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Hugh Hefner leads a 'very routine life' says girlfriend

December 23, 2011 - Melbourne

Hugh Hefner's girlfriend Anna Sophia Berglund has revealed that the Playboy founder leads a "very routine life".

The 85-year-old is currently in a relationship with Berglund and Shera Bechard, after the very public breakdown of his romance with Crystal Harris.

According to the British edition of OK! magazine, Berglund said that Hefner enjoyed his routine in the Playboy mansion.

"Hef has a very routine life, with certain things happening on certain nights, so we follow those rules and during the day I go to acting class, we'll buy stuff for the bunny house, stuff for the other girls like candy,'' The Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

Hefner meanwhile, spoke in detail about his schedule.

"Monday night I watch an old movie with the guys. Tuesday night I play games with my girlfriends and the girls from the Playmate House - usually dominoes or Uno. Wednesday I play gin rummy with the guy," Hefner said.

"Thursday I go out for dinner with the girls, and weekends we have friends over for something to eat and a movie. Friday and Saturday are classic movies and Sunday is a new film,'' he stated.

Hefner also revealed his plans for the Christmas eve.

"Christmas Eve we have everyone in for cocktails, dinner and a current movie - I think it will be the new Sherlock Holmes this year, and then we exchange gifts,'' he added.


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