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Middle kids face hardest time as they are left out

August 20, 2011 - Melbourne

Are you planning to start a family? Then it is "best to have two or four, or even more children" - but think twice about having three kids, an expert has said.

Family psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack has said that having three children means it is almost inevitable the middle child will be left out and doted on less, characteristics commonly associated with those born between the eldest and youngest.

"It's really hard with three," quoted her as saying.It's often best to have two or four, or even more, to avoid having the others gang up on just the one in the middle, and to make sure you spend equal time with each.

"Your birth order definitely plays an impact on the type of person you are. First-borns have more pressure, the youngest do tend to be a little spoilt, and the middle child is left without the attention," she added.


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