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Entertainment News on July 12, 2011

James Franco wanted to be part of 'Twilight' for Yale project
'127 Hours' star James Franco has revealed that he was desperate to get a role in Twilight sequel 'Breaking Dawn' because he thought it would be a great connection to a friend's arty film project. ANI

Simon Cowell reveals new 'cuddly pink panther' looks in 'X Factor'
Simon Cowell left everyone shocked with his cuddly 'pink panther' makeover during his appearance in the US 'X Factor' auditions recently. ANI

Jennifer Aniston's 'Horrible Bosses' co-star surprised by her performance
Jennifer Aniston's 'Horrible Bosses' co-star has admitted that he was astonished at how convincing she was in the role of a sexually-aggressive dentist in the movie. ANI

Gaga gets 'Honorary citizen of Sydney' title for supporting gay rights
Pop superstar Lady Gaga has been honoured with the title of 'Honorary citizen of Sydney' for her "unwavering support" of gay rights. ANI

Young Emma Watson can't wait to be a mum!
Emma Watson has confessed that she cannot wait to have her own family and be a mother. ANI

Beyonce's dad files legal papers over stealing singer's fortune allegations
Beyonce's father has filed legal papers to fight back against the allegations that he stole a part of his daughter's fortune while he was her manager. ANI

Daniel Radcliffe happy with 'Harry Potter' franchise coming to an end
It was a role that turned him into a star, but Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he is glad the Harry Potter books and films have finally come to an end, because the boy wizard's story finished in a 'perfect way'. ANI

I am feeling sexier in my 40s than in my 20s, says Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston has said that she feels more 'sexier and confident' in her 40s than she did in her 20s. ANI

Robbie Williams 'blames bad language to early upbringing in pub'
Robbie Williams has blamed his habit of using abusive language to his early upbringing in a pub and said that one of his 'first words was f***.' ANI

Danielle Lloyd recreates a 'Demi Moore', mulls post-baby surgery for curves
Pregnant model Danielle Lloyd might have felt sexy while posing nude for a photoshoot and flaunting her baby bump like Demi Moore, but she has revealed her plans to undergo a surgery in order to get her perfect figure back after the birth of her second child. ANI

Lady Gaga's Julia Gillard 'gay gaffe' after ambiguous question!
Pop diva Lady Gaga mistook Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a lesbian after an ambiguous question during an interview on a current affair show. ANI

RiRi is new face of Emporio Armani
Rihanna has been chosen as the new face for Italian fashion house Emporio Armani's underwear and jeans collection. ANI

Tomboys 'likelier to turn into lesbians because of their genes'
It is known that there are well-established traits, which differ between girls and boys. For example, boys engage in 'rough and tumble' play than girls do. ANI

Court rules out Britney's deposition in Brand Sense lawsuit
A Los Angeles court has adjudged that Britney Spears does not have to depose in a lawsuit that was launched by a licensing company over a breach of contract. ANI

Stella Rimington says she would 'rather play Octopussey than Bond villain'
The first female head of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington has confessed that she would prefer playing Octopussy to a mere villain in a Bond film. ANI

Arnie planning 'reunion' with ex-mistress Mildred Baena, love child
Disgraced ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly planning a reunion with his ex-mistress Mildred Baena and their love child. ANI

Arnie returning to big screen with 'Last Stand'
Love rat Arnold Schwarzenegger will soon be seen on the silver screen after a long gap. ANI

Mila Kunis makes 'lucky' US soldier's date dream come true
It was a dream for a US soldier posted in Afghanistan to go on a date with Hollywood actress Mila Kunis at the upcoming Marine Corps Ball. Seems like Sgt. Scott Moore's fantasy has become a reality. ANI

I'd be a warrior princess rather than being all sweet: Emma Watson
Looks like the feisty fury lurking in Hermione Granger has taken a toll on Emma Watson as she now has revealed that she would like to be a warrior princess than being all sweet as generally expected from girls. ANI

I'd rather be a warrior princess than all sweet stuff: Emma Watson
Looks like the feisty fury lurking in Hermione Granger has taken a toll on Emma Watson, as she now has revealed that she would rather be a warrior princess than being all sweet as generally expected from girls. ANI

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