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Entertainment News on January 21, 2011

Johnny Depp to cast a spell in 'Wizard of Oz'
Johnny Depp has reportedly been chosen to play the Wizard of Oz. ANI

Winona Ryder was 'forced' to audition for 'Dilemma'
It has emerged that Winona Ryder had been forced to audition for the first time in 17 years for her role in 'The Dilemma'. ANI

Robert De Niro, Grace Hightower to settle nanny lawsuit with 30K pounds
Robert De Niro and his wife Grace Hightower have agreed to settle a suit brought by their former nanny Alexis Barry. ANI

Natalie Portman fell in love with fiance as they danced for 'Black Swan'
Natalie Portman has revealed that she fell for fiance Benjamin Millepied during 'romantic' dances for ballet movie 'Black Swan.' ANI

'Godfather' house up for sale at $2.9m
A Tudor-style home, which featured in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film 'The Godfather', is up for sale. ANI

Liam Gallagher hints at Noel reconciliation
Beady Eye frontman Liam Gallagher says one day he and his brother Noel will patch things up. ANI

Katie Price killed my cross-dressing alter ego Roxanne, says Alex Reid
Alex Reid has apparently claimed that his wife Katie Price had "murdered" his cross-dressing alter ego Roxanne by exposing his transvestite secret. ANI

Will Smith 'planning to remake 'Annie' with daughter Willow'
Will Smith is apparently in negotiations to remake the classic musical 'Annie' - with his daughter Willow in the starring role. ANI

Kim Kardashian criticizes 'Teen Mom' for making teen pregnancy 'trendy'
It seems Kim Kardashian is no fan of reality series 'Teen Mom'. ANI

Elton John lashes out at gay marriage opponents
Sir Elton John reportedly levelled a four-letter tirade against the opponents of gay marriage during a recent event. ANI

Ricky Martin now wants a daughter
Ricky Martin, who is openly gay, has revealed that he is desperate to add a little girl to his brood of boys. ANI

Justin Bieber teams up with PETA to promote animal adoption
Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is the latest celebrity to team up with PETA, an organization that defends animal rights, and has asked his fans to adopt a pet. ANI

Fox News cancels interview with Joan Rivers after Sarah Palin jibe
Comedian Joan Rivers' interview with Fox News has been cancelled after she described former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as "stupid and a threat" and blamed her for the Arizona shootings. ANI

Gywneth Paltrow 'lets daughter skip school'
In an interview, Gywneth Paltrow has confessed that she allowed her daughter to skip school so that they could spend a day together at the beauty salon. ANI

Media watchdog group calls for child pornography probe of MTV's 'Skins'
A media watchdog group has called on lawmakers and law enforcement officials to investigate possible child pornography and exploitation on MTV's new series 'Skins'. ANI

Winfrey sends her 'thoughts and prayers' to Australian flood victims
In wake of Australia's devastating floods, talk show host Oprah Winfrey has renewed calls for donations to help those affected by the disaster. ANI

'Lethal Weapon' to return sans Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson's 'Lethal Weapon' is all set to return - with a new cast after the actor refused to take part. ANI

P!nk puts scenes of self-harm, attempted suicide, anorexia in new single
Singer P!nk has put in graphic scenes of self-harm, attempted suicide and the ravages of anorexia in the video of her new single '' Perfect'. ANI

Sandra Bullock's ex Jesse James engaged to Kat Von D
Sandra Bullock's ex Jesse James has got engaged to new girlfriend Kat Von D. ANI

Selena Gomez topless photo 'a fake', says rep
A representative for Selena Gomez has denied that a photograph that purportedly shows the Disney star topless is genuine. ANI

Paris Hilton's beau faces criminal charges in Las Vegas
Paris Hilton's boyfriend Cy Waits is expected to be charged with three criminal counts following the couple's drug-related arrest in Las Vegas last August. ANI

Meryl Streep visits House of Commons for Margaret Thatcher role
It seems Meryl Streep can go to any extent to portray a role with perfection. ANI

Cameron Diaz says she used to buy pot from Snoop Dogg in high school
Cameron Diaz has revealed a surprising connection to Snoop Dogg. ANI

Taylor Swift, Jake Gyllenhaal back together?
It looks like Jake Gyllenhall and Taylor Swift are giving their alleged relationship a second chance. ANI

Unemployment negatively impacts your future salary
If you are jobless you need to know this: Unemployment has a negative impact on a worker's future salary if it continues for a long time. ANI

Successful women lose sexual bargaining power, say experts
Experts have said that while women are out-shining men in college and out-earning them at work, they are doing so at the cost of their sexual bargaining power. ANI

Scientologist Kelly Preston had a 'silent birth' when she welcomed son
John Travolta's wife Kelly Preston has admitted that she had a 'silent birth' when she welcomed son Benjamin into the world last November. ANI

Eva Longoria 'planning lavish baby shower for pregnant Posh'
Actresses Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale are apparently organizing a swish baby shower for pal Victoria Beckham. ANI

Sacha Baron Cohen to star in film 'inspired by Saddam Hussein book'
Actor Sacha Baron Cohen is set to star in a comedy film 'The Dictator' inspired by a book thought to have been written by ex Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. ANI

Megan Fox turns up the heat in new Armani advert
Megan Fox has stripped off for a brand new advertisement for Giorgio Armani jeans and underwear. ANI

George Clooney recovers from malaria after Sudan trip
Hollywood hunk George Clooney has just recovered from malaria, which he contracted in Africa earlier this month. ANI

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