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Entertainment News on July 29, 2011

Lindsay Lohan settles unpaid bill for stereo equipment
'Mean Girls' star Lindsay Lohan has settled an unpaid bill for stereo equipment, leading to the small claims court action brought against her for it to be dropped. ANI

Rob Kardashian to participate in next series of 'Dancing With The Stars'
Rob Kardashian has reportedly agreed to a deal to appear in the next season of 'Dancing With The Stars'. ANI

Lady Gaga tears up on 'So You Think You Can Dance'
Lady Gaga broke into tears as she watched contestants perform on 'So You Think You Can Dance', because their routine reminded her of her youth. ANI

Orlando Bloom can't get enough of his baby's 'amazing smell'
Orlando Bloom, who became a father six months ago, has revealed that one of his favourite things about his son is his "amazing smell". ANI

Nicholas Cage to star in Alaskan serial killer flick
Nicholas Cage will be starring in 'Frozen Ground', a film based on the notorious Alaskan serial killer, Robert Hansen. ANI

Emma Stone hated freckles she now loves
Emma Stone has admitted that she used to despise her freckles so much that she would do "anything" to cover them up. ANI

Madonna's 'W.E' to be screened at Venice Film Festival
Madonna's 'W.E.' is all set to be screened at the Venice Film Festival this year. ANI

Kat Von D walks out of 'Good Day LA' over questions about ex
Kat Von D walked out of 'Good Day LA', moments before she was supposed to go on air all because she was asked about her ex-fiance, Jesse James. ANI

Ryan Gosling loves watching gruesome movies
Ryan Gosling has admitted that he now enjoys watching movies with a lot of violence and blood, thanks to director Nicolas Winding Refn. ANI

Amy Winehouse's sad dad distributes her clothes to mourners
Amy Winehouse's distraught father gave away his late daughter's clothes to mourners saying, "it's what she'd have wanted". ANI

Osbourne defends pal Peete's decision to auction dog
Sharon Osbourne has defended her pal Holly Robinson Peete's decision to auction an adorable puppy at the Annual Design Care charity event. ANI

Kim Cattrall 'paid a masseuse $250 a week for 'Meet Monica Velour' role'
Actress Kim Cattrall has revealed that she paid a masseuse 250 dollars a week to speak to her so that she could pick up the right accent for her role in 'Meet Monica Velour'. ANI

'Bridesmaids' has opened doors for more comedic females: Emma Stone
Emma Stone has nothing but praise for movie 'Bridesmaids', saying that it has opened the door for more female-led comedy movies. ANI

Many kids in UK begin school without knowing their own first name!
Experts have made explosive claims about the tragic effect of poor parenting in England. ANI

'Bond 23' is my best Bond adventure so far, says Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig has said that the script of his upcoming Bond movie is better than his debut flick 'Casino Royale'. ANI

Brangelina to spend summer holiday munching on Cornish pasty with kids
Come this summer, Angelina Jolie and her children will be experts in pastry-based snacks. ANI

'Friends' cast had total 85 sexual partners, finds survey
A survey has found that the six characters of the hit TV sitcom 'Friends' had a total of 85 sexual partners throughout the series' 10-season run. ANI

'Comfortable' Kelly Rowland poses nude for Vibe mag cover shoot
'X Factor' judge Kelly Rowland has stripped all to pose for a sexy photo shoot of Vibe Magazine. ANI

Ryan Reynolds 'needs time to get over Scarlett split'
Ryan Reynolds has revealed that though he needs time to get over his divorce with wife Scarlett Johansson, he would soon be ready for a relationship. ANI

Gwyneth Paltrow owes her 'glowing skin' to $185 'wonder-gadget'!
Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed the secret behind her youthful appearance - an anti-ageing 'wonder-gadget' that comes at the cost of 185 dollars. ANI

Morrissey says KFC, McDonald's worse than Norway killings
British singer Morrissey has come under fire from his own fans by saying that the recent terrorist attacks in Norway is 'nothing' compared to the evil carried out by McDonald's and KFC. ANI

Courteney Cox gives advice to fellow dry skin sufferers
Courteney Cox, who has confessed that she has dry skin because she doesn't drink enough water, has given some tips to her fellow sufferers. ANI

Modern technology makes romance for Olivia Wilde hard
Actress Olivia Wilde has revealed that she is struggling to cope with romance, and it is all due to the confusing modern technology. ANI

Joe Pesci suing Gotti filmmakers over false $3m role promise
Oscar-winning star Joe Pesci has filed a 3-million-dollars lawsuit against the filmmakers of the Gotti family biopic, alleging they downgraded him to a smaller, less lucrative role and lower pay deal. ANI

Playboy bunnies back Hefner over ex-fiancee's '2-sec sex skill' remarks
Several Playboy playmates have defended Hugh Hefner over his ex-fiancee Crystal Harris' allegations that he is poor in bed, claiming that the 85-year-old actually is 'a lot of fun'. ANI

Kim Kardashian's wedding is strictly black tie!
Kim Kardashian's wedding invitation has revealed that she wants the entire affair to be strictly black tie. ANI

Mila Kunis nicknamed 'Goldfish' by her best friend
Mila Kunis has revealed that her best friend ensures she remains down to earth by nicknaming her "Goldfish". ANI

Amy Winehouse recorded songs for new Bond film
Amy Winehouse is said to have recorded songs for the new 'Bond' film with Mark Ronson before her tragic death. ANI

Robbie Williams reveals he's a secret communist
Robbie Williams has revealed that he is a secret communist who is guilty for having an urge to buy expensive things. ANI

Rihanna makes brief appearance in trailer for 'Battleship'
Barbadian singer Rihanna has made a brief appearance in the trailer for movie 'Battleship', in which she will be making her acting debut next year. ANI

Rihanna feels competitive women are dominating pop charts
'Umbrella' singer Rihanna has revealed that she is excited that so many women are dominating the pop charts. ANI

Leighton Meester, Liz Hurley in 'good spirits' on 'Gossip Girl' set
Fashion queens Leighton Meester and Elizabeth Hurley appeared to be in good spirits on the set of 'Gossip Girl' in New York as they were spotted sharing a joke. ANI

Lady Gaga to release collection of own images as first book
Lady Gaga is releasing her first book, which is a collection of her own photographs taken by photographer Terry Richardson. ANI

Justin Bieber invited to be high school student's prom date
Justin Bieber has been invited by a high school student from Virginia to be her prom date. ANI

Scarlett Johansson says no to Marine Ball invite, but sends champagne
Scarlett Johansson has turned down an American serviceman's invitation to join him on the Marine Corps Ball due to 'prior commitments'. ANI

Now, update your Facebook profile to let people know you are 'expecting'
Previously, parents had to create a new profile to inform that they are expecting a child, but now with new changes, Facebook users can share the momentous news on their profile - complete with due date and chosen name. ANI

I grab attention with my bizarre dressing sense, says Rihanna
'S and M' singer Rihanna has revealed the tactics she uses to hog the limelight. ANI

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