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Entertainment News on December 12, 2011

MJ's Bel Air mansion opened to the public
The Bel Air mansion where Michael Jackson breathed his last after a lethal propofol overdose has been opened to members of the public. ANI

Kelly Rowland knew she had made it at Grammys
Kelly Rowland knew she had "really arrived" when she first sung at the Grammy Awards and met her idol Whitney Houston for the first time. ANI

Tyra Banks on 'spiritual trip' to Bali after love split
Tyra Banks has reportedly gone 'on a spiritual trip' to Bali after breaking up with her boyfriend. ANI

Lady Gaga's Vanity Fair goodies up for auction
Items from Lady Gaga's shoot for Vanity Fair are up for grabs at an online auction. ANI

Sarah Harding drank to 'numb' her pain
Sarah Harding has opened up about her booze battle, revealing that she relied on alcohol to help "numb" her depression. ANI

Spy-spoof 'Austin Powers' to turn into B'way musical!
Mike Myers is apparently planning to turn his series of hit "Austin Powers" spy-spoof flicks into a Broadway musical. ANI

Lady Gaga to become ordained minister
Lady Gaga is becoming an ordained minister in order to perform at a wedding ceremony for one of her closest friends. ANI

Sandra Bullock says new 9/11 movie is significant to her
Sandra Bullock has aid that her new 9/11 movie is close to her heart because she witnessed the terrorist attacks on New York's World Trade Centre firsthand. ANI

Meryl Streep found filming 'Iron Lady' 'very painful'
Meryl Streep has revealed that shooting for the 'The Iron Lady' was physically gruelling for her as she had to stand 'for 12 hours a day' with no respite. ANI

Katie Price in running to be police commissioner
Katie Price is considering standing in Hampshire's elections for a new police commissioner in 2012. ANI

Pregnant Jessica Simpson signs $3m weight-loss deal
Mom-to-be Jessica Simpson has signed a 3 million-dollar deal with Weight Watchers, according to reports. ANI

Lady Gaga is a better songwriter than me, says Chris Martin
Coldplay frontman Chris Martin recently admitted that he is a huge fan of Lady Gaga, insisting that she writes a better chorus than him. ANI

Girls taking up cosmetic ops to copy celebs' b**bs, bums or legs
Celebs' bodies are inspiring more and more women to go for cosmetic operations, new figures have revealed. ANI

Meryl Streep couldn't leave Thatcher behind after 'Iron Lady'
Meryl Streep has said that she 'carried' the role of Margaret Thatcher with her for some time as she found it more 'personal' than the other roles she has played in her career. ANI

Britney Spears moving to $25k-a-month mansion
Britney Spears is moving to an extravagant mansion, which is costing her 25,000 dollars a month to lease. ANI

Sheen' ex Brooke Mueller agrees to go to rehab
Brooke Mueller has admitted to her substance abuse problem and finally agreed to go back to rehab following her recent cocaine arrest. ANI

Robert Downey Jr. embarrassed to cross dress in front of wife
Robert Downey Jr. got uncomfortable while cross dressing for a particular scene in his latest spy film as he thought that his wife was watching him. ANI

MJ's daughter wants to continue dad's legacy with acting career
Michael Jackson's daughter accepted her debut movie role in a fantasy film in a bid to "take on her dad's legacy", the project's producers have revealed. ANI

Daisy Lowe thinks she looks like an elephant
Daisy Lowe thinks that she looks like "an elephant" compared to other models as she's more curvy than the others. ANI

Beyonce and Jay-Z to buy home with baby lift
Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are reportedly buying a new home in Miami that has a direct lift to the nursery so that they can reach their baby as soon as possible. ANI

Welsh castle steals Scotland's 'Bond' dream!
Scotland has been left disappointed after producers of the new James Bond film revealed that it will not be shot in the country as had been widely expected. ANI

Pearl Lowe fuming over hacked Twitter page
Pearl Lowe was left fuming on Saturday after she discovered that hackers had targeted her page. ANI

Westlife bids goodbye to fans with emotional 'X Factor' performance
Westlife performed an emotional swansong at the final 'X Factor' show marking their last song after announcing their split. ANI

Stiller building eight new schools in Haiti
Ben Stiller has pledged to build eight new schools in earthquake-ravaged Haiti with funds raised through his charitable organisation. ANI

Spielberg confirms Peter Jackson as director of Tintin sequel
Steven Spielberg has confirmed that he has appointed Peter Jackson to direct a sequel to their new 3D blockbuster 'The Adventures Of Tintin'. ANI

Winehouse's father won't give rights of her song for biopic
Amy Winehouse's father has said that he would never release the rights of his daughter's music for use in a potential biopic. ANI

Motorists penalized every 3 mins over mobile phone use
Motorists talking on mobile phones while driving are fined every three minutes, a new study has revealed. ANI

Former schoolmate accuses Charlize Theron of lying over 'bullying' claims
A former schoolmate of Charlize Theron has revealed that the actress was lying when she said that she was bullied at school. ANI

Was Mick Jagger the 'vain man' in Carly Simon's hit song
Carly Simon was referring to Mick Jagger in her hit number 'You're So Vain', according to a new book. ANI

Kate Winslet's ex-boyfriend claims he was 'not treated well'
Kate Winslet's former lover, Louis Dowler, is yet to come to terms with the break up and the way he was so brutally discarded. ANI

LiLo's stolen 'Chanel' purse returned minus $10k
Lindsay Lohan has had her purse returned with all the documents and passport but minus 10,000 dollars. ANI

Brangelina can't shop online!
Angelina Jolie has confessed to being totally incapable of shopping online. ANI

Amy Winehouse's 2.5m pounds house turned into shrine
Amy Winehouse's heartbroken dad, Mitch Winehouse, has turned her sprawling 2.5million-pound home into a shrine. ANI

Charlie Chaplins' bowler hat to go under the hammer
Charlie Chaplin's bowler hat from his silent film 'The Tramp' is to be auctioned in New York. ANI

MJ fans pay tributes to his 'ready to auction' items
Fans of Michael Jackson paid tribute to the King of Pop while they were shown the belongings of the singer from his final home, which are set to go under the hammer this week. ANI

Men's magazines objectify women in same way as 'convicted rapists'
The remarks made by men's magazines about women are similar to those made by 'convicted rapists', a new study has revealed. ANI

Brangelina hiring whole ranch for brood in Costa Rica for Christmas
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who will be spending their Christmas in Costa Rica, reportedly want to hire a whole ranch to fit their enormous family. ANI

BBC 'Frozen Planet' accused of filming polar bear birth in zoo with fake snow
BBC's 'Frozen Planet' series has been caught in a faking row after it emerged that a key scene showing a polar bear tending her newborn cubs was filmed in a zoo using fake snow. ANI

'New year's Eve' tops worst weekend box office in history
Warner Bros.' 'New Year's Eve' topped the worst domestic box office weekend in history, collecting a paltry revenue of 13.7 million dollars. ANI

Alec Baldwin mocks airline incident on TV
Alec Baldwin joked about his removal from an American Airlines flight by parodying the incident on the comedy show Saturday Night Live. ANI

US act LMFAO tops iTunes' best selling track
The hit 'Party Rock Anthem' by US act LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock has beaten best-sellers by Adele and Maroon 5 to top iTunes' year-end download chart. ANI

Charlie Sheen makes phone number public with misplaced tweet
Charlie Sheen accidentally tweeted his number to his followers while trying to send a private message to Justin Bieber on twitter. ANI

Mirren says it is 'shameful' that just 12 women have won Nobel Peace Prize
Actress Helen Mirren, acknowledged it as "an extraordinary moment" when three women were honoured with the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize on Sunday night, but said it was "shameful" that very few women had ever been given the award, since its inception in 1901. ANI

Amy Winehouse's posthumous album tops UK album chart
Amy Winehouse's posthumous album 'Lioness: Hidden Treasures' has topped the album chart in UK. ANI

Texting while crossing the road can be fatal for pedestrians
Pedestrians who cling on to their cell phones and resort to texting even while crossing the road are actually jeopardizing their lives. ANI

Aussie radio presenter creates longest interview record
A Sydney ABC radio presenter has succeeded in creating a world record for the longest ever interview on radio or television. ANI

Conservative US politician secretly donates sperms to NZ lesbians
A conservative US politician has liberally donated his sperm to a number of women in New Zealand without telling his wife or fertility doctors. ANI

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