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Entertainment News on December 4, 2011

Paul McCartney scared of recurring nightmares of audience walking out
Former Beatles member Sir Paul McCartney has revealed that he suffers from a recurring nightmare, in which the audience walks out during a Beatles gig. ANI

Daniel Craig is never satisfied with his work
Daniel Craig has revealed that he is never satisfied with his work, as he is a perpetual perfectionist. ANI

Beyonce likens fake baby bump rumours to 'water off a ducks back'
Beyonce, who has branded rumours regarding her fake baby bump as "ridiculous", has revealed that she treated the stories like water off a ducks back. ANI

Roberto Cavalli bumps into Elin Nordegren on Miami Beach
Roberto Cavalli bumped into Elin Nordegren on Miami Beach while on a holiday with his much younger girlfriend. ANI

Fergie focusing on business ventures during Black Eyed Peas hiatus
Fergie wants to make good use of her group Black Eyed Peas' hiatus, as she plans to focus her energy on her business ventures. ANI

Parents not to be blamed for truant behavior in kids
Parents are not necessarily at fault if their child plays truant and threatening them with legal action is not going to achieve anything, a new study has found. ANI

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds snuck out for romantic date
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds sneaked out for a romantic evening at the holiday festival in Connecticut on Friday night. ANI

Christopher Plummer says Von Trapp was most difficult role ever
Christopher Plummer has said that playing Captain Von Trapp in Sound of Music was the most difficult role he ever did. ANI

Demi Lovato calls self-inflicted scars 'beautiful' battle wounds
Demi Lovato says that the scars from her cutting disorder are like battle wounds and the tattoos she uses to cover them remind her of how far she has come. ANI

How to best get your baby to sleep
Various advice centres in Australia have come up with different ways to enable new parents to cope and deal with their baby's crying at night. ANI

Lady Gaga feels beautiful when she's happy
Lady Gaga has revealed that she feels most beautiful when she is happy. ANI

Paul McCartney learned to be cautious after falling victim to phone-hacking
Sir Paul McCartney has become more careful by refusing to hold long conversations over the phone, leaving only "benign" messages after he became a victim of phone-hacking. ANI

Jessica Biel ate her heart out for upcoming romantic comedy role
Jessica Biel took the advantage of playing a pregnant woman in New Year's Eve as she didn't have to watch her weight. ANI

Bradley Cooper says Ryan Gosling deserved to win 'Sexiest Man' title
Bradley Cooper, who has been named Sexiest Man Alive of 2011 by People magazine, has said that his pal Ryan Gosling is more deserving of the title. ANI

Nicki Minaj Barbie doll to be auctioned for charity
Nicki Minaj has revealed that she is very thrilled that toy company Mattel has created a Barbie Doll in her likeness. ANI

Similar peers helpful in bringing about healthy lifestyle changes
Social networks could be used to reverse a nation's obesity epidemic, researchers say. ANI

Men's skin tone influences perception of their youth
Like women, men are also judged as youthful and attractive based on their skin tone, a new study has found. ANI

Yoga wars escalate as ex pupil gears up to fight 'Bikram Yoga' copyright claim
Former disciple of Indian yoga king Bikram Choudhury has said that he is all set to fight the copyright lawsuit filed by his former mentor. ANI

Greeting card calling pregnant moms 'wh*re' raises eyebrows in US
A store in US is selling a greeting card, which congratulates pregnant moms by calling them 'wh*re'. ANI

Scarlett Johansson auctions herself for charity
Scarlett Johansson has put herself up for auction for a charity, where one lucky winner will get to meet the actress at the red carpet premiere of her new film, 'We Bought A Zoo' in New York. ANI

70pc school students in US experience 'non-physical' sexual harassment
Girls already start monitoring the sexual behaviour of others by the time they reach eighth grade and almost 70 percent of students have experienced some kind of non-physical sexual harassment, including "slut bashing" in middle and high school, a new study has found. ANI

Amy Winehouse boyfriend offered to turn her life to film
Late Amy Winehouse's boyfriend, director Reg Traviss, has been receiving offers to make a film on the singer's life. ANI

Croatian journalist sues Angelina Jolie over directorial debut story
Angelina Jolie's directorial debut has hit a roadblock as a Croatian journalist has sued her for stealing his story for the film. ANI

Cheryl Cole woos record producer with swear words
Cheryl Cole's record producer has revealed that he fell for the pop star, after she taught him British swear words. ANI

Now, a 'pop-up' shopping center made from 60 shipping containers!
London's latest retail park that claims to be the world's first ever 'pop-up' shopping mall is made entirely from recycled shipping containers. ANI

Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller arrested for cocaine possession
Brooke Mueller was arrested on suspicion of third-degree assault and cocaine possession with intent to distribute. ANI

'Wild-child' Lilo lined up to star in 'Celebrity Big Brother'
Lindsay Lohan is being lined up to star on the Channel 5 reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother'. ANI

Polish couple thrown out of park for sex romp on water slide
A Polish couple were captured on CCTV cameras having sex on top of a water slide, following which they were thrown out of the park. ANI

Khloe Kardashian sued by transgender woman for alleged 2009 assault
A lawsuit has been filed against Khloe Kardashian for "unspecified damages" over an altercation that took place outside a Hollywood nightclub Playhouse almost two years ago. ANI

12 things about Pak model Veena Malik caught in FHM 'nude pose' storm
Pakistani actress Veena Malik shocked her country after an alleged photo of her posing nude appeared on the cover of the Indian edition of FHM. ANI

Brit postal service warns staff against accepting Christmas tips
UK's postal service, Royal Mail has warned postmen against accepting Christmas tips valued at more than 30 pounds, lest they will be imposed bribery charges. ANI

Legendary Bollywood actor Dev Anand passes away
Veteran Bollywood actor, director and film producer Dev Anand passed away in London on Saturday night following cardiac arrest. He was 88. ANI

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