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Entertainment News on July 18, 2011

Marc Anthony jokes about being single after split announcement
Marc Anthony has joked about his recent split from wife Jennifer Lopez during a concert in Colombia. ANI

Ricky Gervais wants Charlie Sheen to accept his Emmy
Comedian Ricky Gervais, who was left stunned after he came to know he has personally been nominated for an Emmy award for his controversial slot hosting the Golden Globes, has said that he wants actor Charlie Sheen to accept the prize if he wins. ANI

Roger Daltrey not keen to tour again with 'stone deaf' Pete Townshend
'The Who' singer Roger Daltrey has admitted that he is unsure if he will ever go out on a tour with his band mate Pete Townshend again due to the guitarist's hearing problems. ANI

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez crash wedding after overhearing own songs!
Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez crashed a wedding party in Malibu, California, as they overheard the teen's hits being played on at the reception. ANI

Emma Watson thrilled to be associated with Potter character Hermione
Emma Watson has revealed that she is delighted she will always be associated with her 'Harry Potter' character Hermione Granger. ANI

Emma Watson left UK for US because she felt 'claustrophobic'
'Harry Potter' star Emma Watson has revealed that she decided to go to university in America because she felt "claustrophobic" in UK. ANI

J-Lo 'worked hard to save marriage to Marc Anthony'
Jennifer Lopez is said to have worked hard to save her marriage to Marc Anthony, as she did not want a third divorce or her children to suffer from it. ANI

Bette Midler tells off Lady Gaga for copying her wheelchair act!
Singer Bette Midler has told off Lady Gaga for copying her mermaid in a wheelchair routine during a recent performance. ANI

Sir Peter Blake wants to paint portrait of Kate Moss
Sir Peter Blake, the artist, has expressed his desire to paint a portrait of his friend Kate Moss, the supermodel. ANI

How vodka and wine makes hair and skin shine
It is well known that a glass of red wine can be good for our hearts, but now it has emerged that the ingredients in our favourite alcoholic drink can be beneficial for our skin and hair too. ANI

Adele reclaims top spot In UK album charts, pushes Beyonce to No.2
Adele has knocked Beyonce's new album '4' off the top spot and has reclaimed her crown as queen of the UK album charts with her huge hit '21'. ANI

Here's how a woman can orgasm non-stop for four months!
A typical female orgasm lasts just six to ten seconds but according to author and sex instructor Nicole Daedone, with the right partner and advanced technique, it can last for anything up to four months. ANI

Avril Lavigne has a pizza named after her!
Avril Lavigne has revealed that people from her hometown of Napanee are very proud of her achievements that a restaurant has named a pizza in her honour. ANI

Jennifer Aniston says she 'loves being the boss'
Jennifer Aniston, who takes on the role of an aggressive and intolerable boss in her latest film, has admitted that she loved the whole experience of being in charge. ANI

School bullies called me 'Rowling Pin', reveals 'Harry Potter' author
JK Rowling, in a letter to a fan of 'Harry Potter', has revealed that her schoolmates used to tease her by calling 'Rowling Pin', and that being a teenager was 'completely horrible'. ANI

J-Lo to be paid 620K pounds to sing at wedding in Ukraine
Jennifer Lopez, who is in the middle of divorcing her husband Marc Anthony, will be paid more than 620,000 pounds to sing at a wedding in Ukraine. ANI

Sir Paul McCartney allegedly targeted by NotW phone hackers
Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney was allegedly targeted by phone hackers during his multi-million pound divorce from former model Heather Mills. ANI

Vanessa Hudgens debuts shocking make-under in 'Gimme Shelter'
'High School Musical' star Vanessa Hudgens is barely recognizable after her dramatic make-under for new film 'Gimme Shelter', which deals with teenage homelessness. ANI

Beyonce's special wake-up call for final NASA shuttle mission astronauts
Beyonce is said to have given America's astronauts on the final NASA shuttle mission a wake up call that included a special message to the sole female crew member. ANI

Enrique Iglesias was not popular with girls in his teens
Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias has admitted that he was not very popular with girls during his teenaged years, but it all changed once he found fame. ANI

Lady Gaga reveals her love for Oz band Airbourne
Lady Gaga, who is presently on tour in Sydney, has revealed that she is a big fan of the Australian band Airbourne. ANI

Brooke Mueller set for 'extreme rehab' to overcome drug addiction
Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller has decided to enter a rehab facility in Cancun, Mexico, which practices extreme treatment, in a bid to overcome her drug addiction. ANI

J-Lo, Marc Anthony to work together on talent show despite split
Despite announcing the end of their seven-year marriage last week, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's upcoming talent show will still go ahead. ANI

My boys love to eat crickets, says Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie has revealed that she was forced to ban bugs from her kitchen after her kids got hooked to it. ANI

Lady Gaga website hacked; fans' details stolen
Pop singer-songwriter Lady Gaga has fallen victim to hackers who broke into her UK website and stole thousands of fan details, including names and email addresses. ANI

Why your cat uses your neighbour's garden as convenience
Ever wondered why your cat uses your neighbour's garden as a personal litter tray? Well, it's because your pets consider it as their land. ANI

Ricky Martin 'prefers staying at home than partying'
Pop singer Ricky Martin has revealed that he now prefers to stay with his twin sons and partner Carlos Gonzalez at home than partying. ANI

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