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Kelly Osbourne recalls dad's Santa stunts

Kelly Osbourne

December 19, 2011 - London

Kelly Osbourne has revealed that when she was a child, her mother used to get her rocker dad to climb on to the roof to make their children believe that Santa Claus was real.

Kelly, 27, says her mum Sharon used to order Ozzy Osbourne to perform death-defying stunts so that she and her brother and sister Jack and Aimee believed Santa and his reindeer were indeed paying them a visit.

"Christmas in the Osbourne family when we were kids was the biggest event," The Daily Express quoted Kelly as saying.

"My mum would go all out in every way possible. She would make Dad attach horseshoes to his feet and go on the roof with a bell and stamp around so we thought Santa was on the roof," she said.


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