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Entertainment News on December 5, 2011

Early Marilyn Monroe photos sell for $352k at auction
Rare photographs from teenage Marilyn Monroe's first shoot have sold at auction for 352,000 dollars. ANI

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's mum gave them idea of joint fashion line
Jessica and Ashlee Simpson's mother came up with the idea for their clothing line. ANI

MJ's manager says pain and stress turned him to prescription drugs
Michael Jackson's personal manager has said that the stress caused by child molestation accusations and the physical toll of performing on tours could have led to the star's fatal dependency on prescription drugs. ANI

Dad of 16 kids with 14 women says God told him to 'go forth and multiply'
The British man who has 16 children from 14 different women has denied philandering as the reason for having so many kids, and instead blames his lovers for not taking precautions. ANI

Natalie Wood was killed by mystery lover, says psychic ex boyfriend
Deceased Natalie Wood's longtime pal and ex-boyfriend has added a new twist to her ongoing 1981 drowning death case by claiming that the actress was killed by a mystery former lover. ANI

Naomi Watts set to star in 'The Grandmothers'
Naomi Watts will star alongside Robin Wright in new movie 'The Grandmothers'. ANI

Charlie Sheen 'paid for ex-wife Brooke Muller's bail'
Charlie Sheen bailed estranged wife Brooke Mueller out of jail when she ran into a trouble with the law recently, according to reports. ANI

Demi Lovato suffers nip-slip at Dallas concert
Demi Lovato gave her hometown fans a sterling performance even after she suffered from an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. ANI

British Airways' 'Hug A Pilot' scheme gets stewardess pregnant
A teenage stewardess became pregnant with a married captain's baby after they took British Airways' Hug A Pilot scheme a bit too far. ANI

Madonna to headline Super Bowl halftime show
Madonna will perform at halftime of the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, in what is not only football's biggest night but also the most watched musical event of the year. ANI

James Morrison thinks he is a 'wet joke' to people
James Morrison believes that people see him as a 'wet joke' due to his image as a romantic balladeer. ANI

New Amy Winehouse album set for posthumous release
Amy Winehouse's posthumous album 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures' presents the picture of a singer in full command, robust in tone and sure in phrasing. ANI

Neil Patrick Harris apologizes for 'tranny' comment on live TV
Neil Patrick Harris has apologized to the transgender community after he used the word "tranny", which is an offensive term to describe transsexuals during a U.S. TV interview. ANI

Sofia Coppola planning new movie about 'Hollywood Bling Ring'
Director Sofia Coppola is reportedly working on a new movie about the young burglars who raided the Hollywood homes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Blooom. ANI

'E.T.' was originally meant to be creepy alien movie, says Spielberg
Steven Spielberg has revealed that 'E.T. The Extra Terrestrial' started out as a creepy alien abduction movie before it was transformed into a classic family film. ANI

Doctors' moneymaking motive may lead to needless MRIs
Researchers including one of Indian-origin have found that patients whose doctors own MRI machines are more likely to get scans they might not need as compared to those who have no financial interests. ANI

Jade Goody's sons to get most of her cash
Jade Goody's two young sons will get almost all the 394,692 pounds left in her will, it has emerged. ANI

Lady Gaga takes to stage on hospital stretcher
Lady Gaga has become the first artist to take to the stage in a hospital stretcher. ANI

MJ pulled out from Spielberg's 1991 film 'Hook' over Peter Pan role
Steven Spielberg has revealed that Michael Jackson pulled out of playing Peter Pan in the 1991 movie 'Hook' because the director's vision for the film didn't match his own. ANI

Renee Zellweger to have baby in second 'Bridget Jones's Diary' sequel
Renee Zellweger will reprise her role as Bridget Jones for the third time and this time she is having a baby. ANI

'Breaking Dawn' still No.1 at box office during year's 2nd slowest weekend
'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1' has topped the box office for the third week running. ANI

Impatient people likelier to have bad credit scores
People with bad credit scores are more impatient and are more likely to choose immediate rewards rather than wait for a larger reward later, a new study has found. ANI

Demi Lovato makes emotional visit to rehab facility
Demi Lovato returned to her rehab facility and embraced old memories at the institution that helped get her life back. ANI

Downey Jr. stressed over turning 50
Robert Downey Jr. has revealed that the thought of turning 50 in four years stresses him even though he's very happy in his life. ANI

Michael Shannon finds acting therapeutic
Michael Shannon insists that he thinks of acting as therapy as it allows him to "beat his chest" and "scream" and still be praised for it. ANI

Chris Martin fears becoming like "seedy old man in strip club'
Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin worries that his band will become like a "seedy old man in a strip club," if their records don't "mean everything" to them. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker says kids can be distracting in relationship
Sarah Jessica Parker thinks that children can "distract" from a relationship and it's important to still make time for each other. ANI

Amy Winehouse suffered from mental disorder, says relative
A relative of Amy Winehouse has revealed that the singer suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness. ANI

Kardashians to sue company for using their family name to sell eyelashes
The Kardashians are planning to file a lawsuit against a woman who wants to use the family name to sell an eyelash-elongation product. ANI

Lady Gaga's record label bosses beg her to 'be a bit less weird'
Lady Gaga has revealed that she has refused to 'tone down' her wacky outfits even after her record label bosses begged her to 'be a bit less weird'. ANI

Russell Brand, Katy Perry defy divorce rumours with PDA
Katy Perry and hubby Russell Brand tried to shut rumour mongers from spreading their divorce story by putting on a public display of affection. ANI

Robin Williams ridicules marriage record
Robin Williams, who recently got married for the third time, has jokingly compared his latest nuptials with taking a "burns victim to a firework display". ANI

We eat breakfast in just 3 minutes, that too standing up
On an average, people spend just three minutes and 15 seconds on a weekday breakfast, and most of the time they eat it standing up as they are pressed for time, a new study has found. ANI

MJ's kids outshine celebs at 'Immortal' tour premier
Michael Jackson's kids stole the limelight as they arrived at the premier of the late star's 'Immortal' tour in Las Vegas. ANI

Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger get death threats over X Factor elimination
X Factor judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger have received death threats after they voted out contestant Drew. ANI

Angelina Jolie graces cover of hardcore current affairs mag Newsweek
Angelina Jolie graces the cover of December 5 edition of Newsweek, in the most glamorous pose the 78-year-old publication has ever witnessed. ANI

Craig 'didn't want to be the guy' who turned down James Bond
Daniel Craig has revealed that he took up the role of James Bond as didn't wish to be forever known as the man who turned down the iconic super spy role. ANI

Steven Spielberg feared sacking as 'Jaws' director
Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg would forever be indebted to his mentor Sid Sheinberg as had it not been for Universal Studios executive, Speilberg would have been fired form the movie 'Jaws'. ANI

Jessie J faces bathroom woes like Lady Gaga
Singer Jessie J understands Lady Gaga's predicament of relieving herself in trash cans backstage, as she herself faces the same situation many a times. ANI

Alaska man survives snowdrift by eating frozen beer
An Alaskan man survived being stranded in snow for three days by eating frozen beer. ANI

US boy suspended for sexual harassment after calling teaching 'cute'
A nine-year-old boy in the US was suspended by his school, when he told a friend that he thought his teacher was 'cute'. ANI

Angelina Jolie wants to avoid talking about past with father
Angelina Jolie, who has been estranged from her father Jon Voight for nearly a decade, has revealed that the only way she can have a relationship with him is if they do not talk about their past. ANI

John Lennon put son Julian off having kids
Julian Lennon, who is John Lennon's son by his first wife, Cynthia has revealed that his difficult relationship with his father has discouraged him from starting a family. ANI

Sienna Miller to play Hitchcock's obsession Tippi Hedren in new film
Sienna Miller is set to star in a new film about director Alfred Hitchcock and his obsession with Tippi Hedren, who starred in his classic 'The Birds', and how it destroyed both their careers. ANI

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