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Entertainment News on May 15, 2011

Johnny Depp to lead 'Pirates' as long as screenplays keep coming
Johnny Depp fans can rejoice, as the actor has confirmed that he would continue playing Captain Jack Sparrow as long as he gets interesting scripts for 'Pirates of the Caribbean' sequels. ANI

Brangelina 'openly discuss adoption with kids'
Adoption is not a taboo subject in Brangelina household, reveals Angelina Jolie who claims that she happily talks to her kids about the issue. ANI

Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton become 'husband and wife'
Country superstars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton got married at the historic Don Strange Ranch in San Antonio last week. ANI

Heart disease killed mummified ex-Playboy playmate Yvette Vickers
The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office has revealed that actress Yvette Vickers whose mummified body was discovered in her home late last month, had died of heart disease. ANI

Hanging braces doesn't stop Johnny Depp from posing cool
Johnny Depp proved that he is skilled in the art of keeping up appearances staying cool in front of the camera despite his braces casually dangling down. ANI

I never want to be afraid of ageing: Penelope Cruz
Unlike other Hollywood actresses, she goes with the notion 'change is good' and feels that this conviction she imbibes just because she is a European! ANI

Lady Gaga changes 'Born This Way' lyrics to incorporate Kate Moss' name
Kate Moss must have felt overwhelmed when Lady Gaga changed the lyrics of her hit single 'Born this Way' just to incorporate her name while performing in front of a fashionable crowd at a private gig in London. ANI

I was never 100 percent in with Sandra Bullock: Jesse James
He cheated on his wife but there seems to be no repentance in him so far! Jesse James in an outrageous statement to 'Men's journal' could only repent why he got married to Sandra Bullock! ANI

Britney Spears' 'dangerous' Merc to be displayed in museum
Britney Spears' infamous black Mercedes - once known as the most dangerous car in Los Angeles - will soon find a place in a Chicago auto museum, letting one lucky fan get behind the wheels. ANI

Beyonce's whooping 72 tracks to give headache to record label
Beyonce is surely giving a tough time to record label staff as she has delivered a whooping 72 tracks to them, making them sift through the mountain of finished material to decide the make up of her next album. ANI

Ludacris finds marriage reports ludicrous!
Rapper-turned-actor Ludacris has refuted the charges that he has tied the knot with his student girlfriend Euxodie. ANI

After shaking a leg with Diana, will Travolta repeat history with Kate?
John Travolta might get a chance to shake a leg with the Duchess of Cambridge when Hollywood mogul Steve Tisch fixes a glittering star-studded party to welcome the newly wed royal couple to Tinseltown. ANI

Diana's death documentary a 'flop show' at Cannes
Keith Allen's much-hyped documentary on the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, faced a set back in its premier show at the Cannes festival as many a reporter staged a walkout from the screening while the critics found it 'unimpressive'. ANI

Disney gets trademark for 'Seal Team 6'
Walt Disney Company has proactively acquired the trademark for 'Seal Team 6' - the name of the US Special Forces team that killed Osama bin Laden - for making toys, games, movies, snow globes and Christmas stockings. ANI

Enrique Iglesias indebted to childhood nanny for career launch
Enrique Iglesias has revealed that he owes his music career to his nanny who loaned him 1,800 dollars to record his first single, at the age of 16 or 17. ANI

LiLo hires new publicist to polish her image
Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan seems to be repairing her image by engaging a new publicist. ANI

Hugh Hefner 'feels very fortunate' to have Crystal
Playboy boss Hugh Hefner has admitted that he feels very fortunate to have Crystal Harris in his life and is completely 'devoted' to her. ANI

Mary Tyler Moore 'recovering nicely from tumour surgery'
Actress Mary Tyler Moore, 74, who recently underwent a four-hour operation to remove a benign tumor on the lining of her brain is "recovering nicely", her publicist has said. ANI

Justin Bieber to meet daughter of 9/11 victim
It has emerged that Justin Bieber will meet the daughter of a 9/11 victim after a request from US President Barack Obama. ANI

Azerbaijan wins Eurovision 2011
For the first time, ex-Soviet Azerbaijan has topped this year's 'Eurovision Song Contest 2011' in Germany after scoring 221 points for its love song, 'Running Scared'. ANI

'It's one big happy family' for Bristol Palin and Massey bros
Bristol Palin, daughter of Sarah Palin, has shifted out of her Arizona home with her son to move in with fellow former 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant Kyle Massey and his brother Chris. ANI

Lady Gaga and Madonna are ninth cousins once removed
Ever since she hit the big time in 2008, Lady Gaga has been compared to the Queen of Pop Madonna - both in terms of their music styles and provocative outfits. ANI

2 yrs after assault, Rihanna and Chris Brown following each other on Twitter
After two years of 'no see no talk' following Chris Brown's assault on his former girlfriend Rihanna, the two pop singers seem to be putting their past behind them. ANI

Dannii Minogue quits UK 'X Factor' for 'Australia's Got Talent'
Dannii Minogue has decided to step down as judge on UK 'The X Factor' following a possible clash between the dates of the show and 'Australia's Got Talent'. ANI

Sheen congrats Kutcher on 'Two and a Half Men' role
Charlie Sheen, who initially mocked Ashton Kutcher about replacing him on 'Two and a Half Men,' has now congratulated the former 'That '70s Show' star on winning the role. ANI

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