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Entertainment News on July 21, 2011

Chris Brown branded 'neighbour from hell'
Chris Brown has fallen out with the residents of a Los Angeles apartment block who allege the singer is a 'neighbour from hell'. ANI

Helen Mirren set to play Baden in Spector flick
Oscar-winner Helen Mirren has reportedly joined the cast of the unnamed Phil Spector biopic. ANI

Kirstie Alley feels stylish after losing 90 pounds
Kirstie Alley has revealed that she feels stylish again after having lost 90 pounds recently. ANI

James Franco opens up about break-up from Ahna O'Reilly
Hollywood hunk James Franco has in an interview opened up about his break-up from his actress-girlfriend Ahna O'Reilly. ANI

Eva Longoria honing pole dancing skills for 'Desperate Housewives' series
Eva Longoria is brushing up her pole dancing skills for the storyline of the eighth series of 'Desperate housewives'. ANI

Justin Bieber to take a month break to 'think, pray and...grow up'
Justin Bieber is planning a month off before he starts working on his next album. ANI

Katy Perry lands nine MTV VMA nominations
Katy Perry has been nominated for nine MTV Video Music Awards. ANI

Scherzinger tears up every time Hamilton praises her music
Former Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that she tears up every time her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton praises her music. ANI

Peter Andre, ex Jordan fear NOTW hacked intimate sex secrets
Katie Price a.k.a Jordan and ex-husband Peter Andre are living in fear that the recently shut-down News Of The World might have hacked their most intimate sex secrets. ANI

Keisha Buchanan launches solo career with intimate gig
Former Sugababes member Keisha Buchanan has launched her solo career with an intimate gig. ANI

Joe Jonas thinks debut solo album will shock 'bubblegum pop' fans
Singer Joe Jonas thinks his forthcoming solo album will "shock" fans because it isn't the "bubblegum pop" they would expect. ANI

J-Lo split from Anthony fuelled by jealousy, infidelity
Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's split has taken another turn as now reports have emerged that the actress feared her husband was being unfaithful to her. ANI

Scarlett Johansson spotted 'flirting up a storm' with Justin Bartha
Just a month after splitting with her ex beau Sean Penn, Scarlett Johansson was recently spotted cozying up with actor Justin Bartha,. ANI

Justin Timberlake finds shooting serious n*ked sex scenes 'awkward'
Actor Justin Timberlake has said that he finds shooting love making scenes "awkward". ANI

Robert de Niros' historic townhouse up for sale for $14m
Hollywood legend Robert De Niro is selling his West Village townhouse that he has owned for the past three decades for 14 million dollars. ANI

If you got the curves, flaunt them, says sexy Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara says she isn't concerned about the attention she gets because of her sex appeal. ANI

Kim Kardashian says she defines herself through her sexy style
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has said that she has always defined herself through her "sexy" style. ANI

Alec Baldwin asks David Cameron to resign over links with NOTW scandal
Alec Baldwin has urged Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron to resign because of his links to the ongoing News of the World phone-hacking scandal. ANI

JLo's alleged lover William Levy caught in teen sex scandal
Actor William Levy, who was romantically linked to Jennifer Lopez following her marriage split, has been embroiled in a sex scandal. ANI

Helena Bonham Carter tipped to play brothel madam in new Disney movie
Helena Bonham Carter has been tipped to play a brothel madam in new Disney movie 'The Lone Ranger'. ANI

Ex-bodyguard reveals Britney's drug addiction, terrible hygiene
The former bodyguard of Britney Spears, who is suing her for allegedly forcing him to join her in bed, has now opened a can of worms against his ex-employer's terrible personal hygiene and usage of drugs. ANI

'Unsung heroine' mums worth œ37K a year for their 71-hr week!
Mothers, the unsung heroines of our world, rarely get any gratitude or recognition for the job they do. ANI

'Fat' Katy Perry finds it hard to get into her skimpy outfits
'I Kissed a Girl' singer Katy Perry has revealed that she has become so fat from overeating during her tour that she is no longer able to fit into her skimpy outfits. ANI

Elvis Presley turned into comic book character
Elvis Presley has been turned into a comic book character to commemorate his 35th death anniversary. ANI

Elton John among those targeted by News of the World hackers
Sir Elton John has been informed that his name had been included in the list of the News of the World phone hackers. ANI

Wait as long as you can until having sex, Lady Gaga tells female fans
Pop sensation Lady Gaga has appealed to all her female fans not to have sex for as long as possible. ANI

'Girl-next-door' Jennifer Aniston's easy transition to sex-crazed dentist in new flick
Jennifer Aniston, who turned to her 'dark' side to play a sex-crazed dentist in her latest flick, clearly has no qualms about getting down and dirty. ANI

Spanish collector plans to auction controversial Marilyn Monroe 'sex film'
A Spanish collector is planning to auction off a newly discovered film which he claims shows Marilyn Monroe having sex when she was still an underage actress known as Norma Jean Baker. ANI

Sheen couldn't give me sex 19 times a day as I wanted, says ex-goddess!
Charlie Sheen's former goddess Bree Olson has claimed that she moved out of the Hollywood hellraiser's house because he only wanted sex twice a day, while she preferred it 19 times. ANI

LiLo spotted with rumoured new beau Spencer Falls
Looks like Lindsay Lohan has finally got over her ex-girlfriend Sam Ronson. ANI

Kim Kardashian 'suing Old Navy over look-alike Melissa Molinaro ads'
Reality star Kim Kardashian has launched legal action against popular US clothes brand Old Navy for using a look-alike model in their new advertising campaign. ANI

Paris Hilton storms out of TV interview over 'past her prime' question
Paris Hilton walked out of a U.S TV interview when asked if she has past her prime. ANI

Ex 'Bond' actress Angela Scoular died after drinking drain cleaner
Angela Scoular - a former 'James Bond' film actress and wife of the comic actor Leslie Phillips - died last April after drinking a corrosive cleaning liquid and pouring it over herself, Westminster Coroner's Court has heard. ANI

JK Rowling gets diamond bracelet as 'thank you' gift from JK Rowling
'Harry Potter' author JK Rowling has been gifted an antique diamond bracelet worth millions by film studio Warner Bros. ANI

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