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Entertainment News on December 11, 2011

Leonardo DiCaprio's pet dog stinks
Leonardo DiCaprio's friends hate travelling on his private jet because he always takes his smelly pet dog along. ANI

Sarah Jessica Parker wears the pants at home
Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed that even though her husband Matthew Broderick is helpful, she takes charge at home because she thinks she ought to "let" him do more. ANI

Ashton Kutcher turns down Lea Michele's holiday invite
Ashton Kutcher talked about his plans for the New Year's eve and his resolution for the year in a new interview. ANI

Julia Roberts vows to beat up Adele's future beau if he ill-treats her
Julia Roberts has become such a big fan of Adele after listening to her '21' album that she has issued a warning to the singer's future boyfriends to never hurt her. ANI

Matt Damon keeps private life away from watchful eyes of paparazzi
Matt Damon tries to keep his personal life private, as he knows that the paparazzi are always following him, especially after they hounded his friend Ben Affleck during his 'Bennifer' days. ANI

Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, says LiLo
Lindsay Lohan has said that she lets nature takes its course when it comes to sex and sexuality. ANI

How Santa Claus delivers toys around the world in just 1 night
Scientists have explained how Santa Claus is able to deliver toys to good girls and boys around the world in one night. ANI

Farhan Akhtar says 'Don 2' fits into his genre of action movies
Farhan Akhtar has made sure his latest directorial venture follows the dictum 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. ANI

Priyanka Chopra scared debut album will spill out her life
Priyanka Chopra is worried that people will get to know too much of her private life through the lyrics she has written for her debut album. ANI

Priyanka returns as 'Junglee Billi' in Don 2
Priyanka Chopra is again the 'Junglee Billi' in Don 2, and she loves playing 'Roma' because of the role's love-hate relationship with the title character. ANI

Shah Rukh Khan doesn't ask for money to work in films
Shah Rukh Khan's upcoming movie 'Don 2: The Chase Continues' may be expected to rake in a lot of moolah but the star insists he doesn't act in movies for money. ANI

SRK excited about world's first 'bad guy sequel' Don 2
Shah Rukh Khan is very excited about his Christmas release 'Don 2: The Chase Continues' because he says it's the first time that the bad guy is getting a movie sequel. ANI

Oldman signed new flick so he could play 'Englishman'
Gary Oldman has revealed that he was pleased to star in 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy' because he wanted to play an Englishman again. ANI

Amalgamating old and modern values key to happy life of parents
Key to maintaining a successful marriage along with raising kids comes from mixing traditional and contemporary values, a new study has suggested. ANI

Kelly Rowland can be too "bossy" on dates
Kelly Rowland has revealed that she thinks she can be very "bossy" on dates and that's why she is still single. ANI

Young Jessica Biel was too shy to be popular with boys
Jessica Biel has revealed that she wasn't popular with guys when she was young. ANI

Hulk Hogan files defamation suite against ex-wife
Hulk Hogan is suing his estranged wife Linda for defamation after she accused him of domestic abuse and gay affair. ANI

Spielberg is driven by fear
Steven Spielberg has revealed that he is motivated when he deals with projects that scare him. ANI

Florence Welch longed for simple life as a child
Florence Welch has revealed that she craved for a more simple life during her childhood. ANI

I hate being n*ked in movies, says Noomi Rapace
Noomi Rapace has admitted that she detests being n*ked in movies, despite stripping so many times. ANI

Rise in underage mums sparks calls for protection of vulnerable kids
The shocking number of Victorian girls under the age of 15 who have become mothers in the past two years has prompted calls from child welfare and family planning advocates for better safeguards to protect vulnerable children. ANI

Compulsory finance lessons can cut pupils' future bad debts
Lessons on personal finance should be made compulsory in all secondary schools to stop the next generation from sliding into "bad" debts, a new report has suggested. ANI

Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law to cross-dress for 'Some Like It Hot' remake
Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law, who acted together in 'Sherlock Holmes', could become the most famous drag act in Hollywood with a remake of the comedy classic 'Some like it Hot'. ANI

Kirsten Dunst gets restraining order against obsessed French fan
Kirsten Dunst has attained a restraining order against a 51-year-old alleged French stalker. ANI

Sex and generosity key to 'very happy' married life
Generosity and a fulfilling sex life are the key aspects of a happy married life, a new study has suggested. ANI

Lea Michele thinks Ashton Kutcher is 'way out of her league'
Lea Michele has revealed that she could never be with her 'New Year's Eve' co-star Ashton Kutcher because he is way out of her league. ANI

Tom Cruise was left battered after high-flying stunt on Mission: Impossible
Tom Cruise, who took the action to new heights in his upcoming flick 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol', narrowly avoided injury during his stunt at the top of the world's tallest building as he kept "slamming" into the skyscraper due to strong winds. ANI

Angelina Jolie starves herself to help hungry kids
Angelina Jolie has been starving herself to make a statement that poor kids around the world are not getting food to eat. ANI

Daniel Craig stops James Bond filming over dirty dressing room
Daniel Craig halted filming on the new James Bond movie 'Skyfall' because his dressing room was dirty and he wanted it cleaned. ANI

Resolutions you don't plan to achieve are waste of time
New Year's resolutions like losing weight, exercising daily, quitting smoking, saving money and so on, are a waste of time for most of people if they do not plan a proper course of action to achieve them. ANI

Dev Anand given a tearful farewell
Legendary Hindi film actor Dev Anand was given a tearful farewell by family members and friends, as he was cremated at Putney Vale Cemetery in London on Saturday. ANI

Bejewelled Mercedes McLaren SLR on sale for 7 mln pounds
A flamboyant entrepreneur, who spent 3.5 million pounds transforming his 300,000-pound Mercedes into the "Anliker McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream", is all set to sell it for 7 million pounds. ANI

Jennifer Aniston's father wants her to marry Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston's father John wants his daughter to tie the knot with Justin Theroux as the pair "got along great" when they met. ANI

Drew Barrymore starts eating meat after 10 years for boyfriend
Drew Barrymore has given up her vegetarian diet and gone back to eating meat after ten years for her boyfriend. ANI

Russian hacker takes credit for stealing LiLo's nude Playboy pics
An anonymous Russian hacker has taken credit for stealing Lindsay Lohan's nude Playboy photos in advance of the planned 15th December reveal date. ANI

Former child stars reveal sex abuse in Hollywood
Former Hollywood child stars have made a series of serious revelations of sexual abuse in the industry after three showbiz figures were accused recently of preying on aspiring young hopefuls. ANI

Jay Z willing to be taxed more by Obama
Jay Z has said that he is willing to pay more taxes if the money goes towards good causes like increasing education and removing poverty. ANI

Susan Boyle visited by dead mother's ghost!
Susan Boyle believes she has seen the ghost of her mother Bridget, who passed away in 2007. ANI

Shilpa Shetty announces pregnancy on Twitter
London, Dec 11 : Shilpa Shetty has confirmed reports that she is expecting her first child with husband Raj Kundra. ANI

Amy Winehouse's dad wants Lady Gaga to play tragic singer in biopic
London, Dec 11 : Amy Winehouse's father Mitch Winehouse wants Lady Gaga to play the role of his daughter in a film based on the tragic singer's life. ANI

Brit women zapping bums up for Pippa-like rear
London, Dec 11 : In order to get perkier bottoms like Pippa Middleton, women in Britain are getting their buttocks zapped with radio waves. ANI

Peaches Geldof to get married for second time at the age of 22
London, Dec 11 : She is still only 22, but Peaches Geldof will be tying the knot for the second time. ANI

It's official: Humble leaders are more effective and better liked
Humble leaders are more effective and better liked by their subordinates, a new study has found. ANI

James Cameron sued for stealing 'Avatar' idea
James Cameron stole the story of his mega blockbuster 'Avatar' from a science fiction nerd who once worked with the filmmaker's production company, a new lawsuit has claimed. ANI

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