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Entertainment News on November 12, 2011

Child-like 'yaeba' look fuels demand for crooked teeth in Japan
Women in Japan are going gaga for a crowded, crooked-toothed smile with accentuated canine teeth, known as the 'yaeba' look. ANI

Katie Price tightens security after kidnap threat
Katie Price has tightened security at her home in Brighton to protect her and her family after receiving a kidnap threat. ANI

Liam Gallagher says 'Oasis' was destined to split
Liam Gallagher has revealed that though he was initially devastated with the split of his former band 'Oasis' in 2009, he now realises that it was bound to happen. ANI

Robert Pattinson gets frustrated on film sets
Robert Pattinson has admitted to getting frustrated on film sets, as he is unable to mix with the crew for security reasons. ANI

Women can't keep secrets for more than 32 minutes
Women are overcome by the desire to gossip and can typically wait no longer than 32 minutes before spilling the beans, a new study has claimed. ANI

Schwimmer to play contract killer in new movie
David Schwimmer is set to play a Mafia contract killer in a new violent film about notorious killer Richard 'The Iceman' Kuklinski. ANI

Woman can keep secrets for no longer than 32 minutes
Women are overcome by the desire to gossip and can typically wait no longer than 32 minutes before spilling the beans, a new study has claimed. ANI

Record label swap didn't repair internal 'cracks' for Westlife
Disbanded boyband Westlife have revealed that they decided to break-up, after their plan to leave Simon Cowell's label for another record company failed to repair the "cracks" in the band. ANI

Lady Gaga sparks sex change rumours with new video
Photos of Lady Gaga on a hospital stretcher have given rise to rumours of a sex change surgery. ANI

Cheryl Cole to go to Afghanistan to meet 'gorgeous soldier'
Cheryl Cole will go to Afghanistan again to meet up with the soldier she had exchanged numbers with on her last trip. ANI

Milla Jovovich demanded believable costumes for 'Three Musketeers'
Milla Jovovich has revealed that she insisted her hubby Paul W.S. Anderson to make her character wear period outfits in 'Three Musketeers' for the action scenes. ANI

Franco to contact late Tennessee Williams through Ouija board
James Franco is planning to get in touch with dead playwright Tennessee Williams through an Ouija board in New York shortly. ANI

Paris exhibition debunks Asterix history
The 'Asterix and Obelix' comics have done much to mould the popular belief about the Gauls, but the books have got it all wrong, according to a new exhibition at Paris. ANI

Men and women agree on the basics in a perfect home
When it comes to the perfect home, there is much more that unites the two sexes than divides them, in particular, that one day they will be able to live the dream, a new survey has found. ANI

Russell Brand to headline comedy show for charity
Russell Brand has signed on to headline a comedy show to raise funds for moviemaker David Lynch's meditation foundation. ANI

RiRi's manager defends constant stream of album releases
Rihanna's manager has defended the singer's fast album release cycle insisting that pop stars "become disposable" if they wait several years between records. ANI

Una Healy has 'so much fun' hanging out with Zara
Una Healy revealed that her friend Zara Philip- who is Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter - is great fun to hang out with. ANI

Conrad Murray defends his actions in MJ's death
Dr Conrad Murray has given two TV appearances and has defended his role in Michael Jackson's death. ANI

Porn star Sasha Grey refuses to withdraw from kids' school reading program
Former adult film star Sasha Grey has claimed that she is not going withdraw from an elementary school reading program despite outcry from angry parents, a new report revealed. ANI

MJ peed in bed claims Dr. Murray
Michael Jackson used to pee in his bed, according to his personal doctor Dr. Conrad Murray. ANI

Rihanna doesn't want to become a 'gimmick'
Rihanna has assumed a very natural look for her latest album because she doesn't wish to "become a gimmick, ever". ANI

Olsen twins beat Middletons for best-dressed sisters
The Olsen sisters are on the cover of Vogue's best-dressed supplement for this issue. ANI

Robert Pattinson defers album release fearing criticism
Robert Pattinson has his plans of recording an album on hold as he fears that he won't be able to handle the criticism from music experts. ANI

Sarah Ferguson's cleavage inspired Chris Martin's 1st song
Coldplay's Chris Martin has revealed that his first song was inspired by the former Duchess Of York Sarah Ferguson's cleavage. ANI

Marilyn Monroe's never seen before photographs exhibited in New York
Several never seen before photographs of Marilyn Monroe, are being featured in a new exhibit devoted to the legendary actress. ANI

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