuptials to Kris Humphries. ANI

Reese Witherspoon slammed by PETA for python skin purse
PETA has slammed Reese Witherspoon for carrying a python skin purse. ANI

Britney Spears keen on movie comeback as 'bad girl'
Britney Spears is planning to make a comeback to the movies with a "detective, assassin or even a bad girl" role. ANI

Kim Kardashian jets Down Under after filing for divorce
Merely hours after filing for a divorce, Kim Kardashian was spotted boarding a plane to Australia to promote a new handbag line. ANI

Hugh Grant becomes dad for 1st time after brief fling with Chinese actress
Hugh Grant is 'delighted' to have become a father for the first time, after a 'fleeting affair' with a mysterious woman, believed to be a Chinese actress, who is 19 years his junior. ANI

Kim Kardashian 'has mass craving for attention'
Kim Kardashian's sudden divorce announcement might have blind-sided her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kris Humphries, but one of her former friends didn't at all seem surprised by the spilt as according to him the socialite "has a mass craving for attention." ANI

Humphries' family says Kardashian's divorce decision is 'massive mistake'
Kim Kardashian's family may be supporting her decision to end her marriage, but Kris Humphries' family is said to have been crushed by the socialite's announcement and believe that she is making a massive "mistake" for giving up on the basketball player so soon. ANI

Kim Kardashian fuming over 'fake marriage' reports
Kim Kardashian is said to be "pissed off" at reports alleging that her marriage to Kris Humphries was a big sham. ANI

Shakira set to join Hollywood Walk of Fame
Shakira's legacy will live on indefinitely in Hollywood when she will be honoured with a star on its Walk of Fame on Nov 8. ANI

Kim Kardashian 'will make even more money with newly single status'
After having made a whooping 18 million dollars from her "fairytale" wedding, experts say that the newly single Kim Kardashian stands a fair chance of gather additional revenue from her "quickie" divorce as well. ANI

Kardashian-Humphries marriage 'doomed from day one'
Despite numerous claims of the Kardashian clan that everything between newlywed couple Kim and Kris Humphries was fine, insiders have now revealed that the marriage was doomed from day one. ANI

Genre of music may affect drinker's perception of wine
People who drink wine while listening to music perceive their tipple to have the same characteristics as the particular artist or tune they are listening to, a new study has found. ANI

California woman claims Bieber is her child's father
A California woman has claimed that Justin Bieber is the father of her child. ANI

92-year-old Brit woman denied booze for failing to produce age proof
A shop refused to sell a 92-year-old great-grandmother a bottle of whisky because she was unable to show an ID to prove that she was over 18. ANI

Halle Berry's alleged stalker pleads not guilty
Halle Berry's alleged stalker has pleaded not guilty to charges of felony stalking and residential burglary, during his hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court. ANI

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