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Entertainment News on July 30, 2011

Lady Gaga's baby wear range includes controversial meat dress
Lady Gaga has launched a new line of baby wear based on some of her most shocking costumes, and it includes the controversial meat dress she wore at last year's MTV Music Awards. ANI

Lawsuit settled between Eminem and Audi
Eminem has finally reached a financial settlement with German car giant, Audi after having filed a suit for the unauthorised use of his hit song 'Lose Yourself' in an advert. ANI

Jolie wants to cross the Sahara with family
Angelina Jolie is planning her next family adventure, and she has revealed that she wants to "cross the Sahara". ANI

Antonio Banderas lightens mood on set by goofing around
Antonio Banderas is said to have lightened the mood in between takes for new drama 'The Skin I Live In' by goofing around onset. ANI

Robert Pattinson losing sleep over pic showing him biting baby
Robert Pattinson has revealed that a picture that shows him biting a baby on the set of 'Twilight' is making him lose sleep. ANI

Denise Richards feels 'too old' to reunite with ex-hubby Charlie Sheen
Former 'Bond' girl Denise Richards has admitted that getting back with ex-husband Charlie Sheen would not be possible as she is "too old" for him. ANI

'Star Wars' dwarf escapes jail after indecently exposing himself to teenage girl
A dwarf who appeared in the Harry Potter and Star Wars films has escaped a short jail spell for indecently exposing himself to a schoolgirl on a train. ANI

Michael Douglas caught smoking after fighting stage IV throat cancer
Michael Douglas was captured on camera smoking on a yacht last week, merely six months after being cured of stage IV throat cancer. ANI

Hollywood actors feared working in movie based on Saddam Hussein's son
Hollywood actors were said to have been afraid to work on the movie 'The Devil's Double', which had been adapted from a tell-all book about Saddam Hussein's son, Uday Hussein. ANI

Selena Gomez insists she has no plans of marrying Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez has insisted that she has no plans whatsoever to tie the knot with her boyfriend Justin Bieber. ANI

Peter Andre's 'dream woman' says he's wonderful
Peter Andre's 'dream woman' Angela Mogridge has disclosed that she would feel "very comfortable" having children with the singer. ANI

Anne Hathaway says Jake Gyllenhaal is 'nice guy' to work with
Anne Hathaway has revealed that she loves to work with Jake Gyllenhaal because he is such a nice guy who remains unaffected by fame. ANI

Elizabeth Hurley desperate for foot massage after 'Gossip Girl'
Elizabeth Hurley has revealed that she was desperate for a foot massage after working in her Jimmy Choo shoes on the set of 'Gossip Girl' in New York. ANI

Soulja Boy gifts himself $55 million private jet on 21st birthday
Rapper Soulja Boy celebrated his 21st birthday this week by buying himself a grand 55 million dollar private jet. ANI

Price needed translator to communicate with beau Penna
Former glamour model Katie Price has revealed that she failed to understand her boyfriend Leandro Penna when she first met him. ANI

Online betting site speculates on who will be J-Lo's next boyfriend
Jennifer Lopez's single life has got an Irish online betting site wondering who will be her next boyfriend. ANI

Parents fear more about kid's tuition fees than dangers of drugs
A study has shown that parents are more worried about the rising cost of their children's education than the dangers of drugs and teenage pregnancy. ANI

Why cocaine addiction is 'still going strong' in Hollywood
Though the number of young adults abusing cocaine has dropped significantly, according to the 2008 National Survey of Drug Use and Health, but it's use in Hollywood is "still going strong." ANI

Olivia Wilde reveals ni*ples were digitally added in sex scene
Actress Olivia Wilde has revealed that she was not actually nude in an upcoming sex scene for movie 'Cowboys and Aliens', but her ni*ples were digitally added to make her look so. ANI

I'm a really cheap date: Lady Gaga on men dating her
Lady Gaga has revealed that it doesn't cost men much to take her out on a date as her ideal night out would be visiting a tenpin bowling alley and a few beers. ANI

Denise Richards targeted by bullies as a kid for flat-chest and 'fish lips'
Denise Richards has admitted that as a kid she was often mocked for being flat chested and having "fish lips". ANI

Rihanna's admission of starving herself before mag photoshoot causes controversy
Rihanna has caused a hullabaloo after tweeting about having starved herself before a photoshoot for Esquire magazine. ANI

Blake Fielder's dad says Winehouse may have lived had she never met his son
The father of Amy Winehouse's former husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has claimed that the singer might still be alive had she not met his son. ANI

Arnie's kid Christopher feeling 'excellent' after release from hospital
Love rat Arnold Schwarzenegger's and his estranged wife Maria Shriver's child, Christopher,is back in good health. ANI

Beyonce feels God will decide when it's time for her to have a baby
Beyonce Knowles has revealed that she is not putting any pressure on herself to start a family with husband Jay-Z, as she believes God will decide when it's time for her to have a baby. ANI

Emma Watson 'incredibly flattered' to be new face of Lancome
Emman Watson has revealed that she is "incredibly flattered" to have been asked to be the new face of Lancome, as it has so much history and class. ANI

My son has been made the fall guy for Winehouse's death: Blake's mom
Amy Winehouse's former husband Blake Fielder-Civil's mother has spoken up for the first time after the singer's death, defying suggestions that her son is solely responsible for her demise. ANI

Beyonce took year off from making music to refresh her mind
Beyonce has revealed that she took a year off from making music so that she can refresh her mind. ANI

Women fork out staggering 100k pounds on make up in lifetime to look pretty!
A new study has revealed that women spend a whopping 100,000 pounds on cosmetics over their lifetime. ANI

Why popping popcorn at the movies can make you 'pile on the pounds'
Next time, think twice before munching on popcorn while watching your favourite movie in the theatre - as this 'light food' can actually make you pile on the pounds. ANI

Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole are 'friends again'
Music mogul Simon Cowell and singer Cheryl Cole have finally buried the hatchet and have become pals again. ANI

Olivia Wilde considering playing p*rn star Linda Lovelace
Olivia Wilde has revealed that she is considering playing the role of a p*rn star in a forthcoming biopic on Linda Lovelace. ANI

The top 20 'tricks' women use to feel sexy
A new survey has revealed the top 20 tricks women employ to make themselves feel seductive. ANI

Crystal Harris sorry for 'Hugh Hefner lasted two seconds in bed' remarks
Crystal Harris has apologised for publicly sharing details of her sex life with ex-fiance Hugh Hefner, claiming that she was not prepared and just blurted out things while answering questions on a radio show. ANI

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