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Entertainment News on December 30, 2011

Coldplay cashing in New Year with 1m pounds gig
Coldplay has agreed to a 1-million-pound gig in the United Arab Emirates to ring in the New Year. ANI

Miley Cyrus does impromptu photoshoot at launderette
Miley Cyrus came together with her younger sister Brandi and friend Denika Bedrossian for a bizarre photoshoot at a launderette, which they later put up on twitter. ANI

Denise Richards designs shoes for charity
Denise Richards has designed a pair of pumps to raise money for a cancer charity. ANI

Patrick Swayze renewed marriage vows with wife while fighting cancer
Late actor Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi had renewed their marriage vows as the actor battled with cancer. ANI

Cheryl Cole adds new sheepskin slippers to shoe line
Cheryl Cole has launched her range of shoes, which include everything from cozy slippers to glitzy heels. ANI

'Glitzy' cigarette branding lures new young smokers
Branding on cigarette packets attracts more youngsters, according to a new report. ANI

Girls 'more resilient' than boys in dealing with problems
A new study has suggested that girls appear to be more resilient than boys in preventing problems at home from affecting their behaviour in school. ANI

Tim Tebow voted most desirable celebrity neighbor
Tim Tebow was voted as the most desirable celebrity to have next door, while the cast of Jersey Shore was chosen as the least desirable neighbours, in a poll conducted by a real estate website. ANI

Michelle Yeoh always wanted to play Aung San Suu Kyi
Michelle Yeoh has revealed that she was always keen on playing the role of Burmese activist Aung San Suu Kyi. ANI

Kristen Stewart buys $12k vintage guitars for Robert Pattinson on Xmas
Kristen Stewart splurged 12000 dollars on two vintage guitars, which she bought for beau Robert Pattinson as a Christmas gift. ANI

Now, eco friendly barefoot running shoes that rot after use
A Spanish company has come up with biodegradable shoes for barefoot runners, which are priced at just 8 pounds. ANI

Beach Boys reuniting to mark golden anniversary in 2012
The surviving members of band 'The Beach Boys' are planning to reunite in 2012 to celebrate their golden anniversary year, commemorating their first important record deal with the Capitol label. ANI

Rihanna flaunts perfect curves at hometown beach
Rihanna flaunted her perfect curves and toned body in an orange bikini as she hit the beach in her native Barbados. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker snubs big New Year's Eve parties
Sarah Jessica Parker prefers to spend New Year's Eve with her friends and family rather than attending big parties. ANI

Gwen Stefani proud of artful wardrobe
Gwen Stefani says her wardrobe is "work of art". ANI

Sting's 'five hours of tantric sex' claim was a drunken boast, says wife
Sting's 21-year-old claim about 'five hours of tantric sex' was a drunken boast, according to wife Trudie Styler. ANI

Ashton Kutcher denies romance with holiday companion
Ashton Kutcher's representative has brushed off rumours about the actor's romance with screenwriter Lorene Scafaria, insisting that they are 'just friends'. ANI

Robin Williams would love to play Albert Einstein or Theodore Roosevelt
Robin Williams has expressed his desire to play Albert Einstein or former US president Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt in a movie. ANI

Mariah Carey and Alicia Silverstone's sons top poll of worst celeb baby names
Mariah Carey's choice of name Moroccan for her son is tied with Alicia Silverstone's Bear Blu as worst celebrity baby names. ANI

Madonna introduces Russia to her brand of exercise
Madonna has opened a branch of her Hard Candy gym in the Russian capital. ANI

Kanye West named most stylish celeb of 2011
Kanye West has been named 2011's most stylish celebrity in a magazine poll. ANI

Hathaway says everything in Batman movie has 'purpose'
Anne Hathaway thinks everything in 'The Dark Knight Rises' has "a purpose". ANI

Gwyneth Paltrow offers cures for New Year hangover
Gwyneth Paltrow has offered up some best hangover cures in her blog to help revellers ring in the New Year without a headache. ANI

Kelly Rowland wants 'movie kiss' on New Year's Eve
Kelly Rowland has revealed her desire to get a really "good kiss" on New Year's Eve. ANI

Katherine Heigl doesn't believe in love at first sight
Katherine Heigl says she doesn't believe in love at first sight and insists that she was attracted to husband Josh Kelley because of the pheromones at play. ANI

99-year-old man files for divorce over wife's 1940s affair
An Italian couple in their 90s will become the world's oldest divorcees, after the husband found out about an affair his wife had in the 1940s. ANI

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