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I'd rather be a warrior princess than all sweet stuff: Emma Watson

July 12, 2011 - London

Looks like the feisty fury lurking in Hermione Granger has taken a toll on Emma Watson, as she now has revealed that she would rather be a warrior princess than being all sweet as generally expected from girls.

"I feel like young girls are told they have to be this kind of princess and be all this sweet stuff," the Sun quoted her as saying.

"It's all bull****.

"I identify with more of being a warrior princess, so if I had to be a princess, I'd have to kick some ass first.

"That would have a lot of people terrified," she added.

The young British actress, who started working for the 'Potter' series a decade ago, has been spotted bloodied and bruised fighting evil in the final film, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2'.


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