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Entertainment News on March 12, 2011

Celebrities tweet their prayers to Japan's quake, Tsunami victims
Celebrities took to their Twitter pages to tweet their heartfelt condolences to the earthquake and Tsunami hit victims of Japan. ANI

Claudia Schiffer too shy to ever model on the catwalk again
German model Claudia Schiffer has vowed to never step on the catwalk to model clothes again, and she put it down to the fact that she is "shy". ANI

'Tiger blood' manufacturers don't want to be associated with Charlie Sheen
It looks like Charlie Sheen's love for a fruit drink he fondly calls 'tiger blood' is not going down well with its US makers. ANI

Is Ryan Phillippe, Amanda Seyfried's romance back on track?
Actor Ryan Phillipe has sparked rumors that he has rekindled his romance with Amanda Seyfried, after he confirmed he is "dating" again. ANI

Tyra Banks launches personalised fashion website
Retired model-turned-brand leader Tyra Banks has launched a new website for women that will help style members who sign up by giving them tips and makeover advice based on their own body type. ANI

Quentin Tarantino sues neighbour Alan Ball over his loud macaws
Director Quentin Tarantino is suing his neighbour and fellow film director Alan Ball over the latter's loud macaws, which the former said have been driving him to distraction. ANI

Charlie Sheen says he's faking breakdown
Charlie Sheen has revealed that his public meltdown is a big drama gone well, thanks to his acting skills. ANI

Katie Price wants to team up with Kim Kardashian to make it big in US
Glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan is hoping to team up with socialite Kim Kardashian in her bid to make it big in America. ANI

Anti-smoking campaigners rally against Johnny Depp's Rango
Actor Johnny Depp has become the target of anti-smoking campaigners, who are rallying against him over his animated movie Rango, which features characters who smoke. ANI

George Michael praises Spice Girls for changing British music
Singer George Michael has praised Spice Girls for changing the British music industry for female singers. ANI

Barry Manilow 'in love' with Britney Spears
Singer Barry Manilow has revealed that he is in love with pop princess Britney Spears. ANI

Mick Jagger's daughter finds gap-toothed craze 'insane'
Model Georgia May Jagger may not mind the wide gap between her front teeth, but finds the craze behind it 'insane'. ANI

Stewart, Lautner evacuated from Twilight set amid Tsunami fears
Actors Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner along with the rest of the cast of 'Breaking Dawn' had to be evacuated from Vancouver Island due to Tsunami fears. ANI

Rape trial hurt me more than Polanski, says victim
Samantha Geimer, the woman who was raped by Roman Polanski in 1977, has admitted that the justice system's decades-long pursuit of the director has harmed her more than he ever did. ANI

I don't think he's racist. I just think he's very ill, says Galliano's 'victim'
A man who was apparently verbally abused by John Galliano has come to the defense of the disgraced designer. ANI

Britney 'was confused and disgusted' when mom told her about sex
In an interview, Britney Spears has revealed that her mom taught her everything about sex at a very young age. ANI

Cheryl Cole's brother jailed for 6 years
Cheryl Cole is facing further heartache, as her brother has been jailed for his part in an armed robbery last year. ANI

Robert Pattinson addicted to M and M's
'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson has confessed he is so addicted to M and M's candies that he eats 40 bags of them a week. ANI

Gwyneth Paltrow 'thinks English men are too apologetic'
In his new book, Coldplay roadie Matt McGinn has revealed that Gwyneth Paltrow thinks English men are too apologetic. ANI

Lady Gaga faces fresh plagiarism accusations
Lady Gaga is facing fresh plagiarism allegations over her latest track 'Born This Way' from two music producers. ANI

Olivia Wilde files for divorce from hubby Tao Ruspoli
Actress Olivia Wilde has reportedly filed for divorce from her husband of eight years Tao Ruspoli. ANI

Gibson avoids jail sentence after pleading 'no contest' to battery
Mel Gibson, who was accused of striking Oksana Grigorieva during a fight in January 2010, has avoided jail after pleading 'no contest' to battery. ANI

I helped Charlie Sheen become sex god, says ex p*rn star girlfriend
A p*rn actress has claimed that she is the one who turned Charlie Sheen into a world-class lover. ANI

Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz go public with their romance
It looks like Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, who kept their relationship out of the limelight for several months, are finally ready to go public. ANI

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