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India's talented soprano Tara Venkatesan

November 30, 2011 - New Delhi

Sixteen-year-old Tara Venkatesan, the grand daughter of former president R Venketaraman, is a talented young soprano who has sung for Disney with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra and for delegates of the European Union.

She recently performed was in New Delhi on the birth centenary of her grandfather.

Tara was five-years-old when she heard an opera singer from Holland perform at a concert and decided to become an opera singer.

She is a rarity in the sense that she has achieved laurels performing both Indian classical and Western music with Grammy Award winner Gerald Wirth.

"Very proud, I feel very proud to be able to sing opera and represent my country the world over. It's an exciting experience where I get to travel in great places; I have performed for the President of Austria; I also performed as part of a music symposium in Singapore, so experiences are great,'' said Tara.

Tara is trying to fuse western and Indian classical music, as she thinks they are compatible with each other.

"We are trying out some experimental stuff. I think Indian music can be compatible with western music, so we combined the two and we could create something unique. The sound which came out was really nice, something, which I really want to do. I performed a similar sort of fusion piece at the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games; there we had the Kathak dancers and other musicians in the background. So it's a great way of blending the two cultures,'' said Tara.

Her biggest dream, she says is to sing with the London Symphony Orchestra, and perform music written for her at La Scala in Milan. And, of course, get a degree in the neuroscience of music.

Not too much of ask for someone who dreamt of being a singing paleontologist in space.


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