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Entertainment News on December 10, 2011

Last rites of Dev Anand performed in London
The mortal remains of veteran Bollywood actor, director and film producer Dev Anand, who passed away in London on December 3 following cardiac arrest, were consigned to flames in London today. ANI

Nicki Minaj feels Madonna's kiss was 'sooooo good'
Nicki Minaj, who was recently smooched by Madonna while filming the video for 'Material Girls' forthcoming album, has revealed that it felt "sooooo good". ANI

Love scene with Charlize Theron was a 'nightmare' says Patton Oswalt
Many people would do anything to shoot a love scene with Charlize Theron but for Patton Oswalt, who co-stars with the Oscar-winning actress in the new movie 'Young Adult', the experience was ''a nightmare.'' ANI

Susan Boyle denies never being kissed by boyfriend
Susan Boyle who became overnight singing sensation since she participated in Britain's Got Talent in 2009, had quashed the rumours that she had never been kissed. ANI

Italian black cat inherits £8.5m after widowed owners' demise
An Italian black cat has become a millionaire after it inherited 10 million euros from his adoptive owner, a widowed heiress. ANI

Steven Spielberg likes to do films that scare him
Steven Spielberg has revealed that he is motivated by projects that scare him. ANI

Florence Welch gives up drinking on tour
Florence Welch has revealed that she has given up drinking when on tour so that she could give her best performance. ANI

Jessica Biel's 'shyness' made her unpopular among boys while growing up
Jessica Biel has revealed that she was too "shy" to be popular with boys when she was young. ANI

Creator of The Joker dies aged 89
Jerry Robinson, who has been widely credited with creating characters including Batman's sidekick Robin, died at the age of 89. ANI

Lindsey Buckingham postpones UK tour after band mate hurt
Lindsey Buckingham has postponed his UK tour after his guitarist suffered a serious back injury. ANI

JLo shows off her moves at South American beach
Jennifer Lopez gave an informal dance performance at a beach in Montevideo recently. ANI

Hulk Hogan sues ex-wife Linda Bollea for defamation
Hulk Hogan has reportedly filed a defamation lawsuit against his former wife Linda Bollea for writing his autobiography in an attempt to revive her career. ANI

Cameron Diaz flaunts 'prosthetic' baby bump for new movie
Cameron Diaz is sporting a baby bump these days, but it's a prosthetic one for her new movie 'What To Expect When You're Expecting'. ANI

Angelina Jolie ends fight with dad Jon Voight!
Angelina Jolie and her actor father Jon Voight have finnaly reconciled after seven years of estrangement. ANI

No new album for next couple of years, says Adele
British singer Adele has revealed that she may not record her next album for at least two or three years.he 23-year-old singer has admitted in an interview with Billboard that she is in no rush to release a follow-up to album 21, the best-selling album of the year, which sold 4.8 million copies. ANI

LiLo got 'Hawaii trip' approval for completing morgue duty early
Lindsay Lohan was given the approval for vacation in Hawaii because she completed her community service way ahead of schedule. ANI

Hugh Hefner releasing LiLo Playboy issue early after web leak
Hugh Hefner has announced that he will be releasing the Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue early after the entire spread got leaked on the internet. ANI

LiLo heads to Hawaii to escape media frenzy over her Playboy photo leak
Lindsay Lohan has headed over to Hawaii to escape the media frenzy after her Playboy spread leaked on the internet. ANI

Liz Hurley chased by her own cows
Elizabeth Hurley has revealed that she has been chased by a herd of cows and admitted that it was the fastest she has had to run in "a good 30 years". ANI

LiLo completes morgue duties way ahead of schedule
Lindsay Lohan has reportedly completed her court-ordered community service ahead of schedule. ANI

Kim Kardashian heads to earthquake-ravaged Haiti for charity
Kim Kardashian, who is going through a bitter divorce from Kris Humphries, has come out of her personal life to help people in the earthquake-ravaged Haiti. ANI

Angie Harmon plans India trip to show daughters other ways of living
Television star Angie Harmon has revealed that this January she is packing up the whole family and heading to impoverished areas of India with UNICEF. ANI

Kirsten Dunst granted temporary protection from obsessed French man
Kirsten Dunst has got a protection order from an L.A County Superior Court judge against a 51-year-old French man who allegedly flew to the US more than five times to see her and even confronted her mother on her doorstep. ANI

Alex Jones, Chelsee Healey suffer back pain before dance show semi-final
Alex Jones and Chelsee Healey are both suffering from severe back pain ahead of 'Strictly Come Dancing' semi-finals. ANI

'Hannah Montana' star Mitchel Musso pleads not guilty to Dui charges
Disney Star Mitchel Musso is all set to head to trial after pleading not guilty in drink driving charges. ANI

LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' named best selling song on UK iTunes
LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' was judged the highest selling song in 2011 on the UK version of iTunes. ANI

John Lennon's widow feels he is still campaigning in spirit
John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono on insisted that the star's spirit still soars, 31 years after his tragic death. ANI

Kim Kardashian bares her bum in sexy new photos
Kim Kardashian has posed for a series of racy photographs, just a month after she announced her much-publicized split with Kris Humphries. ANI

Kate Beckinsale ready to go nude only if it makes her daughter proud
Kate Beckinsale has said that she is willing to consider going nude for a movie, but it should be a role that her daughter would be proud of. ANI

David Hasselhoff wants to move to Wales if there is access to the Internet
David Hasselhoff has expressed a desire to move to a remote part of Wales with his girlfriend Hayley Roberts, provided he could still access the internet. ANI

Courtney Love suffers fashion faux pas at 'Young Adult' premiere in NYC
Courtney Love looked completely dishevelled in her designer gown as she hit the red carpet of the 'Young Adult' premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NYC. ANI

Winfrey's Harpo Studios to wind up 'Nate Berkus Show' after 2nd season
Oprah Winfrey, who has since long maintained her position as the queen of TV, slipped again after her Harpo Productions' 'The Nate Berkus Show' was cancelled. ANI

Sinead O'Connor's 4th wedding in Las Vegas 'too glorious for words'
Sinead O'Connor, who tied the knot for the fourth time in a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, described the ceremony as "too glorious for words". ANI

Justin, Selena enjoy 'romantic' Mexican marriage
Lovebirds Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a great time during a romantic beach wedding of one of the Disney actress's dear friend in Mexico. ANI

Justin Bieber, Selena get cosy in Cabo
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are making sure to enjoy their precious time out of work. ANI

Jennifer Aniston beats Angelina Jolie as hottest woman of all time
Jennifer Aniston has outdone fellow actress Angelina Jolie to secure the top spot for herself in the 'Hottest Women of All Time' list. ANI

'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer promotes bullying', alleges professor
While most people think of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" as a cute little story, academicians have claimed that the classic is harmful to children as it promotes bullying. ANI

Women get Christmas gifts worth 50pc more than men
Women have nearly 50 per cent more money spent on them for Christmas gifts than men do, according to a new study. ANI

It takes 7 yrs and 4 months for a person to shift to new house
A new research has found that a person falls out of love with his or her property and start house-hunting only after 7 years and 4 months. ANI

New Jockey 'uplift' undies, men's answer to push-up bras
Jockey has launched new "uplift" underpants for men that could do the magic for them as push-up bras do for women. ANI

FHM Executive Editor defends mag over controversial Veena Malik shoot
The executive editor of FHM India, Kabeer Sharma has defended the magazine, which is currently in the midst of a controversy regarding the nude cover shot of Veena Malik. ANI

Kate Moss bares all for Pirelli calendar
Kate Moss has once again stripped down for the Pirelli calendar. ANI

Jodie Foster's dad handed 5-year prison sentence
Jodie Foster's estranged father has been sentenced to five years in prison for a 100,000-dollar property scam. ANI

'Naked covergirl scandal added 10 yrs to my age', says Veena malik
Veena Malik, has claimed that the stress caused by the FHM India scandal aged her by almost ten years. ANI

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