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Man arrested for 'yelling and banging' outside Sharon Stone's home

August 12, 2011 - Washington

'Basic Instinct' actress Sharon Stone's residence in the Hollywood Hills was intruded by a stranger, who was arrested by the cops.

The stalker was in his 50s and was detained for yelling and banging at the gate of the 53-year-old star's house.

"Today at around 10:30am the LAPD West unit responded to actress Sharon Stone's house for a man yelling and banging at the gate. He was detained for mental evaluation," Contactmusic quoted a Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson as saying.

However, no one was hurt in the incident and Stone's presence in house at the time of the incidence is not yet confirmed.

It is the second time that an intrusion has taken place as earlier this year 'mentally ill' Bradley Gooden, entered her residence and claimed it to be his house.


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