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Entertainment News on December 26, 2011

Kelly Osbourne urges fans to indulge this festive season
Kelly Osbourne is encouraging her fans to forget dieting during the festive season, insisting that it didn't matter if they gained weight during the holidays. ANI

Playboy Playmates promise to 'steam-up' Celebrity Big Brother
Playboy Playmates Kristina and Karissa Shannon have signed up for the latest season of Celebrity Big Brother. ANI

Alan Taylor to direct 'Thor 2'
Veteran TV director Alan Taylor will be directing the movie 'Thor 2'. ANI

Mariah Carey seeking lucrative New Year's Eve deal
Mariah Carey apparently wants to make big money this new year's eve and is thus seeking a huge money spinning deal to fulfil her wish, according to reports. ANI

Unwanted Xmas gifts in Britain total 2.4bn pounds
People in Britain have received more than two billion pounds worth of unwanted presents this Christmas, a new survey has claimed. ANI

Myleene Klass turns down 'Daybreak' to be with kids
Myleene Klass has turned down a coveted spot on 'Daybreak' so that she can be with her kids in the morning. ANI

Tom Cruise cooks with family on Christmas
Tom Cruise has revealed that he looks forward to Christmas morning every holiday season as his whole family gathers in the kitchen to cook breakfast. ANI

Brand 'shakes and sweats' over board games with Katy's family
Katy Perry has revealed that hubby Russell Brand gets so worked up playing board games with her family, that he "shakes and sweats" as they battle it out. ANI

Madonna cries every time she watches 'It's A Wonderful Life'
Madonna has revealed that she loved 'It's A Wonderful Life' so much that she wished actor James Stewart was her real father while growing up. ANI

Oz dad banned from forcing kids to eat and asking about school
A man in Australia has been banned from forcing his children to eat all the food he provides for them at meal times and from interrogating his teenage daughter about her school reports. ANI

Louis Vuitton sue 'Hangover 2' bosses over fake purse scene in film
Fashion house Louis Vuitton have sued the makers of 'The Hangover 2' over a purse carried by Zach Galifianakis' character in the hit comedy. ANI

Kim Kardashian to get $600k for New Year's Eve appearance in LA
Kim Kardashian is being paid 600,000 dollars, for new year's eve appearance at Tao, which is higher than the amount being paid to any other celebrity. ANI

Sugary snacks ease pain of overeating on festivals
A sugary snack can actually ease the pain of a gut-busting holiday feast, researchers have claimed. ANI

Jim Carrey spotted holding hands with new mystery girl
Jim Carrey was spotted holding hands with a new mystery woman in Los Angeles this week. ANI

Mel Gibson's divorce with wife dubbed Hollywood's costliest at 271m pounds
Mel Gibson's ex-wife has been awarded a massive 271million-pound payout in what is thought to be Hollywood's biggest-ever divorce deal. ANI

Johnny Depp tops fans' dream Xmas dinner guest list
Johnny Depp has been named the dream Christmas dinner guest by more than 1,000 movie fans in a new poll. ANI

Its official: 'Happiness' changes with age
The definition of 'happiness' changes with age as for the younger lot, it is 'excitement' that counts, whereas for the older generation, it is 'contentment', a new study has revealed. ANI

Hairspray sales on record high as women wish to emulate their celeb idols
Hairspray sales have hit a record breaking 173 million pounds in 2011, as women want to copy the big-hair styles of their celebrity idols, a new study has found. ANI

Kids twice as likely as adults to suffer from betting problems
Children are twice as likely to be addicted to gambling as adults, a new survey has revealed. ANI

Kids who hate their mums likely to become obese
The quality of the emotional relationship between a mother and her child could affect the potential for that kid to be obese during adolescence, a new study has suggested. ANI

Debra Messing to continue living with estranged hubby Daniel Zelman
Actress Debra Messing has "no immediate plans" to divorce her estranged husband Daniel Zelman as they are happy living together in New York to raise their young son. ANI

'Mission: Impossible' cruises to top of box office with $26.5m
Tom Cruise's 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' remained at the top spot at the box office during the Christmas weekend earning 26.5 million dollars. ANI

Hitler's favourite actor dies at 108
A Dutch-born actor who is said to have been a particular favourite of Adolf Hitler, died Dec. 24 at a hospital in Starnberg, Germany. He was 108. ANI

Gaga's former personal assistant sues singer over excessive workload
Lady Gaga's former personal assistant has filed a lawsuit against the pop diva claiming that she had to cater to the singer's every whim, at every hour of the day and night, handling her schedule, finances and food. ANI

Demi Lovato slams Disney Channel for making light of eating disorders
The Disney Channel had to pull out episodes of two of its series from airing after Demi Lovato blasted the network for making fun of eating disorders. ANI

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