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Entertainment News on June 14, 2011

Richards backs Kutcher as Sheen's 'Two and a Half Men' replacement
Denise Richards has shown her support for actor Ashton Kutcher replacing her ex-husband Charlie Sheen in 'Two and a Half Men'. ANI

Emma Watson on "fighting to have an education"
Harry Potter star Emma Watson has revealed that she spent the last 10-years "fighting to have an education". ANI

Batgirl to walk again following DC Comics decision to re-launch her
Lead character of Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, is to get the use of her legs back after owners DC Comics decided to re-launch her. ANI

NBC station not to air new 'Playboy Club' series
It has emerged that NBC's Salt Lake City affiliate KSL-TV has refused to air the network's upcoming drama series 'The Playboy Club,' set in a 1960s era Playboy Club. ANI

When Macca, Lennon mulled reuniting to perform on 'SNL' for 1,875 pounds
Beatles star McCartney has revealed that it was band mate John Lennon who suggested they should accept Lorne Michaels' offer to perform on his show in the mid-1970s. ANI

Will-Kat dump Justin Timberlake from Vanity Fair's cover page!
Pop singer Justin Timberlake has been dethroned from the cover page of Vanity Fair's upcoming issue by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. ANI

Is Jennifer Aniston behind new beau Justin Theroux, girlfriend split?
Looks like this time it is Jennifer Aniston who is a home wrecker. ANI

Tom Cruise, Lea Thompson were completely 'n*ked' in 'All The Right Moves'
Actress Lea Thompson has revealed that she and actor Tom Cruise were completely n*ked for their make-out session in cult film 'All The Right Moves'. ANI

I didn't want to be poster girl of a well-padded woman: Nigella Lawson
Voluptuous British Television cook Nigella Lawson while admitting she worries about her weight, has said that she did not want to be seen as an example of someone looking fat and ugly on the beach. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker's Jury Duty fury!
Sarah Jessica Parker has denied reports that she was complaining when she came to Manhattan federal court for jury duty, insisting that she never shirks any of her civic responsibilities. ANI

Tom Cruise in talks for McQuarrie-directed thriller 'One Shot'
Tom Cruise is in talks to take on the lead role in the Christopher McQuarrie's movie adaptation of Lee Child's thriller novel 'One Shot', it has been reported. ANI

J.J. Abrams 'really excited to get back into' 'Star Trek' sequel
Director J.J. Abrams, who is back to focusing on the long awaited 'Star Trek' sequel, has said he is "really excited to get back into" the project. ANI

Alec Baldwin takes yoga teacher 25-yrs his junior as date to Tony Awards
Alec Baldwin is said to have turned up at the Tony Awards with a yoga teacher who is 25-years his junior. ANI

Denise Richards reveals good side of marriage to Charlie Sheen in memoir
Denise Richards is set to reveal intimate details about her marriage with Charlie Sheen in her new memoir, and she insists, there had been a beautiful love story between them. ANI

Mallika Sherawat on her attempts to cross over to Hollywood
Indian actress Mallika Sherawat has spoken out about rumours of her attempts to cross over to Hollywood from Bollywood, and she insists she has never tried to do so. ANI

'Philanthropist' Dolly Parton believes in 'giving regardless of being rich or poor'
Philanthropy is in Dolly Parton's blood, who believes that being generous has nothing to do with being rich. ANI

Sam Cooper loves wife Lily Allen's chicken, meat pies
Newly married and four months pregnant Lily Allen has admitted that she enjoys cooking chicken and meat pies for her husband Sam Cooper. ANI

Reality show star Amy Childs denies fling with footballer
Though reality show 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Amy Childs has admitted that her romance with city broker Joe Hurlock is on the rocks, she insists she is 'no love cheat.' ANI

'Cheryl Cole was only 'cog in the wheel' to publicise US X Factor'
Cheryl Cole's sacking from US X Factor was just a publicity stunt as Simon Cowell always wanted Nicole Scherzinger to judge the show, claimed the latter's former manager Jeff Haddad. ANI

Rihanna pictured wearing sheer knitted roll neck sans bra
Rihanna was spotted heading out to dinner wearing a sheer knitted roll neck that left little to the imagination, as she was also bra-less. ANI

World's sexiest woman Rosie Huntington-Whiteley can't stop eating
The world's sexiest woman, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, has revealed that she cannot stop eating. ANI

Tom Hanks to produce and star in 3D film about toy astronaut Matt Mason
Actor Tom Hanks is planning to produce and star in a 3D film based on action-figure toy Major Matt Mason. ANI

LiLo spends 18th day of house arrest partying with friends
Lindsay Lohan, who is under house arrest for 35 days after she was convicted of shoplifting a necklace from a Venice jewellery store in January, spent her 18th day in her Venice Beach home partying with friends. ANI

Angelina Jolie goes 'make-up free' as new face of Louis Vuitton!
Ending months of speculation as to whether "is she or isn't she," images released on Tuesday have finally revealed Angelina Jolie as the new face for Louis Vuitton's 'Core Values' campaign. ANI

'Pirates' star Naomie Harris tipped to be next Bond Babe!
Naomie Harris is most likely to be the next Bond girl, as the actress confirmed that she is in talks with the filmmakers deciding the cast of the next '007' movie. ANI

I was very malnourished when hospitalised, says Selena Gomez
Singer Selena Gomez, who took the stage for the first time since her emergency trip to the hospital, has revealed that she was 'malnourished and exhausted' when she was hospitalised. ANI

'Excited' Country star Justin Moore to be a father again
American Country music singer Justin Moore is set to be a father again. ANI

I have lived in a complete bubble since 'Harry Potter', says Emma Watson
Emma Watson has confessed in an interview that she has lived in a "complete bubble" since she first appeared in 'Harry Potter' at the age of 11. ANI

Emma Watson clinches first US Vogue cover at 21
Emma Watson has stepped into the adult glamour world by bagging her first American Vogue cover.he 21-year-old 'Harry Potter' actress, who continues to etch her name as a style icon, graced the July issue of the American style bible, headed by editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. ANI

Charlie Sheen in 'deep negotiations' to star in new sitcom
Actor Charlie Sheen is in "deep negotiations" to star in a new sitcom that is being "written specifically" around him. ANI

Rihanna was very reluctant to join Twitter
Barbadian singer Rihanna was never a fan of social networking site Twitter, as she "could not understand" why anyone would want to read about her day-to-day business. ANI

Oprah Winfrey saved my life, says Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has admitted that TV mogul Oprah Winfrey 'saved' her life. ANI

No one to play 'Gotti Jr.' as Depp, Downey, Renner, Franco say no to role!
The producers of 'Gotti' are having a tough time to fill the role of John Gotti Jr. after Johnny Depp, Robert Downey, Jeremy Renner and James Franco turned down the offer. ANI

'Spider-Man', 'Pretty Woman' producer Laura Ziskin dies at 61
'Spider-Man' and 'Pretty Woman' producer Laura Ziskin, who fought a seven-year battle against breast cancer, died on Sunday evening. She was 61. ANI

Gaga, Bieber, Perry top Forbes' Best-Paid Celebrities Under 30
Singers Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have topped the list of Forbes' Best-Paid Celebrities Under 30. ANI

Cameron Diaz to be the new face of Tag Heuer!
Adding another feather in her cap, Cameron Diaz has signed on to be the new spokesmodel of luxury watch brand Tag Heuer. ANI

Lady Gaga's cleavage becomes wrinkled!
Lady Gaga used tape to hold her plunging dress in place, but ended up having a bizarre wardrobe malfunction. ANI

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