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Entertainment News on May 22, 2011

How music saved Jennifer Hudson through her tragedy and success
Jennifer Hudson has revealed how music helped her cope with her life after the murder of her mother, brother and nephew and her success in 'The American Idol'. ANI

LiLo strips and basks in Miami after a tough time
Lindsay Lohan, after a hassling time in a theft charge, was seen showing off her skin in the moist Miami heat as she stripped off for a photo shoot for 'Plum Miami Magazine'. ANI

It's splitsville for Duffy and Mile Phillips
Singer Duffy has broken up with her rugby star lover Mike Phillips after an 18-month-relationship. ANI

Jesse James reveals how his insecurity caused break-up with Sandra Bullock
They were odd couple indeed, but they loved each other truly. Now after losing his wife Sandra Bullock, biker Jesse James has revealed how his insecurity led him to his doom as he cheated on her only nine days after she got the Oscar for 'The Blind Side'. ANI

Katy Perry's concert rider forbids carnations!
Katy Perry's concert rider has been published which shows her diva demands while she is currently on her California World Tour. ANI

Second woman claims to have Arnie's love child!
Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to be bracing for more sex cheat claims as another woman has claimed she had his secret love child. ANI

LiLo 'still open to dating men despite 2-yr lesbian relationship'
Actress Lindsay Lohan, who had a two-year relationship with celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson, has revealed that she is still interested in men. ANI

Miranda Kerr 'most comfortable when in knickers'
Miranda Kerr, who had given birth four month ago, has revealed that she is most comfortable when she's just in her knickers. ANI

Britney Spears' boyfriend steps down as her agent
It has emerged that Britney Spears' boyfriend Jason Trawick has decided to quit his job at the agency where he had represented her. ANI

Lovechild scandal puts Arnie's cartoon series on hold
Days after Arnold Schwarzenegger had announced that he is putting his career on hold amidst revelations he fathered a love child, the makers of his planned cartoon series have officially scrapped the project. ANI

US 'X Factor' bosses urge Cole to dump Hough to raise her fame
American TV honchos have urged Cheryl Cole to dump her dancer pal Derek Hough in a bid to raise her US profile. ANI

John Lennon's microphone used to record 'Imagine' fetches 6K Pounds
John Lennon's iconic microphone in which he had recorded early solo albums and hit song 'Imagine', has fetched 6,650 pounds at an auction. ANI

James Cameron's 'Titanic' coming to theatres in 3D next year
James Cameron's 1997 hit movie 'Titanic', which received a record 11 Academy Awards, is all set to hit movie theatres worldwide in a 3D version next year. ANI

Arnie's love child was unaware about his real father!
New reports have claimed that Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child was completely unaware about the fact that the former California Governor was his real father. ANI

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